>>>>BNA FIXEDASSETSExpert software for managingfixed assets and depreciation.
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BNA Fixed Assets: Expert software for managing fixed assets and depreciation


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With BNA Fixed Assets from Bloomberg BNA, it’s easy and cost effective to manage the complete fixed assets lifecycle, from construction and purchase through retirement. Corporations nationwide including Allianz Global Investors of America, CBS, Office Depot, Sequa, Sinclair, SunGard, and The Washington Post rely on BNA Fixed Assets software to save time and money, while improving accuracy and visibility. BNA Fixed Assets eliminates the discrepancies, manual effort, and lack of control that plagues fixed assets management when handled through non-integrated accounting and tax systems and/or spreadsheets.
Best of all, Bloomberg BNA’s renowned tax expertise is built right into the software – it’s like having an expert at your side, providing the most up-to-date, comprehensive insight into the latest tax accounting rules and regulations.
BNA Fixed Assets enables tax and accounting professionals in companies of any size to gain a solid foundation for all fixed assets and depreciation management. Processes are automated, compliance with frequently changing tax and GAAP regulations is automatically enforced, management is streamlined, and comprehensive reporting delivers the insight you need to make informed management decisions

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BNA Fixed Assets: Expert software for managing fixed assets and depreciation

  1. 1. >>>>BNA FIXEDASSETSExpert software for managingfixed assets and depreciation.
  2. 2. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY, GAINCONTROL, MAXIMIZE YOURRETURN ON ASSETSWith BNA Fixed Assets™from BloombergBNA, it’s easy and cost effective tomanage the complete fixed assetslifecycle, from construction and purchasethrough retirement. Corporationsnationwide including Allianz GlobalInvestors of America, CBS, OfficeDepot, Sequa, Sinclair, SunGard, andThe Washington Post rely on BNAFixed Assets software to save time andmoney, while improving accuracy andvisibility. BNA Fixed Assets eliminatesthe discrepancies, manual effort, andlack of control that plagues fixed assetsmanagement when handled through non-integrated accounting and tax systemsand/or spreadsheets.Best of all, Bloomberg BNA’s renownedtax expertise is built right into thesoftware – it’s like having an expert atyour side, providing the most up-to-date,comprehensive insight into the latest taxaccounting rules and regulations.EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, ACCURATEBNA Fixed Assets enables tax and accountingprofessionals in companies of any size to gain asolid foundation for all fixed assets and depreciationmanagement. Processes are automated, compliancewith frequently changing tax and GAAP regulationsis automatically enforced, management isstreamlined, and comprehensive reporting deliversthe insight you need to make informed managementdecisions.With BNA Fixed Assets, you can:• Streamline and optimize your fixed assetsmanagement• Be confident that your depreciation calculationsare accurate with our built-in expertise• Dramatically shorten closing times• Effortlessly be up to date on all relevant federal andstate tax law changes• Respond to change faster and have more time forstrategic activities5-Star RatingYear after year, BNA Fixed Assets software hasreceived the prestigious five-star rating from CPAPractice Advisor.--------------------------------------------------------“Much more than just a depreciation system,Bloomberg BNA’s intuitive software is anexceptionally strong and scalable program withsupport for multiple companies and subsidiaries.”CPA Practice Advisor--------------------------------------------------------BNA FIXED ASSETS
  3. 3. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA Fixed Assets lets you handle even themost demanding tax, accounting, and reportingrequirements. You can effectively manage andcontrol your fixed assets depreciation throughout thefixed assets lifecycle.• Out-of-the-Box Compliance, with built-intax code and validation, enforces federal taxregulations and GAAP rules, with automaticupdates whenever tax laws change.• Expert Wizards guide staff through enteringnew assets, reducing your efforts to find and fixerrors at closing. Novice users can easily andcorrectly use the software without compromisingaccuracy.• Audit trail provides full visibility and control ofyour fixed asset data. The Open Timeline™(aBloomberg BNA exclusive) keeps a thoroughand secure historical record of all changes.• Comprehensive reporting eliminates time-consuming manual consolidation acrosscompanies, divisions, and locations, and reducesclosing time. Plus, BNA Fixed Assets comeswith a full suite of standard and custom reportsincluding fileable tax forms and supportingworksheets.• Integration with accounting and taxcompliance systems removes the need formanual data entry and manipulation to keep yourfixed assets data synchronized, up to date, andaccurate for all companies and entities.EXPERT SOFTWARE THAT MEETSYOUR NEEDSHave multiple users within the same companyor across subsidiaries? Want to eliminate time-consuming manual consolidation for reporting?Need real-time access to all fixed asset data acrossall operating divisions? Looking to centralize andenforce enterprise-wide depreciation policies?Regardless of your company size, number of fixedassets, business units, or locations, there’s a BNAFixed Assets solution that will match your needsand budget. Choose from desktop editions thatinstall easily on any stand-alone PC, the clientserver edition for concurrent access to a singledatabase, or our hosted, Software as a Service(SaaS) edition – BNA Fixed Assets™Web –that’s scalable to handle any number of users,assets, or locations.COMPREHENSIVE FIXED ASSETACCOUNTING & TAX MANAGEMENT--------------------------------------------------------“BNA [Fixed Assets] has given us incredibletime savings. Our fixed assets person has beenfreed up to do other things, such as creatingnew reports for better analysis.”DONNA THOMPSONAssistant Controller,Allianz Global Investors of America--------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////A COMPLETE SOLUTION FORFIXED ASSETS MANAGEMENT,INVENTORY, AND CONTROLFrom tracking your assets before they becomeassets, to performing accurate asset inventory, toexchanging data with financial systems, the BNAFixed Assets Suite of optional add-on moduleshelps you streamline every aspect of fixed assetsmanagement. Optional modules include:BNA Fixed Assets Construction In Progress(CIP) allows you to precisely track and quicklyaccess your fixed assets currently underconstruction. Whether you’re upgrading machinery,renovating buildings, or accumulating invoices beforeplacing a fixed asset into service, the CIP module isthe ideal solution to:• Track CIP assets for multiple projects• Adjust your fixed assets before project completion• Convert CIP assets into depreciating assets• Control and compare budgeted expenses to actualexpensesBNA Asset Inventory helps you track furniture,fixtures, IT software and hardware, plant assets,machinery, equipment, tools, and more – fromreceipt of the asset through retirement – providingyou with:• Assurance that the assets you have on hand matchyour financial data• Reduced federal tax liabilities by writing off ghostassets• Lower personal property taxes by retiring assets nolonger in use• Reduced insurance premiums by properlyidentifying and classifying assets and theirconditions• Increased efficiency of capital budgeting throughmore effective reuse of assets• Reduced risk and potential losses due to theft withquick and accurate audits• Supporting documentation for Sarbanes-OxleycomplianceBNA Fixed Assets Foreign Currency works withBNA Fixed Assets Web to take the uncertainty outof managing and reporting on multiple currencies.This module delivers:• Ability to track and audit exchange rates• Automatic currency translations based on historicalor current rates, allow you to manage assets inboth standard and hyper-inflationary currencies• Support of multiple currencies with the optionto report assets in one or more currencies at thecorporate levelBNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator helpsautomate tasks and keep BNA Fixed Assets Webconnected to external systems. In addition, ithelps ensure your data is synchronized, improvesproductivity, and eliminates errors. BNA Fixed AssetsG/L Integrator enables:• Integration with any ERP system• Integration with tax compliance software• Book and tax depreciation reconciliations• Faster response to business changes such asmergers and acquisitionsBNA Fixed Assets Enterprise provides BNAFixed Assets Web corporate enterprise users withenhanced multi-company and multi-user compliancefunctions, access controls, and corporate-widereporting tools. The Enterprise module includes:• Multi-company sharing of report configurations,currencies, exchange rates, plus user-definedasset fields, asset types, and filters• Mass additions, disposals, transfers, andmodifications capabilities• Enhanced security policy administration withaccess control at the user, group, andcompany level• Expanded roles capabilities to simplify supervisionof enterprise-wide and company accessmanagement• Dynamic general ledger coding based on yourchart of accounts with user-defined key segmentidentifiers• Improved journal entry management reporting onall asset disposals, transfers, acquisitions, andadjustments• Secure, fully protected data using Period Closefunctionality to set hard close dates for one ormore companies at a timeBNA FIXED ASSETS SUITE
  5. 5. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////BNA FIXED ASSETS SERVICESSUPPORT, TRAINING,AND DATA SERVICESIn addition to world-class fixed assets managementsoftware, Bloomberg BNA gives you access toa team of fixed assets accounting professionals,dedicated to delivering the knowledge andassistance you need to maximize your productivityand return on investment.Flexible Training OptionsWe offer standard and custom on-site training, aswell as online courses to meet your needs. All BNAFixed Assets curriculum-based training seminarsare NASBA-CPE accredited. Our comprehensivecurriculum is taught by trained accountants andCPAs with specialized knowledge in fixed assetsaccounting, income tax planning, and corporateincome tax.Professional Services Tailored to Your NeedsFrom data conversion to outsourcing, the expertsat Bloomberg BNA are with you every step of theway with:• Data Conversion — Convert your current fixedassets data for use in BNA Fixed Assets.• ERP Tax Integration — Integrate BNA FixedAssets with your tax compliance and accountingsystems.• Implementation Consulting — StreamlineBNA Fixed Assets implementation by leveragingindustry best practices.• Expert Outsourcing — Request specialized fixedasset knowledge or get processing resourceswhen short on staff.• Custom Packages — Tailor BNA Fixed AssetsProfessional Services to meet your particularneeds.BNA FIXED ASSETSEnhancing Business Success for over25 YearsDelivering expertise you can trust in an easy-to-useand efficient software solution, BNA Fixed Assetsfrom Bloomberg BNA is the most respected namein fixed assets and depreciation management today.Corporations throughout the country rely on BNAFixed Assets for accuracy and maximum efficiency.With a full suite of solutions that include financialand tax management for fixed assets, physical assettracking, and expert services, BNA Fixed Assets canhelp you gain control, achieve greater productivity,and optimize your company’s depreciation benefits.>--------------------------------------------------------WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORTFree, unlimited technical support using ourtoll-free number: 800.424.2938Knowledgeable product and tax experts----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“BNA [Fixed Assets] is the easiest and mostflexible software I have used. Upgrades areeasy, and the customer support staff has beenknowledgeable and courteous on the fewoccasions I have needed support.”TOM STACCONEAccountant,REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.--------------------------------------------------------
  6. 6. 0413rc 1012-JO9241 56-83151801 South Bell Street, Arlington, VA 22202© 2013 BNA Software, a division of Tax Management Inc. All rights reserved.>>>>>For more information call 800.424.2938 (select option 3), contact your local Bloomberg BNA Representative, orvisit www.bnasoftware.comABOUT BLOOMBERG BNA’SSOFTWARE PRODUCTSBloomberg BNA offers expert software products for taxand accounting professionals. With cate­gory-leadingsoftware and top-rated technical support, we are thesolution of choice for professional firms and corporationsof every size. More than 70,000 customers, including theIRS, depend upon Bloomberg BNA’s software productsfor the highest degree of tax, regulatory, and complianceexpertise available in the market.ABOUT BLOOMBERG BNABloomberg BNA, a wholly owned subsidiary ofBloomberg, is a leading source of legal, regulatory, andbusiness information for professionals. Its network ofmore than 2,500 reporters, correspondents, and leadingpractitioners delivers expert analysis, news, practice tools,and guidance — the information that matters most toprofessionals. Bloomberg BNA’s authoritative coveragespans the full range of legal practice areas, includingtax & accounting, labor & employment, intellectualproperty, banking & securities, employee benefits, healthcare, privacy & data security, human resources, andenvironment, health & safety.