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NAIS 2014 Slide Deck - bo adams and grant lichtman v3


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Is your school innovating at the margins or at the systems level? Learn how to leverage results from a report on work with hundreds of educational leaders in 2012-13. It results in a new zero-based model for strategic transformation that integrates design thinking, focusing on the teaching and learning core and a school’s value proposition.
PRESENTED BY Grant Lichtman, Martin Institute/Presbyterian Day School (TN); Bo Adams, Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School (GA)

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NAIS 2014 Slide Deck - bo adams and grant lichtman v3

  1. 1. Bo Adams @boadams1 Grant Lichtman @grantlichtman Mutation, Innovation,Transformation NAIS February 2014 #boandgrant
  2. 2. Existential Practical Systemic
  3. 3. Existential Practical Systemic MUTATION
  4. 4. Shoshana Zuboff, HBS: Mutation Moving from era of mass consumption to focus on the individual Radical reduction in cost Products or services are affordable to few, but desirable to many Your end users have needs and desires you have not imagined
  5. 5. Episodic Learning Continuous Learning Assigning Work Enticing with Content Content Conveyors Content Curators Degrees Reputation Metrics Grades Continuous Feedback Mech. Lecture Halls Collaborative Spaces
  6. 6. CAN BE SHIFTED CANNOT BE SHIFTED 3 Minute Exercise
  7. 7. 2 Minute Feedback
  8. 8. Existential Practical Systemic IMAGINATION
  9. 9. Start with Questions Questions from within the frame: Who? What? Where? When? Questions that inform the frame: Why? Questions that expand or re-imagine the frame: What if…? How might we…?
  10. 10. Ask “What if…?” questions that would break, discard, or fundamentally change something that exists at your school today. 1. Major expenses 2. Organizational traditions Tweet what if questions to #boandgrant #naisac14 (Or Post-Up…or find a Twitter friend) 3 Minute Exercise
  11. 11. 2 Minute Feedback
  12. 12. Existential Practical Systemic
  13. 13. Existential Practical Systemic
  14. 14. Existential Practical Systemic observing questioning associating experimenting networking
  15. 15. OBSERVING
  19. 19. NETWORKING
  20. 20. Existential Practical Systemic ZERO-BASED THINKING
  21. 21. Traditional vs. Zero-Based Brainstorm lots of ideas Ask open-ended questions that challenge status quo and increase future options Group the ideas together Build school ethnography — most cherished goals, wishes, dreams (vision) Make sure all bases covered Re-imagine “school” transcending silos Write inclusive plans, angering no one Map learning systems that amplify imagination of “school” Delegate implementation Align resources: system-vision
  22. 22. Windows, Not Silos
  23. 23. A NEW WAY
  24. 24. 3-2-1 3. Ideas from this session to take back to school 2. People to connect as allies with you 1. “What if” to prototype and ship 3 Minute Exercise
  25. 25. Bo Adams @boadams1 Grant Lichtman @grantlichtman Wrap Up Existential Practical Systemic