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Rather than write a couple of paragraphs about myself and the work that I do, I thought it would be more interesting to create this little slideshow.

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Who Is Brad

  1. 1. Who is Brad Nunnally? Midwesterner, Husband, Father, User Experience Designer
  2. 2. Personal Life
  3. 3. Born and Raised
  4. 4. Husband - 2 years and going
  5. 5. Tristan Daniel Ray Nunnally New Dad
  6. 6. Loki Pug Owner
  7. 7. Professional Life
  8. 8. Academic Background - Computer Science
  9. 9. Professional Background - User Experience Designer
  10. 10. First Job - UX Consultant
  11. 11. Current Job - MiTek Industries
  12. 12. UX Experience *All Work Listed Done While Employed At Perficient
  13. 13. BJC Healthcare Developed test script for Summative Usability Study. Used Morae to observe and capture notes on study Facilitated study sessions with targeted users Performed raw data analysis based on results
  14. 14. A.G. Edwards - Project 1 Created Mock Ups for Cognitive Walkthrough Scheduled participants for Cognitive Walkthrough Involved in the creation of Cognitive Walkthrough Report Helped identify key user scenarios and tasks
  15. 15. A.G. Edwards - Project 2 Member of large soft ware development team for cutting edge account management application Performed remote usability studies with click-thru wireframes using Morae and Camtasia Authored Interaction Design specs based on user research and documented business requirements Designed detailed wireframes used by development and testing team Liaised bet ween development team, business stakeholders, and technical stakeholders
  16. 16. United Health Care In home ethnographic inter views with cancer patients and care givers Identified user scenarios and tasks surrounding the web use of cancer patients and care givers Developed wireframes used for low-fi prototyping evaluation during inter views Gathered business requirements from business stakeholders in order to understand the clients goals with a new social net work
  17. 17. Mystery Client Facilitator and Note Taker for Contextual Inquiries, Subject Matter Expert Inter views, and Persona Validation Directly involved in Contextual Inquires which occurred in 3 major metropolitans and 3 rural areas around the country. Created detailed environmental models based on obser ved user environments out in the field Participated in data analysis which lead to the development of 13 personas Authored the initial story and background for 3 of the 13 personas.
  18. 18. Recent Work at MiTek
  19. 19. MiTek Industries Expert Review of existing functionality and user interface of current project Developed detailed, annotated wireframes and prototypes for new functionality, and recommendations for improving developed functionality Designed detailed process flow to highlight possible user behavior Work directly with in house Visual Designer, User Interface Designer, and Business Analysts to ensure proposed design was implemented correctly Lead design sessions for new functionality
  20. 20. Want to know more? Twitter - http:/ witter.com/bnunnally /t LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/in/bnunnally Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ bradnunnally
  21. 21. Still Not Enough? Please feel free to email me at any time! bnunnally@gmail.com