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BOA GBM (01-19-2012)


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First GBM of Bio-engineering Organizational Alliance in Spring 2012.

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BOA GBM (01-19-2012)

  1. 1. Bioengineering Organizational Alliance GBM 1 [Spring 2012]
  2. 2. Overview• Structure• Awards• Website• What’s to come this semester • Guest speakers • Activities • Casino night • End of semester dinner • elections• Program/Organization Updates
  3. 3. Engineering World Health Vishal Varma
  4. 4. Engineering World Health (EWH)ESU Tester Kit Building Update- Kits have arrived!- EWH has been granted access to the newly renovated BioE lab – SEL 4018What are we building?Electro-surgery unit testers. (These typically cost $2,000, but EWH has created a tester that costs 18$)Electro-surgery units are used to create incisions via the use of high frequency electric current.Did you know? “Typically 50 percent of medical equipment in developing country health facilities is out of service and as much as 70 percent of donated medical equipment does not work.”
  5. 5. Engineering World Health (EWH)Kit building sessions InfoWhere: SEL 4018When: Every non-BOA GBM Thursday, 4pm – 6pm – Time conflict with other lab sessions in SEL 4018 – If we are holding a session, it’ll be on the website calendarWhat: 50 ESU testers kits – We will hold sessions until either all of them are builtWho: YOU – BOA MEMBERS
  6. 6. Engineering World Health (EWH)First Kit Building Session: (Tentative)Thursday Jan 26th, 2012Little minute details remains, hopefully sorted out by next Thursday.We will send out an email if this doesn’t work.Requires: - Simple soldering; again, we’ll train you if you have no prior experience. - A lil’ courage: Only one person burnt himself (twice) so farWe plan on shipping these kits back to EWH so they can be sent to developing countries this semester.
  7. 7. Other EWH opportunities:1) EWH Summer Institute (Deadline Jan 28th)Sent out info in email to all BioEs.Two Month Program - Put Your Engineering Skills To Work In the DevelopingWorldFirst Month: The first month is spent learning the knowledge and skillsnecessary to successfully work in a hospital in the developing world.Second Month: During the second month teams of students workindependently putting their new skills to use helping disadvantaged hospitals. Want more details? Email for more info
  8. 8. Other EWH opportunities:2) EWH Design Competition (Deadline Jan 27th)An annual design competition that is unique in being directed at the needs of developing country health care.A competition geared towards your device’s impact on Global Healthcare.EX: An automatic, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring system powered by a cell phone A low-cost device to measure oxygen concentration output from oxygen concentrators in hospitals of resource-poor settings.What can you submit?- Senior Design Projects- Independent research projectsEWH/BOA will fund travelling expenses and such.Email if interested.
  9. 9. Keep in Touch• Email either of us or• Facebook : Add Boa At Uic and Like Bioengineering Organizational Alliance• Twitter: Follow @BOAatUIC• Google plus : Add BOA UIC to your circles• Phone: 847-886-9575 call OR text ChaitraIF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE TEXT LISTERV & WANT TO BE, LET CHAITRA KNOW :)
  10. 10. Suggestion Box & Stamps• If you have any concerns or comments at all and don’t want to tell us personally, put it in the suggestion box located in the BioE office• If you deserve stamps, please please let us know! Don’t miss out on the fun prizes! And stay involved !• REMINDER: 1 stamp for every 4 GBMs you attend! 1 stamp for adding us on FB/Twitter OR Google + ( only 1 for 3)
  11. 11. Undergraduate Big Brother Big Sister Program• One on one mentor/mentee program for undergraduates• Freshmen/Sophomores – Sign up to be Mentees• Juniors/Seniors – Sign up to be Mentors• We will contact you asking you to fill out a info form • i.e: gender, concentration, interests, location, etc..• We will match pairs based on the answers• We will encourage/facilitate frequent contact between pairs• There will be a monthly meeting for pairs to mingle• Sign up to receive more info and be informed of when meetings are !
  12. 12. BioE Art Program• Open Art program!• Submit any type of art to all semester long • i.e: sketches, paintings, 3D things, poetry, videos, digital shorts, etc• We will display this artwork on the website, in the BioE department, on the screen, and wherever else we can!• Deadline is the Friday before the last week of classes• At the end of the semester, the best artwork will be awarded cash prizes! 
  13. 13. BioE Art Program Contest• We will also have mini contests throughout• First mini contest: • Design a logo for the BVP program• Second mini contest: • Design a logo for the OSLP Program• Look for an email for deadline and more info!
  14. 14. Community Outreach Program Upcoming Events
  15. 15. Bowling For CharityDid you like last semester’s Bowling Event?Did you happen to miss it, but still are interested to come?“Bowling for Charity”Come up with teams to face offCollect pledges from Professors, students, etc.Per pin knocked down, total donation, etc.
  16. 16. BOA Bake SaleNeed Volunteers Help set up location + tables Operate the table Bring in (baked) food to sell Week of Valentine’s Day
  17. 17. Volunteering at DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTERREADERS/SCRIBES FOR EXAMSLooking for upper-class undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines who are interested in serving as readers and/or scribes for our departmentReaders and scribes serve those students who need assistance in accessing their exam materials.A reader reads the exam questions word for word to the student with a disability.A scribe writes word for word the answers the student with a disability provides.Students will be eligible to receive a gift card to the University Bookstore for their services.
  18. 18. Volunteering at DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTERIf you are interested in signing up to be a reader/scribe, please send the following information to Caitlyn Smith at (undergraduate-including class standing, graduate)-Subject areas you feel comfortable working with-Foreign Language knowledge (if any)-Availability during the semester(Reading/scribing occurs at the DRC between 9 and 4 Monday through Friday)
  19. 19. Interested?Contact
  20. 20. Big/Little “Sibling” Program Arman Butt January 19 2012
  21. 21. 2nd Year PhdBiomolecular EngineeringDr. Takoudis’ Advanced Material Research Lab (AMReL)I am currently researching different surface and bulk materials for implants such as dental and hip implants to improve longevity of the implant by eliminating infection and corrosion due to wear and bio-chemical attacks.
  22. 22. Possible Professional Programs Dental School Pharmacy Medical School – Doctor of Osteopathy (OD) = Fix your way of living – Doctor of Medicine (MD) = Drug you up – Specialized Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)/MS Phd-MD/DO-MD Etc.
  23. 23. Poll Dental School? Medical School? – MD/DO? Graduate school? – PhD/MS? Other?
  24. 24. FAQ’s Money – Medical School/Dental School • on your own – Graduate School • PhD’s get funding in terms of tuition waivers and/or additional stipends minus some fees • Depending on school, MS’ can also have similar funding (not all places though) Time – Medical/Dental school • Depends on specialization, 4-10+ years – MS/PhD • 1-2 years / 3-5 years (up to 9 years) Employment opportunities and income – Supply and demand and economy Requirements for acceptance – GPA – Experience • Not only do you look interested in the field, but is a great source for recommendation letters Deadlines
  25. 25. is the link to the graduate studenthandbook with details for graduate > department of bioengineering >academics > graduate > Important Links >“Graduate Student Handbook”
  26. 26. Graduate HandbookMasters and PhD requirements are defined – Courses, papers, thesis, etc. • List of courses are being revamped for the time being – TimelineConcentrations are definedList of professors, their labs, their areas of research, and their contact informationCurrently in update process
  27. 27. - Arman Butt
  28. 28. BOA Tutoring(no, not Bank of America!) Nairyna Constantino
  29. 29. Tutoring BindersClasses – All bioengineering classes • 200s up to 400s – General education classes • MATH 090 up to MATH 310 • PHYS 141/142 • CHEM 112, 114, 232Tutors – Experienced current BioE students – Need more • If you are proficient in teaching, GPA does not matterLocation – SEO 2nd Floor BioEngineering Department Office – Can be checked out only by tutors (see next slide)
  30. 30. BOA Tutoring CalendarMonthly calendars updated on BOA website – – Contact information of tutors and their subjects • Email them for scheduling