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Social Media Management Suite - TechMatrix


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First approach to systemize the Social Media Management Suite Market.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social Media Management Suite - TechMatrix

  1. 1. Social Media Management SuiteTechMatrix Version 1.0 Björn Negelmann in k ss N:Sight Research GmbH or re W og Pr
  2. 2. Social Media Management SuiteFunctional Model Frontend & Unified Inbox/Dashboard R Content & Interaction Metrics Business Reporting s Grouping c User Segmentation Analytics s Feeds & Reporting n Social Conversion Metrics Listening & Conversation & Moderation Monitoring Campaigning Realtime Tracking Ticketing System Content Publishing & g Mention Tracking Question & Answer Distribution g Search Query Tracking Knowledge Base n Scheduled & Triggered c Sentiment Analysis & r Content Filtering, Publishing Classification Blocking & Removal g Interaction Mgmt i User Profiling & Analysis a User Blocking & Banning g Pre-Build-Campaign Apps Reputation / Influence B Conversation & Activity (Contents/Coupons/etc.) Profiling History s Page & Profile Layout l Unified Profile View & 3rd Party Data (CRM) g Alert & Routing e Source Integration Scope g Trigger-/Event-based o Multi-Account Admin Workflow Conditional Processing m Language Capabilities System & Source Management e Task Escalation i Admin: Rights & Roles Management © N:Sight Research GmbH 2012 – Functional Model: Social Media Management Suite (Version 1.0)
  3. 3. Social Media Management SuiteTechnology Cluster Social Media Dashboard Single Solution / Best-of-Breed Clusters Social Media Community Social Inbox Monitoring Moderation Social Media Campaining Cloud Profiling Issue Knowledge Cloud App Services Base Services Content Cloud Profile Cloud App Analytics History Services Engines Social Media Social Media Dashboard & Inbox h Social Media Monitoring Suite Management i Social Media Campaining p Third Party Integration / API