BOA GBM (2-2-2012)


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Second GBM of Bio-engineering Organizational Alliance in Spring 2012.

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BOA GBM (2-2-2012)

  1. 1. Bioengineering Organizational Alliance GBM 2 [Spring 2012]
  2. 2. BOA “Member of the Semester” Awards• Given to those who actively used our BOA credit system• Awards: • 1st: Jessie Kappel $50 gift card • 2nd: Heta Chokshi $40 gift card • 3rd: Tanvi Jatla $30 gift card• Recognition: • Will receive a certificate to make it official • Listed on BOA website • Recognized by the department at End of semester dinner ceremony • Use this on your resume!
  3. 3. Guest Speakers• Last Semester Dr. Patton (EMBS and Research) Amit Paul (Pre-Med/General Advice)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• This Semester• February 16th – Dr. Hetling (Research/General Information and Advice)• March 15th – Dr. Cheng (Biophysics Society Special)• March/April (In the Works) • BIOE grad currently working at Baxter (Industry) • Speaker from Princeton/Kaplan Review (Pre-Med)
  4. 4. Tutoring Coordinator [Position Available]• Old Tutoring Coordinator has resigned.• URGENT NEED: New Tutoring Coordinator • What will you do? • Make monthly “Tutoring Calendars” • Perform monthly assessments/reviews • Add/expand our “Binder System” • Advertise with flyers, emails, Facebook, BOA’s website • Be innovative and help improve the Tutoring Program – Details • Special situation Tutor will be decided via interview process • Send an email to by next Wednesday (2/8/2012) • Include your resume and free times for interviews (Monday-Friday after 10am) • Interview will be about 30 minutes and will be conducted by David and Will • Interviews times will begin THIS MONDAY (2/2) at 10am on a rolling basis. • Last day to be interviewed is Wednesday, February 15th. • Interview questions will be sent out in an email so you can come prepared.
  5. 5. [Positions Available] Society Representatives• Open Society Representative positions available for: • American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)• Job Requirements – Act as our local UIC chapter representative – Stay in communication with society on national level – Organize what type of events/topics/important information you will pass along to your fellow BIOE undergrads – Expand society/Increase membership/Advertise/Attract Interest – Register with Campus Programs and become an official organization at UIC – Hold your own society meetings and present information at GBMs• How to Apply For Position – Send your resume to by February 24, 2012 – Specify which society you wish to represent – Interviews will take place week of February 27, 2012 – Same interview process as Tutoring Coordinator
  6. 6. Bowling Tomorrow!• Friday, February 3rd• Time: 5pm-7pm• Where: Student Center East Bowling Alley• Why go? • Hang out with friends and meet new peeps. • Bowl as many games as possible in 2 hours • Free food • Highest single game score wins a prize • Last year this was Will, our VP. • DON’T LET BOARD MEMBERS WIN THE PRIZES. • Compete with me, David Franz• Value: $1.75 for shoes, $2 per game, free pizza = $10 VALUE FREE
  7. 7. Bank of America Shamrock ShuffleCommunity Outreach Program
  8. 8. Volunteering Positions Where: Navy Pier Participant Bag and T-shirt When: Saturday March 24th packing Packing Distribution Greeters Bike Valets Information Booth Race Day services (Sunday March 25th)
  9. 9. Group Leader Application A volunteering team consists of 25 members minimum Deadline for Application is Feb 8th Email us if you are interested!
  10. 10. BOA Shamrock ShuffleVolunteeringThe goal is to go as a BOA group teamTell your friends!!Contact