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BGA Studio Guidelines


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BGA Studio Guidelines

  1. 1. Board Game Arena developers guidelines
  2. 2. Why guidelines?More and mode game publishers are choosing Board Game Arena for their game adaptationsbecause the quality of these adaptations is high.If we want to continue to have nice games in the future, we have to make sure that every gamepublished in the BGA platform is matching the quality standards of BGA.These guidelines are here to help you to make your game easy to use by BGA players, and tomake sure its going to be validated by the game publisher.
  3. 3. General guidelinesThe 3 main important guidelines :● If a player knows the real board game, he should be able to play your adaptation with nolearning.● Fidelity to the original game is an absolute requirement.●Dont try to create a video game: make your game interface as close as possible to how theoriginal board game looks like.
  4. 4. BGA Studio GuidelinesI – Game layout guidelines
  5. 5. I-1 Dont hide game elementsMany board games have a lot of material todisplay, and computer screens are sometimestoo small.But you are lucky : your game will be on a webpage with a scrolling functionality. Basically,you always have some more space available.Dont hide game elements behind menus,submenus, dialogs, … but display themdirectly on the main page.Tips : eventually, you can use HTML anchor link to jump between the different elements of the page if the page height is very big. In Amyitis, characters cards are elements  you dont have to check all the time. Thus,  we placed them at the bottom of the page  and you have to scroll to see them.
  6. 6. I-2 Make it fluidBGA game interface is « fluid ». It means theinterface width can vary in order to use extraspace on the screen when available.HTML and CSS give us a lot of possibilities toadapt a web content to a given browser width.You have to use HTML and CSS:● To allow players owning a big screen toenjoy the game comfortably without scrollingthe page.● To allow players with a screen of just 1024px Caylus : when we have a 1024px small width to play the game – even if they have to screen, available buildings are placed scroll. on the the right and below the board.Tips : for each element of the game, answer  On larger screen, these tiles are placed this question « how many times during a game  on the right of the I need to check/use this element? ». Less frequently used elements can be placed below  This is a very basic usage of the others. « float:left » CSS property.
  7. 7. I-3 Use whiteblocksWhite blocks are « div » HTML element withthe « whiteblock » class (white andtransparent background).This is the recommended way to gather gameelements together in your game interfacewhen they are not directly on a board.Whiteblocks helps you to organize the spacein order it can be easily understoodd byplayers.Tips : you can use a <h3> title inside the whiteblock to help players to understand  In The Year of the Dragon game whats inside. interface, with whiteblocks and h3  titles
  8. 8. I-4 Use player panelsBGA players are used to look at player panelswhen they need an information about a player.Using player panels can allow you to save a lotof space on the main game space.In general, the following information is placedin the player panel :● Players resources (ie : small game elementsthe player is keeping in front of him in the realgame).● Summary information about player (ex :number of cards in hand, number of cardsplayed...).● « first player » token.● Score. Player panels in Seasons.Note : for all games, you must always use the A lot of useful information can fit into standard BGA score counter (with the star). these small spaces :)Players are used to check this counter to seewho is winning the game.
  9. 9. I-5 Use status bar actionsWhen some game action is particular to aspecific game state, the good practice is to usea status bar action (HTML link).Dont try to place some icon in your main gameinterface that will be useless 95 % of the time :it takes space and makes the interface morecomplex to understand. Status bar actions in Tobago
  10. 10. BGA Studio GuidelinesII – Game usability guidelines
  11. 11. II-1 Use tooltipsWith BGA Studio its very easy to associate atooltip on any element of the game.Each time this is possible : add a tooltip toexplain to the players :● What is this game element?● What happens if I click on it?However, tooltips should NOT be used todisplay dynamic information about the currentgame to save space on the game interface. Seasons : a Typically, regular players should be able to card tooltipplay with no tooltips.Tips : you can place any HTML element in tooltips. So you can make them as rich and beautiful as you need :)
  12. 12. II-2 Use left clic only● The whole game should be playable with only simple left button mouse clicks.● Context menus should not be used.●Dragndrop should be avoided (if you want to use it anyway, you should make a click basedalternative available).● Mouse icon must change on cliquable elements (« cursor:pointer » CSS property).. 
  13. 13. II-3 Make your interface intuitiveIf your testers have different opinions about« how to trigger some game action », maybe The Boss : when a player clics on a card the best is to make several options possible for with no selected cubes, the interface tell this game action. us to select some cube first.In the case there is a complex action to do bythe player (ex : select some cards, then clickon an action button), design your errormessages in order they can guide the player(ex : « please select some cards first »).Tips : For complex games, it is simple and useful to  highlight the area of the interface where player should focus his attention (using onEnteringState/onLeavingState and CSS). 
  14. 14. II-4 Use the gamelogWith BGA Studio it is very easy to place sometext (or HTML code) in the gamelog.Dont hesitate to use the game log.Players are not always in front of the gamepage when their opponents are making theirmoves.In addition, the computer manipulates gameelements faster than you usually do with thereal board game and even regular players canget behind of what happened sometimes.You should be able to understand the « gamestory » by reading the game log. Caylus : game log extract
  15. 15. II-5 Tell players about automatic actionsVery often, during a game you are in asituation where :● Only one action is possible for the activeplayer, or● A series of action has to be done (accordingto the rules) without any players actions.In these situation, you must or you may triggerthese actions automatically.In any case, you must make sure that playersunderstand what is happening, otherwisetheyll probably report a bug. Stone Age : people are fed  automatically at the end of the turn, ● Use the game log to trace all actions but players can always see what performed automatically. happened exactly in the gamelog.● Use synchronous notifications handlers toslow down the execution of automatic actions,so that players can understand what ishappening.
  16. 16. II-6 Confirm a moveAs a rule of thumb, dont provide a way toconfirm a move.Confirming a move slows down the userinterface and thus, the game flow.You can eventually allow a player to confirm amove if this is a very critical step in a game,and if it is possible that a player triggers theaction by accident. Hawaii : ending a turn is a critical action  that happens only 5 times per player in  a game. In this case, it is acceptable  (and a good idea) to have a  confirmation dialog.
  17. 17. II-7 Translatable interfaceWith BGA Studio its very easyto translate your game in anylanguage, using BGAcollaborative translation system.Check the FAQ and the examplegames to learn how to declareyour strings so that everymessage in your code can bemanaged by theinternationalization system. Diams 100 % translated in Polish
  18. 18. BGA Studio GuidelinesIII – Original game accuracy guidelines
  19. 19. III-1 Use the original artThe less you are modifying the original artof the game, the better.Its important for publishers that a board gameadaptation looks like the real board game.Sometimes it can be useful to modify someelements of the game to save some space onthe screen – but try to avoid it.Tips : if you have not enough space on the screen, reduce the size of the game elements. Try to make sure they are recognizable for players who played regularly, and add a tooltip to help beginners to figure out what they are. Gosu : the original cards are used,  with tooltips.
  20. 20. III-2 Be careful about player assistanceAs a rule of thumb, in order to respect theoriginal board games, you shouldntintroduce any player assistance feature.An assistance must not be introduced if itdirectly helps the player to figure out if hismove is good or bad.An assistance may be introduced if it canhelps the payer to figure out what moves areavailable. Gygès : the assistance shows you  available moves, but is not alerting  you about stupid moves (like the  upper left one).
  21. 21. III-3 Cancel a moveAs a rule of thumb, dont allow players to cancel one of their moves.Cancelling a move can cause many issues, including allowing players to reveal some privateinformation intentionally.You can eventually allow a player to cancel a move if he is in the middle of a multiple steps gameaction and if no private information has been revealed yet.
  22. 22. III-4 Available informationEvery information visible by players in thereal game should be accessible in theadaptation.Pay attention to some information like thenumber of cards in the opponents hand, or thenumber of remaining cards in the deck. Dominion : as specified in the rules,  number of cards in the hand of  players and number of cards in the  deck are public information. It is explicitely forbidden to count  cards in the discard pile, so this  information is not available.
  23. 23. BGA Studio GuidelinesIV – Game technical quality guidelines
  24. 24. IV-1 Dont use exotic stuffBGA Studio provides a set of useful tools tobuild board games adaptations (ex : cardmanagement, confirmation dialog, tooltips,…).Use them, and dont use exotic libraries,plugins or tricks.Why ? Because BGA Framework willevolve in the future to provide new featuresto players, and it could make your gameincompatible with the new version.On the contrary, if you are using standard Haggis using BGA standard card stuff, you will enjoy these enhancements management system.without any effort.If you feel that you really need stome exoticthing: dont hesitate to ask us.
  25. 25. IV-2 Write in (simple) EnglishSome other person than you may have tolook on your code :● We (BGA team) to help you if you need.● Some other BGA developer wanting tohelp you.● …For all these reasons, your code must bewritten in English (variables, methods,comments...).If English is not your mothertongue dontbe afraid : the whole idea here is to be Reversi : sourcecode extractunderstood, not to write an essay :)
  26. 26. IV-3 Page refreshA page refresh (F5) must allow players to reset the game interface to a stable state at anymoment of the game.BGA Studio framework allows you to do this with the « getAllDatas » PHP method and the« setup » Javascript method.Note : this « refresh » feature is also quite useful during the development process:)
  27. 27. IV-4 Private informationA private game element must be visible only tothe player owning it. It must not be visible byhis opponents, by any means.In particular :_ getAllDatas PHP method mustnt return anyelement that are hidden from current player,even if the Javascript « setup » methodignores them._ you mustnt send via the « notifyAllPlayers » Hearts : each player is alerted about his function some information that is hidden from new cards using notifyPlayer, and cards one player (use « notifyPlayer » instead). from the other players remains secret.
  28. 28. IV-5 Game progressionGame progression should be as accurate aspossible.Of course, its not always easy (or evenpossible) to compute game progression, but avague approximation is better than nothing. Stone Age : there are 2 different end game  conditions (building cards and civilization  cards). Both are taken into account to  increase the accuracy of the game  progression.
  29. 29. IV-6 Game statisticsUsing BGA Studio you can define a set ofstatistics for your game.Statistics will be displayed at the end of thegame, and help players to figure out whythey win/loose a game, and what they shouldimprove.Try to choose interesting statistics thatdistinguish the different strategies for yourgame, in order it can help players tounderstand their game. Seasons : statistics
  30. 30. SummaryThese guidelines are here to help you to make sure that the players, the gamepublisher and the game author are going to enjoy your adaptation of the game.We created these guidelines based on our personal experience (which includes manymistakes along the way) implementing a lot of games on BGA platform.Dont hesitate to contact us if you feel uncomfortable with one of these guidelines insome particular context with your game: these guidelines are here to help and not toprevent you to do smart things, and have fun while programing your game ;)