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Public-Private partnership. José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo


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BNE-Telefónica: Strategic Partner Agreement

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Public-Private partnership. José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo

  1. 1. Public-Private partnership CCPA AGMTelefónica SA06.12.2011
  2. 2. Index Telefónica01 •Who we are •Cultural Patronage Telefónica- National Library of Spain Agreement02 •Strategy •Dissemination and Activation
  3. 3. Telefónica
  4. 4. 0113 Telefónica Who we are • Telefónica is one of the world leaders integrated operator in the telecommunication sector, providing communication, information and entertainment solutions, with presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America. It operates in 25 countries. As of September 2011, Telefónica’s total number of customers amounted to 299.7 millions.Dirección de Patrocinios 4Telefónica S.A.
  5. 5. 01 Social & Cultural Patronage Introduction • The Telefónica’s worldwide patronage strategy aims to promote areas which contribute towards social development: The integration of different social groups Cultural dissemination to promote education Environmental concerns.Dirección de Patrocinios 5Telefónica S.A.
  6. 6. 01 Cultural Patronage• Telefónica supports a variety of •cultural projects: sit amet, Lorem ipsum dolor• Inconsectetur adipiscing elit. Spain: • Prado Museum cursus Aliquam euismod(Madrid,) • Guggenheim-Bilbao Museum ipsum. Hasellus erat metus, • Natural Sciences Museum faucibus quis interdum id, (Madrid, Spain) • Gran Teatre del Nulla lacus viverra nec enim. Liceu (Barcelona) • Encabezado ac (Madrid) dui,Royal Theatreornare ac. gravida • Queen Sophia Palaceamet, Arts Lorem ipsum dolor sit of the (Valencia) • National Library of Spain consectetur adipiscing elit. • Spanish Royal Academy Aliquam euismod cursus • Cervantes Institute Negocios • … ipsum. Hasellus erat metus, faucibus quis interdum id, viverra nec enim. Nulla lacus dui, gravida ac ornare ac. Dirección de Patrocinios 6 Telefónica S.A.
  7. 7. Telefónica - NationalLibrary of SpainAgreement
  8. 8. 0213 Telefónica – National Library of Spain Agreement • Signed in 2008 • A 5-year agreement • Co-operation Agreement • The collections to be digitised -up to 200.000 documents-, which may include different types of material selected through a thematic approach for the best representation of the Spanish culture.Dirección de Patrocinios 8Telefónica S.A.
  9. 9. 0213 Strategy Information and Tax incentive Communications Technologies Institutional brand Cultural Social Commitment image Patronage Innovation and AwarenessDirección de Patrocinios 9Telefónica S.A.
  10. 10. 02 • The project to digitase the collections of the National Library of Spain falls within the framework of Telefónica’s Patronage Strategy.Dirección de Patrocinios 10Telefónica S.A.
  11. 11. 02 Strategy Key concepts 1 Technological • This is a project related with Telefónica’s business and strategy and promotes the use of digital contents and multimedia on the Internet project: • A collaboration in kind 2 • The digitisation of the Library’s collections contributes towards the Social conservation and dissemination of our heritage as it is made available to Commitment everybody free-of-charge over the web, thereby strengthening the Company’s social Commitment. 3 Institutional • Telefónica has a number of trademarks throughout the world (Movistar, Vivo, O2) and only one institutional brand (Telefónica), which is supporting this patronage project.Dirección de Patrocinios 11Telefónica S.A.
  12. 12. 02 Strategy Key concepts 4 Innovation and • This innovative project is generating huge interest and awareness worldwide, in Latin America, where Telefónica is the largest Awareness telecommunications provider, and in Europe via Europeana. 5 Tax • The National Library of Spain is an institution that qualifies for the tax incentives available via Spain’s Sponsorship and Patronage Law 49/2002. incentives • Co-operation AgreementDirección de Patrocinios 12Telefónica S.A.
  13. 13. 02 Dissemination and activation of the project Communication actions Launch Innovative initiatives Social networkingDirección de Patrocinios 13Telefónica S.A.
  14. 14. 02 The National Library of Spain Project Dissemination and activation of the project NegociosDirección de Patrocinios 14Telefónica S.A.
  15. 15. 02 The National Library of Spain Project Dissemination and activation of the project . • Furthermore, Telefónica performs activities based on its Patronage projects which help to transmit its cultural commitment to its different stakeholders. Opera LIbraries University Media Partners Museums Shareholders Public Concept Administration Literature Employees Customers Theathers Society Music Cinema PaintingDirección de Patrocinios 15Telefónica S.A.
  16. 16. 02 The National Library of Spain Project Dissemination and activation of the project . • For the internal audience, leisure and educational visits are arranged to cultural and sponsored institutions during which the company’s employees learn how Telefónica is collaborating with the institution being visited. These are activities that generate an emotional bond between the employee and the brand and improve the working atmosphere. • For the external audience: Telefónica has a project called “A Journey into Culture” which involves providing its different stakeholders with the opportunity to make unique and exclusive visits to the institutions with which it collaborates. General Public: these visits are broadcast over the Internet and over 500,000 applications to take part have been submitted. Public Relations activities: Investors, Enterprise Customers...Dirección de Patrocinios 16Telefónica S.A.
  17. 17. Gracias Alicia Moreno Dirección de Patrocinios Telefónica S.ADirección de Patrocinios 17Telefónica S.A.