Inbound Marketing Content Creation and Lead Generation


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Ken Steven, a Boardroom Metrics Business Growth Consultant, provides inbound marketing content creation and lead generation services to the financial services and professional services industries.

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  • Ken is a veteran marketer who specializes in business growth strategy and tactics. His ingoing objective is to double the sale and profits of his clients and he often does better than that.
  • How to interpret the graphic:Along the top are the four marketing actions (Attract, Convert, Close, Delight) inbound marketers must take in order to obtain visitors, leads, and customers. Along the bottom are the tools marketers use to accomplish these actions. (Note the tools are listed under the marketing action where they first come into play, but that’s not the only place they’re applicable! Several tools, like email, can be essential in several stages of the methodology.)
  • Inbound Marketing is ideally suited for lead generation in financial services and professional services companies where the lifetime value of a client is substantial. Companies that focus on Inbound Marketing tactics have a 62% lower cost per lead than companies that use outbound tactics exclusively. Furthermore, Inbound Marketing is an investment rather than an expense, because all aspects of the program can be tracked so you can calculate the ROI on your marketing efforts. 
  • Inbound Marketing Content Creation and Lead Generation

    1. 1. Ken Steven Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Specialist • Business growth consultant (ingoing objective is to double your sales) • More than 30 years of marketing, advertising and business-building expertise • More than 20 years of experience as a Management Consultant • Classically trained in the Procter & Gamble style of strategic marketing • First-hand experience in online marketing since 2002 • Now a certified HubSpot Partner specializing in Inbound Marketing content creation and lead generation
    2. 2. Ken Steven Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing • If you've noticed that traditional Outbound Marketing like TV, radio, print, direct mail, telemarketing and trade shows are no longer helping you reach your revenue goals, it's because the Internet has changed the way that consumers now relate to your brand and your company. • For the first time in history consumers can ignore your advertising and promotion and take complete control of the buying process by using search engines like Google to research any product and service online. • Inbound Marketing helps you get found when consumers go looking online and systematically provides them with all the helpful information they need to make a buying decision in your favour.
    3. 3. Ken Steven The 4-Stage Inbound Marketing Process Get found by people searching keyword terms in Google so they become visitors to your website, convert them to leads, close them as customers and delight them so they refer you to others.
    4. 4. Ken Steven Stage 1 – Attract Customer Prospects As Visitors Make it easy for prospects to find your content while they are searching for educational information to help them make an informed purchase decision: • Keywords: determine what keywords your ideal customer prospects will likely be searching in Google. • Website: create pages on your website optimized with content based on the keywords prospects search. • Blogging: create blogs optimized with content based on keywords prospects search that help them answer questions related to their purchase decision process. • Social Media: use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to promote sharing and reach of your valuable blog and website content.
    5. 5. Ken Steven Stage 2 – Convert Visitors Into Leads Once you get visitors to your website, the next step is to convert them into leads by gathering their contact information using the following tools: • Download Offers: You need to create download offers for helpful white papers, eBooks, webinars, and videos that are related to their purchase process. • Calls-to-Action: These are buttons, links or banners on each of your blog and website pages that encourage visitors to take action like downloading a white paper or eBook that might be helpful to their purchase decision. • Landing Pages with Forms: When a visitor clicks on a Call-to-Action they should be sent to a landing page containing a form to fill out so you can capture their contact information in exchange for the download offer.
    6. 6. Ken Steven Stage 3 – Close Leads into Customers A lead that is just starting the research process for a purchase decision needs to be nurtured through to the middle of the process with more helpful information downloads before being ready for a sales call at the end of the process: • Lead Scoring: You set up a numerical scoring system to define what stage of the buying process each lead is at and what action to nurture them should be done next. • Marketing Automation: You set up a workflow of automatic email messages that provide links in correct sequential order to all of the helpful information that will be required to move any given lead from the start to middle to end of their purchase process. • CRM Integration: Monitor how well your leads are being followed up by integrating with a CRM system.
    7. 7. Ken Steven Stage 4 – Delight Customers So They Become Promoters Continue to be helpful to customers after the first sale is made so they’ll buy more things from you and feel compelled to recommend you to others: • Email Marketing: Create a series of automatic emails to help build awareness of other products or services that may be helpful to current customers • Social Media: Use Twitter and Facebook as platforms to provide real-time customer service and to elicit customer opinions • Consultative Selling: Reach out to current customers by phone from time to time to elicit opinions and determine their needs and how they may be changing
    8. 8. Ken Steven Ideal Applications For Inbound Marketing • Any business that is client based with a high lifetime value per client • Financial Services: Financial Advisors, Investment Brokerage Firms, Insurance Brokers • Professional Services: Lawyers, Accountants, Consultants • Inbound Marketing has a 62% lower cost per lead versus Outbound Marketing • All aspects of Inbound Marketing can be tracked so you can calculate the ROI of your efforts
    9. 9. Ken Steven An Inbound Marketing Client Example • ETFs Canada: Financial Services Sector • Website: • Objective: Acquire High Net Worth Leads • Keyword optimized website and blog content • Numerous download offers and Calls-to-Action • Landing pages with forms • Thank You pages with download links • Social media sharing features
    10. 10. Ken Steven Ask Us About Inbound Marketing If you have any questions about Inbound Marketing, we’re here to help. You can contact Ken Steven directly or learn more by visiting our website: • Email: • Phone: 1-855-252-0202 / 905-882-0202 • Website: