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User Experience Doesn't Equal User Interface


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Presentation given at the Day of .Net 2009 in St. Louis at the Ameristar Casino Conference Center.

For a pseudo-transcript of the presentation please visit my blog.

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User Experience Doesn't Equal User Interface

  1. 1. Welcome to the most non-technical talk today!
  2. 2. User Experience != User Interface Brad Nunnally User Experience Designer MiTek Industries
  3. 3. If Using Twitter #UX_STLDODN
  4. 4. Goals UI mean ... What’s the What UX isn’t... What UX is... Generally how to do it...
  5. 5. Street Cred Computer Science Grad
  6. 6. First UX Job Consultant for 21/2 Years
  7. 7. Why I’m a UXD? I love people I love technology I love a challenge
  8. 8. What is the UI all about? No, I won’t be showing you any icebergs
  9. 9. Pretty Flat Stuff on the surface of things only mean so much.
  10. 10. Temporary Used only when needed, and forgotten just as easily.
  11. 11. Graphical You can only put so much lipstick on a pig.
  12. 12. A Treasure Map Should convey the steps necessary to take to accomplish a task
  13. 13. Un-Defining The Damn Thing What User Experience Isn’t...
  14. 14. About Design An experience transcends an interface, service, or product (Mac vs PC)
  15. 15. Usability Tests It’s not about what works or not
  16. 16. A Phase Takes more than few best practices to achieve a good experience
  17. 17. The Interface Independent of current level of technology
  18. 18. About the User Sums up your brand and message
  19. 19. Done Alone Never drink alone, never design alone
  20. 20. An Experience Impossible to create something as intangible as an experience
  21. 21. Defining The Damn Thing User Experience Is ...
  22. 22. A Lot of Hats UXD, IA, IxD, VD, BA, UID, etc. So many hats, not enough heads
  23. 23. Relationships People aren’t users or customers, but partners in an overall relationship
  24. 24. It’s Moral Helping people do their thing painlessly is never a bad thing
  25. 25. Human Problems Most of this problems are timeless, others are being created everyday
  26. 26. Sucking Less Failure is part of the game, just learn from your failures
  27. 27. The Next Level Provides the freedom to innovate without alienating
  28. 28. For an Experience Set the stage and see how the play gets acted out
  29. 29. Creating a Good User Experience A General Process
  30. 30. Problem Space All good things start with some good ole research
  31. 31. Understanding Define the pieces to the puzzle you are trying to solve
  32. 32. Proper Solution Find the needle in the haystack
  33. 33. Validate Determine how much you sucked this time around
  34. 34. Maintenance Got to keep the machine rolling.
  35. 35. Takes Everyone Goes beyond the project team and department.
  36. 36. Wrapping Up Some take aways
  37. 37. Young Profession You’re our older sibling, and it is time for us to get along
  38. 38. Growing Up Siblings can only bicker for so long
  39. 39. Human Condition User Experience can’t improve it without your help
  40. 40. Dive Deeper – Definition of User Experience by Luke Wroblewski - 10 Most Common Misconceptions about User Experience Design by Whitney Hess - A Definition of User Experience by Eric Reiss - Pioneering a User Experience Process - User Experience Diagrams by Luke Wroblewski - The iPhone is not easy to use: a new direction for UX Design by Fred Beecher - Top 10 UX Myths by Keith Lang
  41. 41. Resources - Pictures
  42. 42. Thanks Brad Nunnally Follow me! @bnunnally