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Women still rule the social web


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My slides for today's Digital Marketing First event, with an overview of recent studies on women in social media by Comscore, Nielsen, Pew, Rebtel, Forbes, Hubspot and of course the Feminsight report by Sanoma Media Communcation Solutions, "I'm Every Woman".

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Women still rule the social web

  1. Women still rule the social web Clo Willaerts (@bnox) DigitalMarketingFirst, Oct 2011
  2. Business bookVersions:• The Conversity Model Het Conversity Model• ePub, KindlePublishers:• Lannoo Campus (BE)• Spectrum (NL)•
  3. Female purchasing power
  4. GrouponSource:
  5. Peer recommendations
  6. Internet as life management tool64.7% moms say their family and home routine would be disrupted if the Internet were taken away for one weekSource:
  7. Getting organized33.7%of moms 18-34 most prefer sites like Facebook and Twitter to help keep the family and household organizedSource:
  8. Rise of mobile web35.2%of all moms say they frequently access the Internet on new technology gadgets such as tablets, smart phones and netbooksSource:
  9. Women drive the social webSource: Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life surveys Feb 2005-May2011
  10. Source: Nielsen State of the Media: Social Media Report (
  11. Source:
  12. Women on Facebook62% of activity in terms of messages, updates and comments71% of thedaily fan activityWomen have 8% more Facebook friends on average than men, spend more time on the site.Source:
  13. Relationship status
  14. Birthdays
  15. Pictures: Pink Ribbon Magazine
  16. Apps
  17. Casual Gaming
  18. Source: Nielsen State of the Media: Social Media Report (Q3 ‘11)
  19. YouTube Trends Dashboard
  20. Source:
  21. Source:
  22. @vpieters 192,734 followers
  23. @ClijstersKim 121,898 followers
  24. What about Belgium?Online quantitative Sanoma Media survey about the life of contemporary womenFocus on food/fashion/beautyN = 3,000 Belgian womenLaunched in September 2011
  25. Shes connected!69% owns a desktop computer3% intends to buy one within 5 years66% owns a laptop15% intends to buy one within 5 years11% owns a smartphone19% intends to buy one within 5 years3% owns a tablet PC15% intends to buy one within 5 years
  26. 23,90% of 25-34 yr old womenuse social media to avoid bad buys
  27. 48,50%of 25-34yr old women visit social platforms daily
  28. Which social platform?None of these 0,2% Hyves 1,1% Plaxo 0,8% Hi5 2,2% Skyrock 3,1% Twitter 4,1% MySpace 5,7% LinkedIn 9,9% Netlog 18% Facebook 97,8% 0 20 40 60 80 100
  29. 30%of -25yr old women cant imagine life without social
  30. 40%of Belgian women find social networks not only useful for young people
  31. OPEN Evasionista HarmonistaINDIVIDUAL HARMONY Epicurista Ambitionista Rationalista Traditionalista CONTROL
  32. Evasionista open prouddown to earth optimistic new challenges make new friends being in a group enjoy life
  33. Evasionista46%visits social media platforms daily
  34. EvasionistaTalks every day over phone with her friends & familySurfs every day on internet for information
  35. Ambitionista youngambitious extravert style social status career luxurious life me first optimistic about the future
  36. Ambitionista 39%visits social media platforms daily
  37. Ambitionista Talks on the phone with her friends & family daily Surfs on the internet daily looking for information
  38. Ambitionista 28%has an iPad or plans to buy one
  39. (.pdf)
  40. Thank you very much! @bnox