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Mysql Naming Conventions Bangalore Mysql User Group Oct 11 09


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Sudheer Satyanarayana presented MySQL Naming Conventions at the Bangalore MySQL User Group on October 11, 2009.

Things to consider.

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Mysql Naming Conventions Bangalore Mysql User Group Oct 11 09

  1. 1.     Bangalore MySQL User Group Meet Up October 11, 2009 MySQL Naming Conventions Sudheer Satyanarayana
  2. 2.     Why? ●Readability ●Maintainability ●Reduced development costs
  3. 3.     First Things First ●Avoid Reserved words ●Look up the Manual ●Write a policy ●One size doesn't fit all
  4. 4.     Case Sensitivity • All lower case: user_type • All upper case: USER_TYPE • Camel case: userType • Mixed case: UserType Be consistent Avoid inconsistent usage like user_type, productType
  5. 5.     Databases ●To prefix or not? mydb or myprefix_mydb ●You may not have an option ●You may not want to disclose the database name
  6. 6.     Tables ●To prefix or not? Mytable vs myprefix_mytable ●Avoid generic prefixes like tbl_user ●Case sensitivity matters ●Plural or singular? user vs users ●Acronyms vs descriptive names ●Avoid too long or two short names ● myprefix_user_preferences_type vs ● user_pref_type
  7. 7.     Columns ●Suffixing _id to indexed key – user_id vs uid vs id ●Beware of reserved words – timestamp, when ●Self explanatory foreign key name ● Table contact: contact_id, PK user_id  REFERENCES user_id of user
  8. 8.     Benefits ● More readable ● Maintainable ● Avoid deployment problems ● Reduced development costs
  9. 9.     Tip See what established projects are doing
  10. 10.     Thank you