Would you share your DNA to get a date? // slides via @nickdemey @boardofinno


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Would you share your DNA to get a date? // slides via @nickdemey @boardofinno

  1. 1. Would you share your DNA to Date this girl? A short deck on the 
 future of the dating industry by www.boardofinnovation.com flickr cc marcopolo2012
  2. 2. The hottest Dating Startup in town: tinder.com (mobile app) Already 1.5 Million matches in US, every day. Pulls in all your personal data (Facebook, GPS location,…) to find real-time dates close to you. Makes you wonder, what is next?
  3. 3. Members in our team use
 23andme.com to document their DNA You get insights in genetic diseases & inherited treats Recently they patented a “designer baby’-service.! quoted: “you’ll pass on more than just your freckles.” How will this impact dating? Full story on wired
  4. 4. For $249 you can find the perfect DNA match on genepartner.com Is this early stage Suisse startup the future of dating? datebytype.com does something similar (and less frighting) by matching couple via Blood Type. What’s next?
  5. 5. What people expect from their partner & relationship will evolve. Which problems will emerge? (read: business opportunities) p.s. This story has already been debunked as a hoax, but it makes you think, not?
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