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How Devon’s $30,000/ Month                    Internet Business Works                                                     ...
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30 k blueprint


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30 k blueprint

  1. 1. How Devon’s $30,000/ Month Internet Business Works LEAD SORTING PAGE Traffic (Auto-Pilot) Sorts Leads Into 2 Categories Just get someone else to send traffic 1. Leads That Have Some $$ for me for .30 to .80 cents per visitor! 2. Leads That Don’t Exit Auto-pilot traffic that takes minutes toPop set up (2 Ways of Doing This)Opt-in to LEADS W/ LEADS W/Ovideo MONEY MONEY HIGH CONVERTING Application Page Sent to Low $$ That Sends The offer WITH CAPTURE PAGE Lead To My Continuity! Builds My Email List - “Pre-Sells” IN HOUSE Sales Lead - And Begins My Sales Funnel Team $20- $50/Month (plus upsells) Email Messages Weeks 1-3 BIG TICKET OFFER - Welcome & Relationship Building - Re-Offer “Big Dollar” offer $120 TO $4,800 A Sale - Re-Offer “Continuity Program” (hire pro-sales team) Sold by a professional sales team Email Messages Weeks 4-6 & pays HUGE COMMISSIONS - Relationship Building - Invitation to Webinar I make $120 to $4,800 matching - Introduce Other Affiliate Products bonuses on the sales of anyone who bought through my aff link! Email Messages Weeks 7-9 HIGH TICKET WEBINAR OFFER - Relationship Building Invite Prospect to a 45 – 90 minute webinar - Introduce Other Affiliate Products to see.. webinar pre-sells Big ticket offer and sends interested leads over to sales team Email Messages Weeks 10-12 - Relationship Building AFFILIATE PRODUCTS (MULTIPLE) - Introduce Other Affiliate Products Numerous different affiliate products that pay $7 to $97 in commissions (you don’t create these, checks sent to you)