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483 social

  1. 1. Brought to you by: www.InstantProductFunel.comSocial Superstar Page 1
  2. 2. IntroductionSocial marketing is the “darling” of today’s advertising world, and withgood reason. Social sites like Twitter and Facebook have hundreds ofmillions of users, many of whom are active nearly every day. There arefew other advertising venues where you can reach so many people soeasily and for so little money.In fact, social marketing doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Sure, you canuse Facebook Ads to expand your reach, but this isn’t necessary. Justsome good old fashioned elbow grease and you’re in business!The sad thing is that most people don’t know how to use social marketingeffectively. Thus, they think it’s not worth it, and that social marketing is aload of bologna. That could not be further from the truth! Used correctly,social marketing can be one of the most effective ways to advertise,especially given the fact that it can be used for free.In this report, you’re going to learn some of the best ways to use socialmarketing effectively, and how you can turn your social media campaignsinto massive traffic sources!Social Superstar Page 2
  3. 3. FacebookFacebook is definitely one of the most effective marketing outlets whenused correctly. The trouble is that most people don’t know how to use itproperly.It’s actually quite simple to market correctly on Facebook. The main thingis to realize that people don’t become your fan on Facebook to receive aconstant barrage of promotional messages. They join because theygenuinely like you, or because they want to receive news and updatesfrom you occasionally.Create a Fan PageThe first thing you need to do is create a fan page. Don’t try to marketusing your main Facebook, because you can only have 5,000 “friends” on astandard Facebook account. You can create your Facebook fan page onyour main account, but just don’t add your fans as “friends”. Instead,direct them to your fan page.It’s simple to set up a fan page. Just log into your Facebook account andlook in the menu on the left side. If you don’t see “Pages”, the click“More” to expand the menu and locate and click “Pages”.Social Superstar Page 3
  4. 4. Once you’ve done this, click the “+ Create a Page” button at the top rightof the screen. This will allow you to create a new fan page. You won’t beable to give it a custom name until you get 25 people to like it, so that’syour first goal. Try to find 25 people to click the “Like” button on your newfan page, and then click “Edit Page” from your fan page.Click “Basic Information” in the menu on the left, and locate the“Username” section. This will let you set a custom username for your fanpage. That way, people can go tohttp://www.facebook.com/yourusername instead of the long URL withnumbers you get by default. This is important, because it will make iseasier for people to get to your page by typing it in.Getting FansThere are several good ways to attract people to your fan page. You canpost it in your forum signature on various forums, and of course, on yourown websites and blogs. However, another great way to get fans is to joinvarious Facebook groups in your niche and “Like” other fan pages in yourniche and post requests there for people to like your page.Be very careful when you do this, because some group owners and fanpage owners will see this as spam. They might end up banning you fromtheir group if you do this often. Do it once, and do it very politely!Social Superstar Page 4
  5. 5. You can also endear yourself to other page owners and group owners bypromoting their pages on yours. A good way to do this is that once youbuild a nice following, post something like this:“Shout outs to Group Name, Group Name and Group Name!”If you type this into your status, you can click the name to link the text:@GroupNameThis will allow you to link directly to the group (or fan page) so people caneasily visit it. If you do this, the owners of those groups will occasionallyreciprocate, sending you more fans by posting on their page on yourbehalf.Operating a Successful PageIn order to run a fan page successfully, there are a few things you need tomake sure you do. First, of course, you must make sure to provide somesort of value to your fans. This could be in the form of coupons anddiscounts, free stuff, giveaways, information, news updates in your niche,etc.Social Superstar Page 5
  6. 6. Make sure you don’t spam them to death! Be careful to post only one ortwice per day, and only post promotional messages a couple of times perweek. You definitely do not want to upset people by posting marketingmessages too often!Also, be extremely careful about posting regarding religion, politics, orother potentially controversial topics. You could alienate a large portion ofyour fan base if you do this.It’s extremely important to stay as neutral and professional as possible infront of your fans. Everything you do will potentially be scrutinized byeveryone, so be careful not to offend anyone, and to keep thingsprofessional and friendly.When you do post promotional messages, be sure to add a few wordsletting people know a bit about what you’re linking to.Another way to potentially advertise is to post a picture related to youradd and then “tag” people in it. Some people tag celebrities in theirphotos, hoping some of that celebrity’s fans will see the post, but this isuntargeted, not to mention rude. Instead, only tag people you believe willbe interested in what you’re offering.Social Superstar Page 6
  7. 7. TwitterThe other social media site that really matters is Twitter. Twitter was oncethe black sheep of social media. People couldn’t understand the appeal ofTwitter, because you could only post very short messages. Soon, however,people realized this WAS the appeal. Being limited makes it fast and easyto use the platform.Finding Twitter FollowersTwitter isn’t quite like Facebook. On Facebook, it’s simple to find like-minded people just by hanging out in various niche-based groups and fanpages.The best way to quickly get a boost in followers on Twitter is to browsevarious Twitter directories and find people and follow them. Many willfollow you back. You can also add yourself to the directories while you’rethere.Here are a few Twitter directories:Social Superstar Page 7
  8. 8. http://www.wefollow.comhttp://www.justtweetit.comhttp://www.twellow.comhttp://www.tweetfind.comhttp://www.mytwitterdirectory.comOnce you have some followers, people will begin to find you and followyou through those other people. You’ll notice that the more followers youhave, the faster your followers will grow.You should also post a link to your Twitter in your forum signatures, andon your websites and blogs. This won’t generally get you a tremendousnumber of followers, but it will help some.Be careful not to follow too many people. You could get banned if youfollow too many people too quickly. You need to have at least 25-50% asmany people following you as people you follow, so once you followaround 100 people, give it a rest until you get at least 50 people to followyou.Social Superstar Page 8
  9. 9. Effective Twitter MarketingMarketing on Twitter can be tricky. It’s hard to be noticed on Twitter,because posts fly by very quickly if you have a lot of people you follow.Most people who follow you will be following a lot of people, so it won’tbe easy for your posts to stand out.This means you will need to post fairly often in order to get noticed. Thetrick is to make sure you’re not posting marketing messages every time.Instead, post useful tips, news updates, and other useful information veryoften. That way, people will deliberately look for your posts.It is very, very important to build relationships on Twitter. Whenever yousee one of your followers post a message that looks particular important,re-tweet (RT) it for them. They will usually notice, especially if you makesure to include their @.An effective re-tweet will look something like this:RT @username: Their message goes here.When you re-tweet messages for your followers, they will notice. Prettysoon, they will start doing it for you, as well. This will effectively increaseSocial Superstar Page 9
  10. 10. your reach by leaps and bounds, because you will instantly access thefollowers of everyone who re-tweets your message!This is why it is so important to make contacts on Twitter and becomefriends with them. Standard followers won’t help your marketing, butfriends will!Spend time getting to know some of your followers, especially those whohave a large number of followers. They could end up being your closestmarketing allies.Viral Marketing on TwitterWhen people re-tweet your messages, they could go viral. If you create aneffective viral marketing campaign, Twitter is the perfect place to launchit.The platform makes it very easy for people to send out messages.Facebook does, too, but not quite so much as Twitter. Thus, creatingsomething people will want to share is a very effective tool for Twitter.Once a few people tweet it to their followers, it will generally start makingthe rounds very quickly!Social Superstar Page 10
  11. 11. You can also occasionally ask people to tweet your messages. Don’t dothis often, or they will get tired of it. Just do it when you have somethingvery important, like a viral campaign.Social Superstar Page 11
  12. 12. Cross PostingIt is extremely useful to cross post your messages to both Twitter andFacebook simultaneously. You can easily do this by using a program likeHoot Suite. (http://www.hootsuite.com) Hoot SuiteHoot Suite is free for the basic version, which is all you really need unlessyou’re managing multiple accounts on multiple social platforms. It willallow you to post a message to both Twitter and Facebook with one click,and you can also track your status updates within one admin area.You probably do not want to use Hoot Suite to post every single messageto both platforms. People will often tweet dozens of times per day, andfolks are used to that. However, posting that often on Facebook will upsetpeople!Instead, use Hoot Suite to cross post only your most important messages,such as promotional messages and very important news and updates. Youcan also use is to post only to Twitter, although this isn’t really necessary.Social Superstar Page 12
  13. 13. It can be useful if you’d rather not keep logging into multiple sites, though.You might want to use Hoot Suite exclusively to save time. Just be sure toselect only Twitter for your tweets. Resources: Instant Product Funnel Explosive List Profits Online Success Blueprint Traffic Edict List Boosters FB Income System Site Flip Booster Authority Backlinks AvalancheSocial Superstar Page 13
  14. 14. IM Kickstart Automated List ProfitsSocial Superstar Page 14