The most Awesome way to experience an Innovation project (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)


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An overview how we set up innovation projects for the teams at corporates. All based on the joint effort of a movie making process to inspire people.

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  • strategia per sviluppare e strutturare nuove idee di business
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The most Awesome way to experience an Innovation project (by @nickdemey @boardofinno)

  1. Yes,The most Awesome way we’re that modest to experience an Innovation project by @nickdemey cc Sweetie187
  2. Hi, we run an innovation office Helping organizations find better ways to make money, is what we do.
  3. First of all, if your innovation project looks likes thisGant charts Idea boxes Dull meetings You’re doing it wrong!
  4. Your team will be bored to deathlet alone be creative...or inspired. cc stovak
  5. Do better!Your team can make Innovation Blockbusters Let me show you how...
  6. It’s like shooting a movie. Your team will feel special!
  7. How we run innovation projects based on a movie process.starting from your vision. up to the premiere aka new product launch! Warning: Spoilers ahead
  8. Your team is key! Let’s start with a real casting to select people.
  9. Select 2 groups of ‘actors’ in your innovation team.1. The Crew 3-5 people will form a core team Someone of Mgmt + innovation lead + someone of us They will lead the project internally
  10. Select 2 groups of ‘actors’ in your innovation team.2. The Cast 5-15 people of all departments and functions Make this group as diverse as possible! They will support different workshop days + they will have some homework to do.
  11. OK, first phase!
  12. Write down your Innovation Script cc thomashawk
  13. Write down your Innovation ScriptYour innovation strategy:• What is your target? (be ambitious!)• Define criteria to measure the outcome• Are there no go zones?• Budget, planning,.. Don’t go lightly• And so on... over this step! cc thomashawk
  14. Over to phase 2
  15. Fast Forward to the future!
  16. Fast Forward to the future! Define scenario’s: 10 Fields of opportunity• Within each field you’ll explore ideas later on What about subscription services? Could we partner with one of our suppliers? Can we find products for a new market of elderly? ...• Don’t go too specific yet!• 2 triggers will help you: A. B.
  17. Fast Forward to the future! A. Internal triggers: From within the company• Resources & insights that could be valorized Imagine what you can do with all the data you have? Customer needs that you know but don’t fulfill yet. ...• Add-ons to existing products Look for problem zones related to your products.• And so on...
  18. Fast Forward to the future! B.External triggers: How does your context change? • Impact of trends on your organization Look 5 year ahead or even further ... • How will technology evolve? Can you adapt to disruptions of your competitors? • And so on...
  19. Example Our ‘actors’ of the Cast will Workshop exercise have to take up a role: • Imagine you’re a student, a fashionista, superhero,... • How would they use your products?cc happeningfish
  20. This must be the mAnd phase 3! ost exciting part for th e team!
  21. Take your team out in the field for the Idea Shootingcc
  22. I repeat: Never ever have strategy brainstorms within the company walls! People will just hop in & out... Their mindset is on their endless todo list and so on... ...just don’t... thx Take your team out in the field for the Idea Shootingcc
  23. Aim for +200 ideas
  24. Aim for +200 ideasUse a structured set of tools• Invite both the crew & cast even some clients, suppliers,...• Have variety in exercises• It will pore all energy out of your team, really! Have enough breaks & drinks• Inspire people with visuals• Preparation is key!
  25. You’ll end up with information overload Don’t panic!
  26. Almost there!
  27. Time to cut & paste all ideas in to Visual summary Win & Fail analysis First financials Impact on organization Innovation level First Feasibility checkCheck innovation script Concept benchmark 10 concept cards
  28. Time to kill your darlings... sorry...
  29. Output, only 3 mini-business cases Kill all suboptimal concepts • Use evaluation criteria defined in your innovation script • Keep Quick Wins for later Small ideas, easy to implement • Make someone accountable Who’s responsible per business case? Time to kill your darlings... sorry...
  30. Prepare the business cases for PrototypingActions & Roadmap for testing do really depend on the type of project. Goal = Go/no-go decision cc Philippe Put
  31. Ready for the big Premiere?You will launch yournew product/servicesoon...
  32. But don’t forget to invite yourteam to a big avant premiere. cc eole
  33. But don’t forget to invite yourteam to a big avant premiere.The Cast & Crew are your most important assets• Present them the full business cases Yes, before the big management & CEO presentation !• Ask for final feedback• They’re your biggest support at every division Don’t forget: internal politics can be burden... cc eole
  34. Our structured way to create innovation blockbustersWork load <1 Month 1-2 M 1-2 M 1M Crew Cast
  35. Our structured way to create innovation blockbusters Board of Innovation has delivered a surprising, We very much enjoyed the training and will very well structured and productive approach to definitely use all the content and the method in our ‘innovation challenge’. Their strengths? A the future. good planning (that was strictly followed!), very Steffi Wolring, Innovation Lead at Otto Group short response times, and a continuous focus, in combination with a pleasant way of taking us out of our comfort zone and letting us think ‘out of the box’. Caroline Ameloot - Marketing & Sales Director, Carglass / Belron
  36. Download file? Trainings & speaking Consulting & workshops • Innovation tools • Next gen business models • Business model design • Co-creation, service design • Creativity techniques • Better revenue stream • Evaluation methods • Disruptive & inspiring trends • ... • @nickdemey @philderidder