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The social-powered-enterprise-ebook

  1. 1. The Social-Powered EnterpriseHow social media is transformingyour most important disciplines.A overview for growing businesses
  2. 2. Welcome to the bravenew (social) worldNote to CEOs: your lurking suspicions are true.Your customers and employees, your prospects andpartners are all talking about you behind your back.They’re doing it on Facebook, Twitter and The social media revolution has This eBook is for CEOs and businessYouTube. They’re blogging, commenting, amplified the voice of every customer strategists ready to do the latter – toreviewing and joining user communities. and empowered us all to take greater harness the power of social media andAnd as they do so, they’re determining control of our relationships with the put it to work throughout the company.the value of your brand and your business. companies and brands we choose to It’s based on our experience helping do business with. tens of thousands of companies of all Now, as a business leader, it’s your turn sizes put the power of social media to to choose. You can ignore this global work across their businesses. groundswell, dismissing it as hype, or If you’re still convinced that Twitter is you can decide to understand it, rise to just for celebrity-watching and Facebook the challenges and seize the opportunities. for teenage gossip, we hope you’ll keep reading.
  3. 3. Not just another channelSocial media is much more than just a new medium for broadcast-stylemessages to an amorphous marketplace.It’s a rich, many-to-many platform that What do we mean by ‘social media’? Social Revolution: Social Networking Surpasses Emailgives all of your stakeholders a voice Social media includes any online environment in Comscore, June 2011 which users can create and share content, including: 1.1 Billionevery other stakeholder can hear. Social UsersIt’s also a new medium that opens thedoor to instant dialogue between your Public social media services – such as Facebook,people and your customers, prospects, LinkedIn, Google+ and online forums Socialpartners and market influencers. Blogging and micro-blogging – including Twitter, Users personal and industry blogsAnd it’s not just popular, Social bookmarking – like Digg, Stumble Upon Emailit’s a juggernaut… and Delicious Users Content sharing sites – like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and Slideshare Social commerce – including ratings & reviews sites and services 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Social enterprise apps – such as Salesforce Chatter, wikis or social CRM They’re all user-driven; they’re all multiplied by ‘network effects’; and they’re all places where your business is being shaped today.
  4. 4. Data storm:this is big 56% LinkedIn has of US consumers feel a stronger connection to and better served by brands that engage 120M members. LinkedIn with them online. 78% Cone Inc. of business are actively 1.5bn Facebook posts a day. using social media. Facebook Corporate Social Media Report, Digital Brand Expressions, June 2010 44% of UK internet users aged 16 and over have their own social networking page or site. 200M Tweets a day. Twitter Office for National Statistics, November 2010 Social networks Nearly account for 23% of UK internet time Nearly 11.6% 250M – one in every of all UK internet visits 4.5 minutes – in September 2010. was spent on social Hitwise, October 2010 networks and blogs people use Facebook in 2009. on a daily basis. UKOM / Nielsen, May 2010 Econsultancy, July 2010
  5. 5. An opportunity or a threat?It’s both.Social media is a threat Social media is an opportunity In short, mastering the art of social Time-wasting? media is far from a soft skill. It’s a Embracing social media can turn a potential• If you ignore it and allow your • If you engage in the conversations problem – employees spending hours in powerful way to increase revenue, competitors and new market around your brand – positively Facebook for personal reasons – into a plus. loyalty and lifetime customer value Empower employees to engage with your entrants to steal the advantage. and constructively. while driving down the cost of sales, stakeholders in social channels and that time• If you allow vocal detractors to • If you encourage your most loyal marketing, customer service and will be re-invested in the business. drive the social conversations customers to actively promote you collaboration. To younger employees, this is second nature around your business. – and reward them for it. – they’re ‘social natives’, so they’re more likely To us, that seems worth to interact positively in the channels they’re• If your sales teams are going into • If your sales teams start every new taking seriously. most comfortable with. new business ‘blind’ and your conversation knowing all about marketers fail to engage with each new prospect. prospects in their chosen forums. • If your support people respond• If your support teams know less instantly to customer complaints about your own customers’ issues on social forums, turning angry Taking social seriously than your competitors do. customers into fans. A recent Cone Business study compared• If your dispersed project teams • If your knowledge workers make informal, ad hoc social media companies with strategic social media businesses. The strategic are stuck using static, one-way better decisions, faster, because users were twice as likely to expect revenues communications. they’re collaborating more efficiently to increase in 2011 (43% vs 22%). And 63% of and intelligently. the strategic users reported generating new business leads from social vs 36% of informal • If you can spot trends early and user companies. act on them more quickly than Radian6: Strategically Social report your competitors
  6. 6. The front lineThe three areas where social will makethe most impact in your business today. Only for the big boys? Some of the world’s most successful brands have made huge strides in their social media practices. But that doesn’t mean the social playing field will be dominated by the largest companies. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Social media gives nimble, smaller businesses the exact same tools as the big brands. You might not be able to fund a central social media command centre, but if you’re smart about it, you can use social media to run circles aroundThere are few areas of your business that wouldn’t benefit from an injection your largest competitors.of social media engagement. In this eBook, we’ll touch on what we considerto be the top three:Sales Marketing Customer ServiceWhere social media opens up Where social is changing the Where social is revolutionisingnew sources of intelligence as very idea of the brand and your ability to respond towell as new ways to initiate creating new ways to engage customer issues (and let otherand deepen relationships with potential customers customers help out)Clearly, social media can play just as profound a role in your human resources,product development, partner relations, field service and cross-discipline projectteams. But if your business is just starting to explore the potential of social media,the Big Three are a great place to find the juiciest, lowest-hanging fruit.
  7. 7. Social-Powered Sales Social-PoweredSalesKieran Woods, one of your best salespeople, just noticedan interesting post on an online industry forum: a cry of Marketing Social-Poweredfrustration about a competitor’s product.In seconds, Kieran had looked up the angry customer’s profileon LinkedIn. He noticed that he and the customer went to thesame university and had a friend in common. He followed atrail to the customer’s Twitter feed where he learned aboutspecific issues on a recent project. And he discovered a blogpost where the customer exposed his wish list for a new kindof service. Customer Service Social-PoweredBy the time Kieran picked up the phone, he was armed witheverything he needed to start a great conversation and wina new contract.
  8. 8. The social-powered Sales Social-Poweredsales teamListening pays dividends Social-powered sales includes Sales intelligence increases Marketing Social-PoweredCustomers everywhere have the same Today’s most effective sales teamscomplaints about the way they’re sold to: are using social media to: win rates by 17%.not enough salespeople take the time • Discover opportunities CSO Insightsto really understand their needs beforelaunching into their standard pitches. • Research prospects & companiesBefore social media, the research • Reach out to new prospectsprocess was limited to asking around • Collaborate internallythe office and doing a website trawl. No to direct pitcheswonder pitches tended to be generic. • Detect warning signsToday, social-powered sales research in existing accountsgenerates an enormous amount ofinsight into each opportunity – even • Spot competitive moves earlybefore a prospect has been engaged. • Target pitches to specific decision-makers Customer Service Social-PoweredWhy? Because more and more of yourprospects are participating in forums • Make deeper, more personaland groups; or blogging, tweeting and connections earlierposting to Facebook. They’re sharing anenormous amount of information aboutthemselves, their challenges and theirpreferences. And any sales team thatisn’t harvesting this insight is at aserious disadvantage against anysales team that is.
  9. 9. The benefits of Sales Social-Poweredsocial-powered sellingSocial media helps sales people offer Action Points Quick Casethe right solution at the right time to the IBM listens for leads Marketing Social-Powered Find your social forums – Empower your In 2009, IBM asked employees to spot socialright people while continually deepening sales teams to find out where your conversations around topics like server replacementrelationships. That pays off in measurable prospects spend time – forums, blogs, and storage system purchasing. The program,ways, including: social sites & groups, etc called ‘Listening for Leads’ brought in millions of dollars in new business.Greater reach Tune in – Listen to the conversations.seeing more opportunities Set up Google alerts, join groups andHigher productivity forums, use LinkedIn, follow Twitterfocusing on hot prospects conversationsBetter close rates Socialise your CRM – Integrate socialwith more targeted pitches profiles and activities into your customer relationship management systemDeeper relationships – including most recent tweets, poststhrough better listening & forum commentsBetter return on knowledge Customer Service Social-Powered Social-power your collaboration – focusthrough intelligent collaboration your company knowledge and experts around each open opportunity using internal social networks Track social-driven sales – measure the return on your social investment “Social media quickly establishes the credibility and trust you need to build meaningful relationships.” Christina Weil, Sales Exec, global tech company
  10. 10. Social-Powered Sales Social-PoweredMarketingTim Kessler left his job at Gigantor to start up a new company.His idea for a new smartphone app was fantastic, but his Marketing Social-Poweredmarketing budget was… non-existent.So Tim focused on social media marketing. Within six months,his blog and Facebook page were buzzing with engagedusers and his Twitter followers hit 9,000. All from less than10 hours a week of his own time plus one part-time hire.As the company grew, the social media mindset remainedat the heart of the brand. They didn’t just have users, theyhad fans. It showed in their 5-star ratings & reviews, in their Customer Service Social-Poweredweb traffic and in their social engagement metrics.Today, Tim’s company has a five-strong social mediateam – and it still hasn’t spent a single penny ontraditional advertising.
  11. 11. Social marketing: Sales Social-Powereda new kind of brand Quick Case A family wine juggernaut Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family business – a New Jersey based liquor store – from $4m to $50m in sales using social media promotion alone.Marketing by engagement Social-powered marketing includes: Marketing Social-PoweredNo discipline has felt the impact of the Social media marketing is a broad, In all these places, brands aresocial media revolution more than rich palette of tactics including: encouraging their target audiencesmarketing. In a few, very fast years, to engage with them, offer feedback, • Blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter)social media has gone from an share their experiences with friendsexperiment at the fringes of the • Facebook brand pages and and participate in communities, contestsmarketing plan to the very heart of LinkedIn groups and social games. And all of this can bemarketing strategy. • Social sharing sites like YouTube streamlined behind the scenes with a and Slideshare new generation of social collaborationYesterday’s brand was the sum of tools that accelerate marketingeverything you said and did. Today’s • Social commerce around user processes and empower teams.brand is the sum of everything people ratings & reviewssay about you. As ‘soft’ as this kind of marketing may • Online communities like this one seem, it’s actually proving to deliverThe transition from broadcast-stylemarketing to personal engagement • Online PR and reputation management measurable returns (just look at the rise of social monitoring tools like Radian6).and community-building has been a Customer Service Social-Poweredrevelation for the brands that are leadingthe way. Today, consumers and B2Bbuyers alike expect you to be in theforums and social sites where theyspend their time (but they don’t expectyou to carry your ‘hard sell’ marketingpractices into the new social domain). 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust unknown users, 27% trust experts, 14% trust advertising, 8% trust celebrities. Erik Qualman, Socialnomics
  12. 12. The benefits of Quick Case Rackspace gets involved Sales Social-Powered In 2009, Rackspace, the IT hosting company,social-powered started to engage with IT managers on Spiceworks, a leading IT community. They started with low-key participation – answering questions and posting technical papers – beforemarketing experimenting with a 10% discount off its hosted email service. The results were excellent, showing a 2-month ROI. And a subsequent promotion out-performed a nine-person sales team.Social-powered marketing harnessesthe power of crowds to deliver tangible Action Points “Conversations among the members of your marketplace Marketing Social-Powered Listen and monitor – Track the onlinebenefits, including: conversations around your brand,Greater exposure your market and your competition happen whether you like it orwhere your audiences spend their time Start dialogues – Don’t hide behind the not. Good marketing encouragesIncreased engagement brand; come out and meet people the right sort of conversations.”and deeper relationships with where they’re already gatheringcustomers Seth Godin Identify influencers – And build bridgesIncreased web traffic and conversions to keep them on sideand higher search rankings Share your stories – let people inside,High-quality inbound leads through blog posts, tweets and socialthat turn into revenue faster pagesMore efficient marketing budgets Make it easy for people to sharewith higher returns your content – and encourage them More than 60% of marketers Customer Service Social-PoweredFaster marketing campaigns to do so agree that overall marketingwith better targeting Inject social commerce trust – by inviting costs decreased when social ratings, reviews and comments media was used. Social-power marketing teams – with Social Media Examiner, social collaboration tools that share best April 2011 practice and encourage innovation
  13. 13. Social-Powered Sales Social-PoweredCustomer ServiceRyan Flanagan was having a bad day. On a business trip toNew York, he left his wallet in his hotel room. The hotel’s social Marketing Social-Poweredmonitoring tool spotted his exasperated tweet on Twitter,opened a case and alerted the customer service team.In less than ten minutes, the customer service agent tweetedRyan back offering to get his wallet to him at his next meeting.Later that night, Ryan told the story on Facebook and it wentviral, receiving 340 ‘Likes’ and being re-posted 120 times.A travel blogger picked up on story and gave it anotherweek’s life, touching 170,000 people. Customer Service Social-Powered
  14. 14. Customer service Sales Social-Poweredcomes out fromthe call centreSocial-powered satisfaction New metrics “Social media represents a new dynamic in customer Marketing Social-PoweredFive years ago, the only way you heard Today’s most progressive customerabout customer problems was in a retail support operations combine traditionaloutlet or in your call centre. Today, customer service metrics (like satisfaction experiences in which thecustomers don’t automatically contact ratings, defection rates and first-time company, its products, services,you any more. They’re more likely to turnto the cloud with their problems – posting resolutions) with social support metrics (sentiment, conversation volumes, ‘likes’ reputation and the way it treatson Facebook, tweeting or searching and retweets) and business metrics its customers become highlyself-service support sites. (revenues, costs). visible to millions of people.”The brands that are winning hearts and The result is a new attitude to customer Dr Natalie Petouhoff and Kathy Hermann,minds in every market are the ones that support as a primary business driverare learning to embrace all these social rather than a cost centre. Calculating the ROI of Social Customer Servicechannels as part of their customer Social-powered customer service includes:support efforts – and their support costsare actually coming down. • Actively listening for support Customer Service Social-Powered opportunities on social sitesFor these social-powered brands,social media provides: • Including social profiles on contact centre screens• An early warning system to spot • Encouraging people to self-support brewing problems “Social media has changed• A way to respond to & resolve customer issues • Rewarding customers who actively help others customer service from being • Letting people vote on the most helpful a support function to being• A way to increase positive sentiment, satisfaction and referrals support content an extension of marketing.” • Collaboration tools to connect agents ClickZ, to expertise February 2011
  15. 15. The benefits of Sales Social-Poweredsocial-powered supportHappier customers Action Points Quick Casewho know you’re looking out for them Boingo responds Marketing Social-Powered Engage with customers where they are “Boingo, the WiFi service provider, connects withLower support costs – and encourage them to use the right customers on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and calls are deflected to self-support or support channel for their issue On Twitter, representatives scan the web forsolved before they escalate to a call Encourage ‘one and done’ support mentions of the brand and reach out to customers with both positive and negative feedback. They’reIncreased agent productivity – with rapid response to tweets quick to find people reporting technical issues andby connecting them with the and Facebook posts often offer to connect by e-mail.right knowledge Automate social listening – with a Kind words about the brand will often see a retweet or note of thanks in a sincere, non-corporate tone.Increased first-time resolutions system that grabs social posts and Each of the three social media customer serviceeven before a case is created assigns them to an agent representatives have their name and headshot on the @boingo profile page, adding to theEnriched knowledge bases Maximise your knowledge assets transparency of their tweets.”that customers help create – make it easy for customer-facing Mashable Business people to access your expertise Social-enable your online support portal Customer Service Social-Powered – rewarding users who help other users40% of corporateTwitter accounts Integrate all channels – so agents seeengage in some kind traditional and social channels together in one viewof customer service. “All companies should focus onBurson Marstellar on listening and monitoring first asSocial Media Today, this is the bedrock for decidingJune 2011 what then to do.” Warren Buckley, Managing Director BT Customer Service
  16. 16. Principles of theSocial-Powered EnterpriseThat’s our whistle-stop tour of themost important disciplines for thesocial-powered enterprise. Now forsix simple principles: Listen Engage Measure Integrate Collaborate HelpThese are guiding principles that applyas you harness the power of socialmedia cross your business. Let’s takethem one at a time…
  17. 17. Six PrinciplesListenSocial-powering your business must start with listening.Monitor the social media conversations How do you listen?that are happening around your Make it somebody’s job – or spread itbusiness right now, including around a team. But make sure it’s clearconversations around: who is monitoring what.Your market – What are people saying Use monitoring tools – from the freeabout the key issues in your industry?tools (like Google Alerts) to theYour company – What are people saying enterprise-class suites like our ownabout you? How are they responding to Radian6 (which is pretty amazing if weyour news and your messages? do say so ourselves).Your brands – Get specific, monitoring Ask for regular reports – make sure yourconversations around your products, social trends are being communicatedservices and brands. to the management team in simple top-line reports (with drill-downs forYour competitor – What’s the buzz the most interested).around your competition? Any earlywarnings or opportunities to gainan advantage? “If you think you are in control, you’re fooling yourself. As soon as you start listening, you realize you’re not in control. And letting go will yield more and better results.” Charlene Li, Author
  18. 18. Six PrinciplesEngageBe wherever your audience is. The biggest crime in thesocial enterprise is to ignore the people who care enoughabout you to share their views with others.But engagement has to be sensitive.You can’t control the conversations, How do you engage? “Engaging in an authentic, meaningfulso don’t even try. Social media’s short Find your natural social engagers – It’s conversation with consumers will be the often the younger people, who havehistory is already studded with the burnt grown up with social media. But anyone key to marketing success and growth,brands that tried to contain or controla social media conversation. Bad idea. who understands and enjoys social even if that means acknowledging negativeThe first goal of engagement is to show media in their private lives should be good at representing your company, feedback; transparency is paramount.”people that you’re listening and that you too (with a little guidance). Ron Blake,care about what you hear. You never Develop guidelines – You don’t have Rewards Networkneed to be dragged into public debates to limit your engagement to a fewto do that. social media experts. But if you do let all employees participate, issue carefully developed guidelines based on an engagement strategy. “Communicating through social media will Start with ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’ – Reward all social promoters with a thank-you. become part of everyone’s job description.” And offer a sincere apology to people Tom Nixon, who have had a bad experience. Nixon McInnes It does wonders. Back up words with actions – Saying the right thing in social channels is a start. Doing the right thing is the real point. Make sure your social engagers are empowered to do things and right wrongs.
  19. 19. Six PrinciplesMeasureSocial media brings with it a wholenew set of metrics for your business.You don’t want to be swamped by these How do you measure? Check it outstrange new performance indicators but The Radian6 eBook “Social Media Listening, Use monitoring tools – Again, you Measuring and Engagement Primer’ is an excellentyou can’t just apply traditional metrics to can’t really do this manually. Automate, place to start as you develop the most relevantthis new world and expect to get a good capture and report. metrics for your on your progress. Link to outcomes – Track the effect ofSocial media metrics will vary by your social activity to business outcomeschannel (Facebook has ‘Likes’, Twitter such as revenue, referrals, cost-per lead,has ‘Followers’) but here’s a sample customer retention rates, cost savingsof some of the metrics you may want and issue resolution times. That’s whereto start tracking: real ROI comes from.Activity and Engagement Metrics Don’t ignore the qualitative – Numbers• Members and Active profiles are seductive but qualitative measures• Posts – frequency and density can give you insights that raw data• Comments and brand mentions may miss. (including sentiment)• Inbound Links• Tags, Votes, Bookmarks…Value Awareness and Influence• Brand loyalty/Affinity “Quit counting fans, followers and blog subscribers•• Media placements Share of Conversation like bottle caps. Think, instead, about what you’re• Sentiment of posts hoping to achieve with and through the community• Net promoter scores that actually cares about what you’re doing.”• Interaction with content… Amber Naslund, Social Media Today
  20. 20. Six PrinciplesIntegrateSocial media is too important to live inits own silo at the edge of your business.The most successful social-poweredbusinesses integrate social media into How do you integrate? “If the Army can figure out how totheir core business processes and the Re-engineer key processes – You can’t do secure social networking and really harness the power of social andtechnologies that support them. expect to leave every business process break down silos and encourageIf you use CRM, social-enable it. If you’re alone. Be ready to re-think processes informal problem solving withinmarketing a piece of content, do it across (from recruitment to product managementall social communities. Integration to call centre). a rigid hierarchy, surely yourmeans making social a part of everyday Use social-powered technology – business can.”activities, not a separate discipline. Companies who use traditional, Mark Drapeau, on-premise CRM software are struggling Cheeky Fresh blog to go social. Cloud-based CRM is social- native. Similarly, why have a collaboration intranet if it doesn’t support social engagement tools? Build social metrics into the business – “Social media touches We’ve talked about metrics but the key here is to integrate your social every facet of business metrics and link them to your most- and is more an extension used business metrics. That which of good business ethics.” gets measured gets managed. Erik Qualman, Author of “Socialnomics”
  21. 21. Six PrinciplesCollaborateNot all social media is prospect- or customer-facing.It can also turbo-charge your internal collaboration, knittingfar-flung, multi-discipline project groups into tight teams.Today’s social intranets or web-based How do you collaborate socially? Chatter payscollaboration spaces are a far cry from Okay, this is a blatant plug but Salesforce Chatter Add social power to your intranet is a perfect example of integrating social mediathe static, first generation content sites – Let people create profiles, into the fabric of your business.dumps. And people use them much, upload content, share ideas and It’s essentially a private social network for yourmuch more because of it. comment on everyone’s contributions. company (or any project team) and it makes it really easy to collaborate across geographies, Include your people’s expertise & disciplines and hierarchies. How does 27% experience – Social collaboration fewer meetings and 30% fewer emails* sound? makes it easy for people to identify *MarketTools survey of 6,000+ Salesforce customers the experts in your organisation. So you get the most from your knowledge assets. Encourage two-way content flows – Collaboration can’t be top-down. If everyone can’t contribute, it’s not really collaboration. Allow updates to trigger alerts – Make sure your collaboration space alerts participants by email, Twitter or text messages so they know when to come back.
  22. 22. Six PrinciplesDon’t just sell… helpIt’s tempting to approach social media as you might approachtraditional channels: as opportunities to shove your agendaon to a remote target audience. That doesn’t work.Social media is more like a community How do you help?gathering. It’s bad manners to march up Start with your community’s needs –to someone you never met, shove your Think about how you can make theirbusiness card in their hand and tell them lives easier, help them achieve theirabout the new features in your latest goals or do their jobs better. That’s theproduct release. spirit of social.You might feel you’re getting your Always be transparent – Never let yourmessage across, but you’re actually people pretend to be someone their not;alienating people. never let them hide their connection toYes, social media can be an effective your company; never try to disguisesales and marketing channel, but it’s yourselves as happy customers. It willmost effective when you turn the tables backfire. And it should.and and make it all about the other Do unto others… – If you want retweets,person, not all about you. retweet other people’s tweets. If you “Social Networking that matters is helpingThe best thing your company can do want blog comments, get out there andin social media is to be helpful to your comment on other blogs. If you want people achieve their goals – doing it reliablycustomers, prospects, stakeholders backlinks, link out to others. and repeatedly so that over time peopleand influencers. have an interest in helping you achieveSo don’t use every social mediainteraction as an opportunity to sell. Be your goals.”helpful to customers and prospects and Seth Godinthe good will comes back to you manytimes over.
  23. 23. Return on Social MediaCompanies who use social media reportsome pretty important benefits: Increasing effectiveness of marketing 63% Increasing customer satisfaction 50% Reducing marketing costs 45% Reducing support costs 35%Reducing time to market for products / services 26% Increasing product / service innovation 24% Increasing revenue 24% McKinsey Global Institute, December 2010
  24. 24. Conclusion: this is now Social media is a both a buzzword and bandwagon. But despite all the hype surrounding it, there can be no mistake: something big is happening and it’s already affecting the way you do business. In this short eBook, we hope we’ve helped you to identify some of the most important places that social media can make an impact on your own business – whether it’s a start-up or a thriving market leader. Social media is more than a channel or a set of online services. It’s a new mindset that embraces the power of the customer instead of resisting it. We think that’s a very big idea indeed and we’d love to help you put it to work.“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” Craig Davis, J Walter Thompson
  25. 25. How Salesforce Can Help YouAchieve Social is the secret ingredient The Customer Social Profile Employee Social Networks Customer and Product Social Networksinside many of the world’s most In order to engage and better sell to Social networks have taught millions of In order to harness the potential ofsuccessful social enterprises – including and service your customers with the users worldwide a fundamentally more social engagement, you first need toeverything from start-ups to major Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, you first efficient collaboration paradigm. With understand what is being said aboutglobal brands. need to know who they are, what they profile pages, status updates, document your brand, products and servicesBecause all of’s products like and what public social networks sharing, groups, the ability to follow before you can effectively join theare engineered with social-media built they are active on. This full view of a business records and real-time instant conversation. Our Radian6 social mediain, they’re all ready to help you reach out customer’s social footprint, including messaging, Chatter drives greater monitoring and analysis platform allowsand engage with your stakeholders company and contact data from our transparency, visibility and cooperation you to listen to and engage morewherever they are. solution provides improved between employees wherever they may effectively through public social data quality and accuracy for leveraging be, and from mobile devices such as networks, blogs, forums, video andOur vision of how companies can customer relationships. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. content sharing sites. Additionally, theeffectively transform to embrace the power of the and Herokufast moving trends and new forms platforms for building social andof engagement is called the Social mobile apps allows you to reachEnterprise. It’s built on three key steps. out to customers in new and exciting ways, through their channel and device of choice. And it all happens in the Cloud, so there’s no software or hardware to buy, deploy, manage and maintain. At Salesforce, we’re a social-powered business ourselves So we’re ready, willing and able to help you become one, too. Talk to us
  26. 26. Did we mention There were nearlythis was big? More than 2bn people searches 24hrs on Linkedin last year of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute Flickr members upload more than 3,000 images every minute The average Facebook user creates 90 1M pieces of content each month More than companies have LinkedIn Company Pages Econsultancy
  27. 27. ResourcesThese are some of our favourite bloggers and resourcesrelating to the social-powered enterprise:Social Boom! How to Master ThanksBusiness Social Media To these friends for their help,By Jeffrey Ditomer input and review:Social Media TodayAn excellent resource that covers Paul Dunay Maria Pergolino Jacob Morganthe entire social media spectrum @PaulDunay @InboundMarketer @jacobmThe Social Sales Revolution Author and Social Media Marketo guru and B2B Social business advisor forA Salesforce slideshare. Darwinism blogger blogger Chess Media GroupSix Ways to Take Your Contact Paul Dunay is an award-winning Maria is senior director of marketing Jacob is a thought leader andCenter Social marketing expert with more than 20 at Marketo and an experienced CRM, community leader in social business.A quick interactive tour years’ success in generating demand social media, search marketing, and He co-founded Chess Media Group, and creating buzz. marketing automation specialist. a social business consultancy focusedThe digital marketing community Paul is the Chief Marketing Officer of on Social CRM, Enterprise 2.0, and Maria contributes to many marketingand publisher Networked Insights, a leader in social Social Media. blogs and her posts and papers are media analytics, and author of four widely read. She has a marketing Jacob’s book, Twittfaced – Your Toolkit “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing degree and MBA from the School of for Understanding and Maximizing for Dummies (Wiley 2009), Social Media Business at Rutgers University, is a Social Media was entirely co-authored and the Contact Center for Dummies Certified Administrator through online collaboration. Jacob (Wiley Custom Publishing 2010), and user group leader, and a speaker is currently working on another book Facebook Advertising for Dummies at numerous marketing events. for McGraw Hill due out 2012 on (Wiley 2010) and Facebook Marketing enterprise collaboration. for Dummies 2nd Edition (Wiley 2011). Jacob’s blog is ranked among the top 100 most influential marketing blogs in the world by AdAge and is widely syndicated.
  28. 28. About is the enterprise cloud computing company that’s leading the shiftto the Social Enterprise – helping over 100,000 companies connect to customersand employees like never before. Our social tools include: Super-charge your sales • Sales Cloud, for social-powered sales force automation and contact management •, B2B sales and marketing account and contact data Deliver amazing service • Service Cloud, for social customer service and support solutions Join the conversation • Chatter, a secure, private social network for your business • Radian6, social media monitoring and engagement Build killer apps •, the cloud platform for custom app development •, the trusted cloud database • Heroku, the platform to build social and mobile apps in Ruby and Java Cloud Computing Marketplace • AppExchange, the leading marketplace for enterprise cloud computing applications
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