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reliability based design optimization for cloud migration


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reliability based design optimization for cloud migration is an application designed to manage applications..more precisely legacy applications..whose extraction n magmt. is crucial n troublesome.

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reliability based design optimization for cloud migration

  1. 1. Reliability Based Design Optimization for Cloud Migration -Nishmitha.B
  2. 2. Project Overview • What is project about??  In this project we develop a framework that improves and enhances the reliability of applications in the cloud environment .  It facilitates the process of cloud migration of legacy applications of enterprises.  This is achieved by using algorithms which rate and identify those components of the application that are critical to the application  With the help of 2 ranking algorithms we will identify components whose failures can have a large negative impact on the reliability of the application.  An optimal fault-tolerant strategy is used to ensure that these components do not encounter any errors that lead to their failure.
  3. 3. Disadvantages of Existing System  It is time consuming to study applications and identify significant components manually.  Legacy Systems cant manage dynamic applications effectively.  Its not very easy to identify redundant components in the existing legacy systems.
  4. 4. Current Status  We have been able to finish 80% of front end design which involved developing 11 components of front end.  Further 2 components are yet to be designed for cloud migration purpose.  We were able to write a part of mysql code for database.
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  6. 6. Looking Ahead…. • The page navigation needs to be established. • The modules needs to be connected with the database. • Database has to be completely developed • Integration of all the developed modules. • Writing the code for actual implementation