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We might all be convinced by the benefits of web standards, and the importance of usability and accessibility, but how can we best communicate the importance of best practices to others, be they clients or managers?

A panel of highly experienced web professionals from very different backgrounds share their experiences and offer suggestions for the best ways of tackling something that is a lot more difficult than it should be.

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  1. 1. websites that work
  2. 2. 76% of pages are scrolled
  3. 3. The following questionnaire is designed to provide us with information that will help us improve the site and make it more relevant to your needs. Please select your answers from the drop-down menus and radio buttons below. The questionnaire should only take you 2-3 minutes to complete. At the bottom of this form you can choose to leave your name, address and telephone number. If you leave your name and number, you may be contacted in the future to participate in a survey to help us improve this site. If you have comments or concerns that require a response please contact customer services.
  4. 4. Please help us improve the site by answering these questions. It should only take you 2-3 minutes to complete this survey. Note: If you have comments or concerns that require a response don’t use this form. Instead please contact customer services.
  5. 5. Don’t fixate on the fold Keep the choices limited Be pragmatic about brand Write for your audience Keep it concise Concentrate on the details
  6. 6. questions? These slides: Credits: