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SlideShare presentation in PowerPoint2007.

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Slide share07

  1. 1. Basic Account Binwi Ngwa-Suh LBSC 702 Fall 2011
  2. 2. Set Up an Account Basic or PRO account  Price  Features General information Accept Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Verify email address You’re ready to upload!
  3. 3. Other Features Personalize account  Newsfeed, Status updates  Recommendations, Favorite Transcript for presentation Replace presentation Browse and search SlideShare Insert YouTube videos Slidecast w/ mp3 Zipcast conferences
  4. 4. Try It Out! SlideShare
  5. 5. Advantages Disadvantages Can post  Uploads can professional take a while presentations  Only .pdf and and documents .ppt all in one place  Internet Simple interface Explorer Multiple account  Can distort choices content Help screen shape/size  Ads
  6. 6. The Bottom Line Good tool if you want all your presentations and documents in one place and want them to be searchable through Google and similar search engines.