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Agenda mmaf la_nov_19

  1. 1. Pre-conference Workshops – November 16th, 2010<br />Whittier Room, Beverly Hilton<br />Ten Steps for Successful Mobile Deployment<br />9:00-9:05 Welcome and IntroductionMichael Becker: Managing Director, North America; Mobile Marketing Association9:05-9:10Master of CeremoniesChris Wayman: Vice President, General Manager Mobile Solution; Merkle, Inc.9:10-9:50The Unstoppable Rise of Mobile Marketing: A Introduction to What Is Possible Jeff Hasen: Chief Marketing Officer; Hipcricket10:00-10:50Adding Mobile to the Marketing Mix: Ten Strategies, Tactics and MeasurementErnie Kim: Senior Vice President & Analytics Officer; Synovate MMA11:00-11:50Messaging: The Cornerstone to Mobile Engagement - Ten Steps to Successful SMS & MMS Messaging Execution John Allen: Vice President of Entertainment Sales; MogreetScott Rogers: Vice President of Sales and Brand Solutions; Mogreet <br />12:00 – 1:00<br />Lunch<br />Hosted by PaymentOne<br />1:00-1:50Apps Vs. Mobile Internet: Ten Steps to the Development and Promotion of Cross-Platform Initiatives Tony Braniff: Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales; WhoopDemetrio Cuzzocrea: Vice President, Creative Services & Co-Founder; WhoopAaron Mittman: Vice President, Global Sales; Medialets2:00-2:50Mobile Commerce: Ten Steps To Successful Mobile Commerce DeploymentJon Beber: President; Daedalus Mobile Consulting3:00-3:50Ultimate Consumer Engagement: Ten Steps - When Mobile Phones Can “See, Hear and Understand”Javier Gonzales: Director General; aquaMobile Jeri Owen: Vice President, Marketing; Digimarc 4:00-4:50The Consumer’s in Control: Ten Steps for Managing Consumer Permissions, Privacy and PreferencesThomas Labarthe: Vice President, Mobile Advertising; Alcatel-Lucent<br />MMA Forum – November 17th, 2010<br />8:00Registration OpensBeverly Hills Foyer9:00-9:05Master of CeremoniesBrian Jurutka: Senior Vice President, Telecom & Mobile; comScore, Inc.9:05-9:15Welcome from the Mobile Marketing AssociationMichael Becker: Managing Director, North America; Mobile Marketing Association Greg Stuart: Global CEO; Mobile Marketing Association9:15-9:45Keynote: Next Generation Business Strategies for the Entertainment Industry and Business Opportunities Enabled by the Mobile ChannelJamie Foxx: Academy Award-winning Actor and Grammy Award-winning Singer (live via video chat)9:45-10:05 Interview: Engaging Youth and their Parents through and with Mobile Anita Stewart: Senior Vice President. Corporate Partnerships; Sesame Workshop(Erin) Mack McKelvey: Senior Vice President, Marketing; Millennial Media10:05-10:25Keynote: Accelerating Through the Purchase Funnel with Mobile Advertising Join Microsoft for a session on how it’s leveraging key consumer insights to inform the product decisions around the next generation of mobile advertising technologies, helping brands reach their target audience… and helping their target audience reach them.  With the addition of Windows Phone 7, join us to see how we are merging these two marketing imperatives together to help consumers and marketers close the loop and complete the purchase cycle with mobile.Jamie Wells: Director, Global Trade Marketing; Microsoft Advertising 10:25-10:50Keynote: Mobile Search: From Unpredictable Results to Definitive AnswersData consumption on mobile is ramping up at an explosive pace, making mobile-optimized search pivotal in delivering the content these users seek. Attacking search for mobile requires a transition in mindset that shifts the focus from sometimes-relevant search results to definitive answers. Scott Jones, CEO and founder of “mobile answers” market leader ChaCha (text 242-242), will share best practices and lessons learned during the course of developing the leading source of answers that mobile users crave while on the go. Scott will share his unique insights on how mobile and online “search” differ, and will explore the tools available to mobile users now, along with what’s next. This talk will enable mobile marketers to stay ahead of the curve in delivering the contextual, personalized and digestible content mobile users seek.  Scott Jones: Chief Executive Officer; ChaCha<br />10:50-11:25<br />Networking & Coffee Break<br />TRACK 1 : Market Sector Review; Part IBeverly Hills BallroomMobile has a role and is effective in nearly every market. Best practices, strategies & results from leaders across market sectors.MC: Tara Scarlett: Senior Manager, CRM and Precision Marketing; The Coca-Cola CompanyTRACK 2: Strategy and Execution: Understanding the Consumer; Part 1Wilshire BallroomMC: Gene Keenan: Vice President Mobile Strategies; Isobar11:25-11:30Overview Tara Scarlett: Senior Manager, CRM and Precision Marketing; The Coca-Cola CompanyOverview Gene Keenan: Vice President Mobile Strategies; Isobar 11:30-11:50What Dell has Learned from 18 Months of Mobile CommerceHow does Dell view the potential of mobile commerce, how do they see m-commerce effecting their business, and how they are planning for the future? Eve Richey will share views on what 18 months of mobile commerce has taught Dell and how it is shaping strategically.Eve Richey: Head of Mobility; Dell Inc.Engaging Customers When it Counts: Mobile and the Customer JourneysThis presentation will discuss the role of mobile in today's purchase/relationship funnel, including the art and science of constructing actionable customer journeys in the age of mobile and how to get results at scale.Chia Chen: Senior Vice President, Marketing; Digitas11:50-12:10Market Sector: Automotive   An Industry First: Volkswagen’s launches 2010 GTI exclusively via mobile.  Find out how an iconic brand took brave decisions and delivered extraordinary results in terms of downloads, brand impact and most importantly, car sales.     Daniel Rosen: Head of AKQA Mobile Discussion: U.S. Consumers Reveal Their 2011 Mobile Marketing OpportunitiesInsights From MMA’s 2010 Consumer Attitudes and Usage Survey Peter Johnson: Vice President Research & Strategy; Mobile Marketing AssociationJennifer Mathissen: Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy; Ryan PartnershipBob Michaels: Senior Vice President; Synovate 12:10-12:30Panel: Market Sector: Loyalty & RetailConsumer engagement and loyalty at the point-of-sale: Embracing consumers through the palm of their hand.Moderator: Diane Strahan: Vice President, Mobile Services; NeustarSpeakers: Patrick Flanagan: Vice President Digital Marketing; Simon Property Group Scott Hendrickson: Vice President, Advertising Sales; WhereMike Wehrs: CEO; ScanBuyBringing the Mobile Consumer to Life: A Mobile Segmentation StudyDouglas Rozen: Senior Vice President, Global Lead - Creative, Interactive, Media & Mobile; Carlson Marketing12:30-12:50How U.S. Brands Are Mobilizing Their Marketing For 2011Insights From MMA’s Joint Study with the Association of National AdvertisersJay Dark: Mgr. of Mobile, WW Corporate Marketing; Hewlett-Packard CompanyPeter Johnson: Vice President Research & Strategy; Mobile Marketing AssociationSteve Rappaport: Knowledge Solutions Director; Advertising Research FoundationPanel: Role of Rich Media In Mobile Marketing & Adverting - What It Means for The ConsumerModerator: Veronika Sonsev: CEO & Co-founder; Double Dutch StudiesSpeakers: Cheryl Lucanegro: Senior Vice President of Ad Sales; PandoraStephanie Vautravers: Director of Mobile Advertising; CNN Barbara Williams: Mobile Marketing Global Practice Leader; Microsoft <br />12:50-1:50<br />Networking & Lunch Break<br />TRACK 1 : Market Sector Review; Part IIBeverly Hills BallroomMC: Tara Scarlett: Senior Manager, CRM and Precision Marketing; The Coca-Cola CompanyTRACK 2: Strategy and Execution: Development & Delivery; Part IIWilshire BallroomMC: Gene Keenan: Vice President Mobile Strategies; Isobar1:50-2:10High Impact Mobile Technologies in Healthcare Today: How One Healthcare Provider Proved The Case in 30 DaysRole of SMS and social media in healthcare: Kaiser Permanente saves $275K in 30 days with SMS.Ric Hattabaugh: Executive Vice-President, Client Services; MobileStormJared Reitzin: Chief Executive Officer; MobileStorm Discussion: Mobile CRM Drives Relevant Consumer Experiences - Strategies and Case Studies including Molson-CoorsFacilitator: John Matra: Senior Vice President, Business Development; Waterfall MobileSpeakers: Ben Brieger: Director, Sales; Sybase 365Michael Carter: President & Chief Executive Officer: MyThum2:10-2:30Discussion: Financial Services Banking, insurance and investments: Results and Strategies Facilitator: Paran Johar: CMO; JumptapSpeakers: Jeff Lewis: Senior Product & Mobile Alliances Manager; Fiserv, Inc.John Mavraides: Director of Business Development; SyniverseCutting Through the Noise: Getting Applications on the HandsetThis presentation will focus on tools designed for brands to easily get their app/brand onto consumers' handset.  How can brands leverage their web traffic to go mobile?  How can you promote your cross platform apps without diluting your marketing message?  How do you target consumers who are using multiple different types of handsets and operating systems?  The session will illustrate a couple of case studies using the likes of Yahoo!, Photobucket and rock-star Angry Bird's developer Rovio to show how you can answer all of these questions easily and in a cost effective manner.Patrick Mork: Chief Marketing Officer; GetJar2:30-2:50Panel: Engaging the North American Carriers as a Marketing ChannelModerator: Jack Philbin: Co-Founder & President; Vibes MediaSpeakers: Stephanie Bauer-Marshall: Associate Director, Mobile Marketing & Advertising; Verizon Wireless Venetia Espinoza: Director, Product Management; T-Mobile Maria Mandel: Vice President Marketing & Media Innovation; AT&T Advanced Ad SolutionsSocial Media: Mobile Taking Center Stage in Social Media EngagementsBjorn Laurin: Vice President & General Manager, Mobile; MySpace2:50-3:15Panel: Mobile’s Role in Commerce A discussion of mobile and mobile-enabled commerce strategiesModerator: Nick Macilveen: Vice President Carrier & Industry Relations; ZongSpeakers: Jean-Louis Carrara: Vice President Business Development; GemaltoJay Emmet: General Manager; OpenMarketJoe Lynam: Chief Executive Officer and Founder; PaymentOne Paul Murdock: Vice President Sales; Payfone, IncPanel: The State of Mobile Advertising - Now & NextModerator: Mickey Khan: Editor in Chief; Mobile MarketerSpeakers: Curt Doty: Executive Vice President; Trailer ParkAnne Frisbie: Vice President & Managing Director North America; InMobi Beth Gregg: Director; DataXuBill Scott: SVP Sales; GetJar<br />3:15-3:45<br />Networking & Coffee Break<br />3:45-4:15Keynote: Give Your Business the Mirror Test - Is Your Company Really Breathing? - Here's How You and Your Company Must Adapt...Or DieHailed a "Celebrity CMO" by Forbes Magazine, and famous for his outspoken appearances on numerous television networks, Jeffrey Hayzlett is widely recognized as one of the most influential marketers of our time.  He’ll talk to us about what he calls “The Mirror Test,” the title of his new book and a new way to look at your company’s marketing and sales strategy.   Hayzlett will share with you some of the newest ways to win with social media, redefine your elevator pitch and help you to transform your business.  He has just lead one of the biggest iconic turnarounds of Kodak and is here to share how you can do the same for your business.  Jeffrey Hayzlett: Author, Change Agent & Cowboy4:15-4:35Keynote: The Next Frontier—Putting the Consumer in Control of the Engagement The mobile marketing industry is reaching a tipping point and is entering the age of customer-centric marketing. When used properly, the mobile channel creates customer engagement, response and loyalty together with scale. Having access to an engaged audience is a necessity for marketers and advertisers. To do this you must first build trust and respect user privacy, get permission, and create relevancy. We will share our takes and some best practices on these exciting challenges.Thomas Labarthe: Vice President, Mobile Advertising; Alcatel-Lucent4:35-4:55Keynote: Mobile…a New Frontier for National BrandsBig brands have the advantage of a national footprint but establishing a local presence has been its Achilles heel – until now. The arrival of the mobile web and smart phones has shifted the landscape ---creating new opportunities for national brands to capture the mindshare of consumers who are searching for local information. Combining the power of local with the ubiquity of mobile and uniting offline and online worlds creates a potentially viable entry into local for big brands.  The ability to marry location and context with locally targeted advertising creates a unique local search proposition to mobile consumers who, unlike online users, are on-the-go and ready-to-transact. David Williams: VP, Mobile Product Management; AT&T Interactive4:55-5:25Battle of the Regions: A Global Perspective of Mobile Marketing – Case Studies from the MMA Awards Finalists Round 2The regional Managing Directors from the MMA face off and present case studies from their region to convince the audience their region’s MMA Awards Finalists and other leaders in mobile are the best!  The audience gets to vote on which presentation is superior and will vote on the winner. Done in the style of a balloon debate, where the MD’s with the lowest vote gets knocked out each round. Only 2 will go on to the final round!Moderator: Hervé LeJouan: Advisor comScore Board, Entrepreneur, Global Vice Chairman and Chairman EMEA, MMAContenders:Michael Becker: Managing Director, North America; Mobile Marketing AssociationPaul Berney: Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, EMEA; Mobile Marketing AssociationRohit Dadwal: Managing Director, Asia Pacific; Mobile Marketing Association5:25-5:30Closing RemarksMichael Becker: Managing Director, North America; Mobile Marketing AssociationGreg Stuart: Global CEO; Mobile Marketing Association<br />5:30 – 7:30<br />Reception – Oasis Courtyard<br />Sponsored by comScore<br />Beverly Hilton<br />7:30<br />Awards Ceremony<br />Beverly Hills Ballroom<br />Beverly Hilton<br />