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Color Symbolism


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What do different cultures associate with different colors? NOTE: Download this presentation so that the clues will come up, and then the answers, on each slide. The animation isn't working quite right on SlideShare.

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Color Symbolism

  1. 1. Color Symbolism by Culture Barbara B. Nixon, Ph.D. (ABD) Information in this presentation is taken from Jennifer Kyrnin's “Color Symbolism Chart by Culture” available at
  2. 2. What do colors “mean”?  As the following slides come up, guess what color is being described
  3. 3. Red  China: Good luck, celebration, summoning  Cherokees: Success, triumph  India: Purity  South Africa: Color of mourning  Russia: Bolsheviks and Communism  Eastern: Worn by brides  Western: Excitement, danger, love, passion, stop, Christmas (with green) 
  4. 4. Orange  Ireland: Religious (Protestants)  Western: Halloween (with black), creativity, autumn 
  5. 5. Yellow  China: Nourishing  Egypt: Color of mourning  Japan: Courage  India: Merchants  Western: Hope, hazards, coward 
  6. 6. Green  China: This color hat indicates a man’s wife is cheating on him, exorcism  India: Islam  Ireland: Symbol of the entire country  Western: Spring, new birth, go, Saint Patrick’s Day, Christmas (with red) 
  7. 7. Blue  Cherokees: Defeat, trouble  Iran: Color of heaven and spirituality  Western: Depression, sadness, conservative, corporate, “something ___” bridal tradition 
  8. 8. Purple  Thailand: Color of mourning (widows)  Western: Royalty 
  9. 9. White  Japan: This color carnation symbolizes death  Eastern: Funerals  Western: Brides, angels, good guys, hospitals, doctors, peace (___dove) 
  10. 10. Black  China: Color for young boys  Western: Funerals, death, Halloween (with orange), bad guys, rebellion 