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Ideablob startup winners


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Ideablob startup winners

  1. 1. STARTUP WINNERS 2009 They have scoured the depths of their minds for that one, brilliant, gem-of-a-why-didn't-I think-of-that-idea. They are the winners. The victors. The champions of genius.
  2. 2. Stories of AIDS through Music AIDS is our generation's humanitarian crisis. Malawi in particular has been crippled by AIDS and its social repercussions. I want to capture these stories by profiling a family, taking narratives to create songs which will constitute an album whose sales will benefit HIV-infected/affected Malawians. Collaborating with Malawian musicians I hope to produce a concept album where each song corresponds to a narrative of HIV, taken from members of an HIV-affected family in Malawi. Sales from this album will be funneled to AIDS social service networks in Malawi. >> COMMENT OR ADVISE
  3. 3. Design Green Now DGN is taking on trash in the streets, smog in the air, coal power plants, oil industry, and deforestation! This is all possible through education. Live and online the best minds behind sustainability will empower communities, business leaders, and designers to build a sustainable future now! The DesignGreenNow panels will take place in 3 NYC universities. A design jam is lead by Panelists will uncover the challenges they face and methods they have embraced to succeed designing for sustainability. >> COMMENT OR ADVISE
  4. 4. MAE - Music To Make A Difference Imagine music made with the intention of making a difference in the world. That's what Mae is doing. Each month we will release a new song on our website,, and give all proceeds to a humanitarian cause. Our goal this year is to become the change we want to see in this world. Each month during 2009, we will be bringing you a new Mae song. When you visit, you will be able to hear the music for free. Every song will be available as a digital download for a minimum donation of $1.00. Mae will commit all of the profits from digital downloads to fund humanitarian projects that Mae and you will be a part of all year long. >> COMMENT OR ADVISE
  5. 5. is an incentive-based educational website designed to teach individuals of all ages about the pertinent global challenges we face while simultaneously generating revenue for leading nonprofit organizations working to address these challenges. BeRewarding challenges and educates users with multiple choice questions in eight categories. For each correct answer, BeRewarding makes donations to leading nonprofit organizations working to address the issues highlighted in the questions. Banner advertising for socially and environmentally responsible companies funds the donations. >> COMMENT OR ADVISE