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Published in: Travel, Business
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  1. 1. …in pocket size …in pocket size A metropolis…
  2. 2. Gateway to Europe
  3. 3. Gateway to Europe Second largest port in Europe Container traffic increases by 15 percent each year City and port: a firm partnership
  4. 4. Economic drivingto Europe Gateway force of Flanders Second largest petrochemical complex in the world World diamond centre Highly qualified employees
  5. 5. International business centre
  6. 6. International business centre Strategic office locations Full accessibility Universities and polytechnics renowned for their talent and creativity
  7. 7. Investing in city development
  8. 8. Investing in city development Continuous development of new residential areas Increasing investments in different parts of the city High standard architecture Enjoyable public space
  9. 9. Transport and Mobility Investments in public transport Minimal car use in the city centre Corporate mobility plans Traffic safety
  10. 10. An exciting city
  11. 11. An exciting city Rubens’ home base Breathtaking museums
  12. 12. An exciting city Events that unite people First class destination for business and leisure tourism
  13. 13. An exciting city Shopping: from mainstream to avant-garde Lively bars and restaurants International fashion mecca
  14. 14. A city for all ages
  15. 15. A city for all ages Special attention to nursery Top quality education Internationally renowned university and polytechnics Facilities and activities for seniors
  16. 16. Unique educations Antwerp Maritime Academy Institute of Tropical Medicine FashionAcademy Institute Henry van de Velde
  17. 17. A city that loves sport
  18. 18. A city that loves sport A diverse sports policy Community sports as a stepping stone towards club sports International events Development of infrastructure
  19. 19. Diversity as an advantage
  20. 20. 164 different nationalities … … all residents of Antwerp
  21. 21. (The City belongs to everyone)