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Our body

  1. 1. by: Evander Herrera Our Body
  2. 2. standardsst4.c. Student know hoe mutation in DNA sequenceof gene may or may not affect the gene or thesequence of amino acids in encoded proteinsst10.b. Students know the role ofantibodies in the bodys responst toinfection
  3. 3. Mutations- What are Mutations? -Are mutations helfull or harmfull?-Well mutations are the -Well Mutations happenchange of the nucleotide regularly. Almost allsequeence. mutations are neutral. -Many of theese mutations are repaired by enzymes. - Some mutations may improve an organisms survival(benificial)
  4. 4. Types of mutations -Deletion: A piece of-There are five types of Chromosome is lostmutatios that exist -Inversion:Flipes around-Delition chromosome-Inversion -Translocation:Involves-Translocation Two Chromosomes that-Nondisjunction arnt homolegous-Duplication -Nondisjunction:only happens to sperm or egg,failure of chromosomes to seperate during Meiosis -Duplication:Doubles DNA
  5. 5. MutationThese were some -Now, Nondijunction onmutations that ocour in the other hand along withour body. cancer are another typeDuplication,Delition, of mutation that arnt thatTranslocation,and helpfull.inversion are all normalMutations that ocour inour body
  6. 6. Our immune system Well what is our immune system?-Well our immune sytem is used to defend ushumans against germs and microorganism.-Our immune system helps keep people healthy andhelp prevent infections.- It helps our bodys defense against infectiousorganisms and other invaders Which is calledimmune response
  7. 7. The immune response what is the immune response?- the immune system attacks organisms andsubstances that invade our systems and causedisease- The immune system is made up of cells, tissues,and organs that work together to protect the bodyFrom harmfull way.
  8. 8. Helping cells- Our immune system also have other cells to helpus.- That is the white blood cell and asleukocytes.-Leukocytes are produced or stored in manylocations throughout the body, including thethymus, spleen, and bone marrow.-These also help fight the didease.
  9. 9. CancerTypes of cancer - Liver cancer starts off as a-liver cancer you get these tumor and is treated withsymptoms when the cancer is surgery,Kemo, or radiationadvanced Later symptomsinclude fatigue, pain in theupper right abdominal region,nausea, weight loss, jaundiceand loss of appetiteRead more: How Can Liver Cancer Be Treated? |eHow.comhttp://www.ehow.com/how_5329089_can-liver-cancer-treated.html#ixzz1fFfO4tQA
  10. 10. Cancer-Stomach cancer Stomach cancer is also known as gastric cancer which afects the stomach.
  11. 11. Our immunes system response tocancer-There are three things that happen to the immunesystem when you have cancer.-The cancer may weaken the immune system, Thecancer treatments may also weaken the immunesystem or the immune system may help fight thecancer.-The cancer goes to the bone marrow where the cellsthat help fight infections are made,This happensmostly often in leukaemia. The reason for this isbecause blood is made in the bone and when youhave leukaemia you have more white blood cellsthan what is needed.
  12. 12. How does radiation treatment weakenyour immune system- It depends on the lifetyle you live. If you makehealthy decisions your immune system will help yourbody fight back. Anything, from what you eat,breath, smoke, drink, drugs (prescription or otherwise), mental condition, who you come in contactwith, can affect your immune system.
  13. 13. Cancer- When you have cancer its like a clock ready tohit 0. There is nothing to do when you get such amalevolent disease like that except hope for thebest.- For example african american women havelower incidence of cancer. Another example isthat cocations have a higher risk of gettingprostate cancer.
  14. 14. Bone marrow
  15. 15. lekemia
  16. 16. liver cancer
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