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Our Immune System


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Our Immune System

  1. 1. Our working Immune System By: Evander Herrera
  2. 2. Is exercise good for our Immune system?Information - Can too much exercise be bad for our immune system?- Exercising can help us fight colds and flu but whenyou get to much exercise, that can be a bad thing.-This has been proven by scientist. Exercising canhelp prevent getting the flu or cold. But when youover exercise your immune system gets weaken andcant help prevent flu or cold.
  3. 3. standards standard10.a. 10.d.
  4. 4. - When you have to much ecxercise you get sore.Thats how our immune system is when you get tomuch exercise . Scientist reasearch shows that 90Minutes constant daily intense workout can weakenyour immunity.http/ - To much exercise can cause stress to hormones and raise blood pressure and supressimmune system. This happens to a great amount ofmarathon runners because they are constanlyworking out more than what they should.
  5. 5. - When over exercising you need to let your body rest for your immune system to recover from all the work. my sisters experience -In the summer of 2008 my sister was getting ready for the U.S boxing nationals, my sister would wake up at 6:00 A.M and would go jogging up windsor hills. She was complaining about how evertime she would go run that at the end she would taste blood. My dad took her to the doctor and they said Yourdaugter is over exercising,she needs to rest and shell be good as new.
  6. 6. The good amount of exercise- When you get the good amount of exercise youfell great. you dont feel weak or sick- A good amount of exercise is usally 60-80minutes 4-5 days a week. The resting days is foryou to recover from any sore.-injurys while exercising can take up to a year ofrest.dumbbells-13935.jpgYou +1d this publicly.
  7. 7. -Exercising is good for your health, but what i think isthat the reason our immune system gets weakenwhen we do the exercise is because the type ofexercise we do and the person who is doing theexercise. For example, if your are over weight yournot going to jogg 30 min a day, Your exercise for theday is walking.- If that person starts jogging right away withoutbeing in good shape he/her can get injured.
  8. 8. Start slow and do something basic, like this person person-walking-icon-thumb33655.jpg You +1d this publicly. Undo
  9. 9. -When you have good amount of exercise, yourimmune system does not weaken, it helps you stay healthy and stronger against cold and flus.-People who do the right amount of exercise will not get the cold or flu for as often. Flu-Prevention.gif You +1d this publicly. Undo
  10. 10. Conclusion
  11. 11. - After the reasearch i have done we come into our coclusion - The reason people immune system getsweaken due to to much exercise is because they are begginers at exercising and are doing too much exercise.
  12. 12. - The basic work out the begginers should startwith is simple walking, After if they think thatthey are ready for something more chalegingthey can start jogging 15 min a day.
  13. 13. - Exercising is very important. it keeps us inshape and help us fight against diseases. But it is also important to know that too much exercise us bad for your health. t