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Mark Boatman                                  Journal – Work HistoryThroughout my life I have held many different jobs tha...
Successful teachers have told me that a well-ordered, organized classroom and lesson,allow more time to focus on effective...
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Journal - Work History


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Published in: Education, Business
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Journal - Work History

  1. 1. Mark Boatman Journal – Work HistoryThroughout my life I have held many different jobs that run the gamete of experiences,and even dove into a career as an Archaeologist for several years. Although some jobexperiences I’ve had have been more worthwhile and fruitful than others, all of my jobhistory has played a vital role in my development as a professional and human being.The first job I had was as a paperboy for the Tri-City Herald, which was a great job tohave when I was young because I was finished everyday before school even started. Ittaught me at a young age that to work sometimes you must make sacrifices, such asgetting up before all of your peers, as I certainly had to do with that job. When I was inhigh school, I worked at a clothing store, called Zumiez, which allowed me to make alittle bit of spending money, and partake in the skateboarding culture in which I wasalready invested. Throughout college I held a few other clothing retail jobs for variouscompanies, such as American Eagle and Hollister. These jobs were not ideal, but as acollege student struggling to financially contribute in any way possible, I realized thatsometimes any job is better than no job.Throughout my college career at the University of Idaho I did not work during the schoolyear because I wanted to focus on academic achievement. After obtaining a degree inAnthropology, I moved to the Treasure Valley, where I began the search for a career inArchaeology. Unfortunately because of the economic recession, no Cultural Resourcefirms were hiring in Idaho, and so I moved to Salt Lake City to work for SWCAEnvironmental Consultants with my brother and sister-in-law as an Archaeologist. Aftera year in Utah, I finally found work in Boise as an Archaeologist for the Bureau of LandManagement. In both of the above jobs I had to travel to various areas, and performcultural survey (hiking), analyze and record cultural sites, translate findings to site forms,photograph various items, take gps positions on sites and artifacts, and cataloguefindings. There were also various office responsibilities such as, site form entry, databasemanagement, artifact curation, etc. I also got the opportunity to prove my self as a crewchief for two years with the BLM, managing a field crew of 5 people.All of these past work experiences are beneficial to my pursuit as an educator. A lesson Itook away from having a paper route was that time is money, not to sound too cliché. Inorder to succeed and make money I had to get up earlier than most people, which washard on some days, but it in order to keep the job and ensure everyone on my block got apaper, it had to be done. The clothing store jobs taught me that I couldn’t fail as astudent, and needed to pursue a higher education because I couldn’t imagine barelyscraping by working that kind of job for the rest of my life. Those jobs enhanced myview of the importance of education. My professional career as an Archaeologist taughtme many things. I learned that being able to work as a collective unit, maintainingpersonal responsibility, while being able to conduct the group to accomplish a commongoal. Other skills that are applicable to a career in teaching that I took away from myprevious career, is that being organized cuts down on stress when trying to attain a goal.
  2. 2. Successful teachers have told me that a well-ordered, organized classroom and lesson,allow more time to focus on effective instruction and other responsibilities.