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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Advertising Executive


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Dean Lukehart is a successful advertising executive who joined Boardroom Metrics after retiring. Dean's goal was to work with someone that could help him stay busy. Boardroom Metrics has helped him stay busy ever since.

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Boardroom Metrics Success Story - Advertising Executive

  1. 1.   BOARDROOM  METRICS  SUCCESS  STORY   Dean  Lukehart  –  Advertising  Executive     Dean  Lukehart  found  Boardroom  Metrics  through  a   posting  we  placed  on  a  LinkedIn  group.  We  were  looking   for  an  RFP  writer.       At  the  time,  Dean  was  the  Director  of  Marketing  and   Business  Development  for  Frederick  Swanston,  an  Atlanta-­‐ based  ad  agency  serving  clients  in  banking  and  financial   services,  energy  and  utilities,  healthcare,  retail  and   technology.  In  his  10+  years  at  Frederick  Swanston,  Dean   had  become  an  accomplished  proposal  writer.   Contemplating  retirement  in  a  couple  of  years,  Dean  felt  it   made  sense  to  respond  to  the  posting  and  see  what  the  fit   might  be.     The  fit  turned  out  to  be  perfect.       Boardroom  Metrics  needed  an  accomplished  writer.  Dean’s  goal  wasn’t  just  to  find   something  to  sink  his  teeth  into  post-­‐retiring,  he  was  also  seeking  a  source  that   would  help  him  find  a  steady  stream  of  new  business.  Boardroom  Metrics  provided   him  with  both.     Interestingly,  Dean  didn’t  begin  writing  for  Boardroom  Metrics  immediately.  Still   engaged  at  Frederick  Swanston,  Dean  had  lots  on  his  plate  that  kept  him  busy  for  his   final  two  years  there.  However,  he  stayed  in  touch  with  Boardroom  Metrics  and   Boardroom  Metrics  stayed  in  touch  with  him  -­‐  providing  coaching  and  direction   around  becoming  an  independent  proposal  writer  once  he  retired.     Finally  in  late  2014,  Dean  took  the  big  leap.  He  retired.  And  without  missing  a  beat   he  launched  his  independent  proposal  writing  service,  writing  proposal  responses   for  Boardroom  Metrics’  clients.  It’s  now  April  2015  and  in  the  past  7  months  Dean   has  been  involved  in  5  client  projects  including  the  SPCA  for  a  large  Canadian  City   and  large  corporate  clients  in  energy,  market  research  and  health  care.    Dean’s  most   recent  project  landed  yesterday.     Dean’s  success  with  Boardroom  Metrics  is  based  on  several  key  factors:     1. Dean’s  expertise  –  proposal  writing  -­‐  is  well  defined  and  he  is  very  good  at  it.   2. His  communication  skills.  As  you  might  expect  from  someone  who’s  a  great   writer  with  years  of  senior  management  experience,  Dean  easily  understands   client  goals  and  how  to  communicate  his  thoughts  and  solutions  to  them.  
  2. 2.   3. How  Dean  works  with  us.  Dean  is  easy  to  work  with.  When  there’s  a  new   project  Dean  is  accessible  and  flexible.  He  is  available  when  needed.  With   Dean,  meeting  client  timing  goals  is  never  an  issue.     About  Boardroom  Metrics     The  workforce  is  rapidly  evolving.      A  growing  wave  of  work  is  now  being  handed  to   independent  experts  including  consultants,  contractors,  freelancers,  and  others.    In   the  future,  almost  everyone  will  work  for  themselves  at  some,  likely  substantial   point  in  their  careers.     Boardroom  Metrics  provides  programs  and  services  to  support  the  success  of   independent  experts.  Our  goal  is  to  reduce  the  stress  and  hassle  of  independent   contracting,  enabling  our  members  to  focus  on  what  they  do  best.  Our  core  services   include:     • Marketing   • Social  Media  Awareness  and  Visibility   • Client  Leads   • Client  projects   • Training   • Team  members  with  additional  skills   • Networking   • Administrative  support  including  invoicing  and  collection     Contact  and  More  Information   If  you  are  an  independent  expert,  contractor  or  freelancer  and  would  like  to  better   understand  how  Boardroom  Metrics  might  enable  you  to  more  successful  give  us  a   call  at  416-­‐573-­‐9396  or  write  Karen  McElroy  at