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Leeds University Business School Society Partnership Proposal


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Leeds University Business School Society Partnership Proposal

  1. 1. Contact Contact Us WWW.LUBSSOCIETY.CO.UK If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the society contact Presidents Tom Craig & Julia Liddell Career Secretary Louise Dinesen Partnership Secretary Dae Hyun Choi Marketing Secretary Sam Phillips Social Secretaries Sarah Edmond & Liam Hindle Sports Secretaries Lucy Carmichael &Phillip Andejelkovic International Students Secretary Philipp Loverk
  2. 2. lubs SOCIETY Partnership Proposal
  3. 3. About lubs SOCIETY Partnership Proposal YOU lubs SOCIETY The LUBS Society is a society created by students of the Leeds University Business School for students across the University of Leeds. The Society currently has over 500 members from a variety of degree disciplines. The Societies objectives are to: Increase members commercial awareness and employability prospects Encourage networking amongst students, the school and employers Improve members University experience The LUBS Society arranges a number of activities across the academic calendar including Career Events, Social Events and Sports Teams. Leeds University Business School is Ranked UK Top Ten for Research (RAE 2008) LUBS FACTS Financial Times Global MBA 2009 Ranked 57th in the world's top MBA programmes Ranked 11th in the UK's top MBA programmes Ranked 3rd in the world for value for money International Business at LUBS ranked 9th in the world
  4. 4. Opportunities Leeds University Business School Society Website Partner Information Facebook Group Image You will have the opportunity to use your image on our facebook group, with more than 500 memebers and regular updates of the society’s social, career and sports events. COMPANY LOGO Fresher’s Fair lubs COMPANY LOGO SOCIETY & COMPANY LOGO Our webpage is created to provide useful information about Leeds University Business School and Welcome Freshers 09! the society to our members and anyone else who is interested in LUBSS. We have sections on Careers, Sports, During Fresher’s week, Commitee members will be Social and Interntional students to keep our members and wearing hoodies sponsored by the company with its logo partners informed of our activities and progress. on to promote the society. We can also distribute freebies We place our partner’s logo on the frontpage of the website and have a dedicated section on partner’s information. provided by companies. This will give you a chance to get exposure to freshers at Leeds University (about 10,000!) Undergraduate Common Room The Society has a designated space at the undergraduate Leeds University Business School Society common room in the business school. Your company lubs logo will be displayed with the LUBS Society logo. SOCIETY In Partnership with COMPANY LOGO Sports Social Career LUBS Society Hoodies When we sell the society’s hoddies, company logo will be printed on with our logo. Front Back lubs COMPANY LOGO SOCIETY Business Freshers School 09 Society Membership Card Membership Card As a partner, you will have more presence among lubs In Partnership with business school students and sta through frequent events and networking. SOCIETY COMPANY LOGO This will also give you a chance to network with business school academics. Annually more than 100 new memeber joing the society If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the society contact
  5. 5. Opportunities Social Events & Sports Activities LUBSS Rugby Team Sports Team Jersey Front Back COMPANY LOGO lubs SOCIETY RUGBY 09 - 10 COMPANY LOGO The Societies teams will be wearing your company logo during all the games. LUBS Society Rugby Team came 2nd in the University intra-mutural league The Society is considering producing various LUBS SOCIETY clothing items. We are open to any suggestions. LUBSS Launch Party LUBSS Social Event Advertising Posters and TV ads around the Student Union and Business School lubs SOCIETY COMPANY LOGO lubs COMPANY LOGO SOCIETY PRESENTS PRESENTS SOCIAL EVENT SOCIAL EVENT @ THE CLUB @ DAY / MONTH THE CLUB DAY / MONTH Expecting 300 students @ the launch party Event Banner This will be shown near the: Undergraduate Common Room - at least 500 students pass daily Student Union - around 10,000 students pass daily lubs SOCIAL EVENT at THE CLUB COMPANY LOGO SOCIETY DAY MONTH In addition, 500+ members of LUBS Society facebook group will be noti ed with sponsor’s information. Social Events Sports Teams Launch Party Alton Towers Trip Football Team Rugby Team Netball Team A Halloween Social Christmas Social Netball Team B Hockey Team Summer BBQ LUBSS Summer Ball If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the society contact
  6. 6. Partnership Bene ts of Partnership 1. Exposure to Students 2. Create the Connection 3. Enhanced Campus Recruitment LUBSS will actively promote you across the campus to 33,000 students LUBSS will advertise graduate schemes and events across the campus LUBSS will get you on advertising screens & notice boards throughout the School and Campus LUBSS will help you make a connection with potential recruits - tailored to your business area LUBSS will provide you with a page on our website - promoting you to current students LUBSS will enchance the e ectiveness of your recruitment campaign The LUBS Society believes that the synergy created by combining the Partner and the Society bene ts everyone: the students, the business school, the society and the partner
  7. 7. Opportunities Career Events Planned Career Events The society focuses on helping students enter into Regular Events the following career areas: Employability Workshops Finance CV Checks Investment Banking Mock Interviews Management Application Assistance Guest Speakers Marketing Human Resource Management Leeds Skills Challenges Series Public Sector IT Consulting Leeds Apprentice Trading Competition Case Study Competition Throughout the year the society will help and Marketing Competition encourage graduate recruitment through the following events: O ce Trips Employability Workshops Academic Trips CV Checks Mock Interviews Application Assistance Guest Speakers The Society will increase students Commercial Awareness and interest in their course through: Office Trips Academic Trips Guest Speakers If you would like to work with the society in running one of the above career events The LUBS Society always welcomes employers who are then please get in contact. interested in talking to our members. Please contact our Careers Secretary to arrange events or for more information. If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the society contact
  8. 8. Opportunities LUBS Society Skills Challenge Series LUBSS Skills Challenge Series Banner lubs COMPANY LOGO COMPANY LOGO COMPANY LOGO LCS SOCIETY LUBS Society Skills Challenge Series The Society will be working alongside the Business School and sponsor companies to provide the following events. COMPETITION DATE Leeds Apprentice (Sales/Marketing) This semi-annual event will follow in the style of The Apprentice. The sponsor company, the school and the society will provide a series of tasks to participants in order to identify the team of students with the best sales skills. What we're looking for: tasks, a seminar on Marketing & Sales skills, an expert to sit on the panel of judges and a prize! Trading Competition (Finance / Investment Banking) The trading competition is aimed at students who want to get involved in Investment Banking. Students will be able to enter an online virtual trading league and each semester the winner will be announced with a prize. What we're looking for: a talk on Investment Banking and a prize! Case Study Competition (Consulting) This competition is designed for students who wish to work in Strategy and Management Consulting. At the beginning of the semester a case study will be given to participants and their decisions in solving the provided problems will be evaluated. Winners will be announced with prizes given at the end of the semester. What we're looking for: a case study, an introductory talk about the industry and the case, an expert to sit on the panel of judges and a prize! Marketing Competition (Marketing) The competition will allow students to choose between a group of products and select one of them. They will then create a Marketing Mix and choose a Marketing strategy, which will then be presented to a panel of judges who will choose the winners. What we're looking for: A selection of Marketable products/ideas, a Marketing expert to sit on the panel of judges and a prize! If you’re interested in establishing a partnership with the society contact