Choice...Gateway to Engagement - SxSW 2014


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Our lives’ are full of choices, and the number of choices we get slammed with every day is overwhelming. Especially as the human experience increasingly moves into the digital space – e.g. digital ads heralding four different must-have services. The days of having a small set of options have gone the way of the dodo, and sadly, this isn't for the betterment of mankind. Modern products need to pull out every trick to get their product in front of consumers, and getting their attention isn't the hard part. It's what follows that gets challenging…getting someone to buy a product?
Understanding the anatomy of a choice is crucial to surviving the new world of product design. If designers, developers and product owners can better understand how choices are made and, more importantly, why they get made, they will be better equipped to disrupt the market. This talk explores the complexity of making choices and how an environment built for choice leads to a better customer experience.

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Choice...Gateway to Engagement - SxSW 2014

  1. 1. Choice... The Gateway Drug to Engagement Brad Nunnally - @bnunnally Perficient XD - UX Solution Architect SxSW 2014 - Future15 #sxswchoice
  2. 2. Daily Commute = 1,320 Decisions
  3. 3. Decisions Desire Automation
  4. 4. Technology Is Making It Worse
  5. 5. Attention Environment Effort
  6. 6. Attention Is A Tricky Beast "Information consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention." Herbert Simon
  7. 7. Change Blindness
  8. 8. Here’s The Proof
  9. 9. Selective Attention
  10. 10. Clarity Is Key
  11. 11. Use Established Patterns
  12. 12. Noisy Environments
  13. 13. I Regret NOTHING!
  14. 14. Required Effort
  15. 15. Two Systems of Thinking
  16. 16. System 1 - Assumptions
  17. 17. System 2 - Rationale Thought
  18. 18. Evolution of a Customer
  19. 19. Little Effort As Needed
  20. 20. Attention Choice Environment Effort
  21. 21. design A good game is a series of interesting choices. Sid Meier Brad Nunnally
  22. 22. Is Loyalty Dead?
  23. 23. The loyalty rate isn't that high. I could have a big hit, then put out the next single, and they say, Oh yeah, who are you? Prove it again. - Lenny Kravitz
  24. 24. Thank You! Brad Nunnally UX Solution Architect Perficient XD Email - Twitter - @bnunnally Site - Designing The Conversation Techniques for Successful Facilitation ! Find it on Amazon