Clinical Pastoral Orientation Brochure 2013


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Program as a seminary or Bible school format curriculum for preparation for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

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Clinical Pastoral Orientation Brochure 2013

  1. 1. Bukal Life Care & Counseling CenterHeadquarters232 Lower Ferguson RoadGuisad 2600 Baguio CityMinistry OfficeFirst floor of ZDH BuildingPhilippine Baptist Theological SeminaryTacay Road, Baguio CityInformationwww.bukallife.orgwww.bukallife.wordpress.comwww.cpspp.orgContactPhone 0933-302-0373Email: info@bukallife.orgSec Reg: CN201029479The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy yourneeds in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen yourframe. You will be like a well-watered garden, like aspring (“bukal”) whose waters never fail.-Isaiah 58:11ClinicalPastoralOrientation(CPO)A Program of theCenter for Clinical Pastoral EducationatBukal Life Care & Counseling
  2. 2. What is CPO?CPO (Clinical Pastoral Orientation) is that provides a “taste” ofClinical Pastoral Education. The requirements and hours are lessthan CPE, but having the same characteristics. Thesecharacteristics include: Didactic Small Group Process Individual Supervision Case Presentations Practical pastoral care work in church and hospitalsettingCPO is designed to work in a Bible school setting (as part of thecurriculum) or church setting.Who may benefit from CPO?Nearly any person of faith may benefit from CPO. However,particularly: Bible school students seeking to prepare for pastoralministry or missions. Lay people seeking to support pastoral care andvisitation ministries Individuals considering whether they are interested andcommitted to taking CPE.Requirements? 30 hours of “class” or group time, plus 30 hours ofindividual study, work, and ministry. The hours arenormally accomplished over 7-8 weeks. Pastoral care work in church and hospital settings Case study write-ups and presentation in class Personal journaling/reflection Readings and write-ups as determined by the supervisor.Supervision?Each CPO group is led by a supervisor/facilitator. CPOsupervisors are qualified by Bukal Life Care & CounselingCenter ( and certified by the College ofPastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy, at least to the level ofClinically Trained Minister (CTM). Each CPO supervisor is inturn supervised by a CPE Supervisor-in-Training (PastoralCounselor) or higher.Where is CPO done?CPO has been done at several locations in Baguio and Manila.We have found it works best in a Bible School or seminarysetting. However, it can be done in a variety of settings. It is partof the regular curriculum at Philippine Baptist TheologicalSemimary as a preparatory class to Clinica Pastoral Education,and is held annually from January to March.Is CPO Certified?CPO is NOT certified by the CPSP. However, the supervisorsare certified by CPSP and utilizes standards and process thatwould prepare a trainee for CPSP-certified CPE. CPO can bedone as part of a Bible School curriculum. In that case, the BibleSchool provides the accreditation.Note on Group Size:The training is built around group process so normal group sizeshould be 5-10 (not including the supervisor), although someflexibility is possible. A larger body of trainees may be dividedup into the proper size to facilitate group process.Cost?When the program is done as part of a Bible School program,the cost may vary accordingly based on the school.