Bukal Life Care 2013


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Bukal Life Care 2013

  1. 1. Our VisionTo provide life care and training services to holistically transform lives,families, and communities.Our MissionWe integrate spiritual and psychological insight to promoteholistic growth through pastoral care of individuals, conflictresolution of social groups, and training for ministerial caregiversin the Philippines.SummaryThe Bukal Life Care and Training Center Inc. in Baguio City is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) offering professionalpastoral care, conflict resolution, and training for ministerialcaregivers. We are a non-denominational, ecumenical, Christian entity.However, we seek to provide spiritually aware, clinically competentservices for all people regardless of their religious faith. We are basedand incorporated in the Philippines and focus our work, but notexclusively, on individuals and groups residing in the Philippines.Bukal Life Care & Counseling CenterMailing Address232 Lower Ferguson RoadGuisad 2600 Baguio CityMinistry OfficeOn the campus of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary,Tacay Road Baguio CityInformationwww.bukallife.orgwww.bukallife.wordpress.comContactPhone: 0933-302-0373Email: info@bukallife.org
  2. 2. Bukal Life Care was first organized in 2009 in response to thedevastation in Northern Luzon due to Typhoon Pepeng, providingmedical care, emergency response goods, and crisis counseling toprimary, secondary, and tertiary victims. We were registered in 2010(Sec. Reg. CN201029479). We now focus more on the psychological,emotional, and spiritual needs of those in need in the Philippines. Weare an ecumenical Christian organization and believe that the faith ofour clients is a potential resource in healing.Clinical Pastoral EducationThis is now our single largest work, providing training for pastoral staffand chaplains. We are certified as a training center for CPE by theCollege of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP,www.pastoralreport.com). Our training is interfaith and we have batchestrainees going through the program most of the year, with our CPE-Intensive program occurring March to May. Our training and practicalministry is held in partnering hospitals and jails in the Baguio-LaTrinidad region.We are a member of CPSP-Philippines (www.cpspp.org) and partnerwith training programs in Manila as well.Life CareThis is a broad term that we use to cover a number of forms of care andcounseling. Generally, these cover the following:-Pastoral Care (pastoral care/counseling dealing with commonlife struggles... as individuals, families or groups)-Crisis Care (care to those recovering from traumatic life events)-Member Care (care that is tailored to those in ministry,particularly those serving in the mission field)Our methodology presumes that healing comes holisticially (addressingall aspects of the individual-- including physical, spiritual, mental, andsocial). We also believe that spiritual and biblical guidance is enhancedby psychological insights, and that psychological care is empowered byspiritual and biblical care.TrainingWe periodicaly off a number of training topics, and a number offormats, in addition to CPE. Some, such as Missionary Member Care,or Clinical Pastoral Orientation are normally done in a seminary orBible School setting. Some, such as Spiritual Values/Recollection aredesigned more for a school retreat. Others, may be done in time framesfrom 2 hours to 1 week depending on the needs. Such trainings include• Disaster Response Crisis Care• Responsible Parenting• Conflict Resolution and Confrontation• Learning Theory and Education Styles• Values Education• Pastoral Care Principles• Anger and Stress ManagementOther ServicesWe provide other related services periodically asfunds and time allow. These include:-Disaster Response/Crisis Care-Training Material Development-Social Ministry/Medical Care Projects-Psychometric TestingStaffAlthough we work with many specialists, or core staff is as follows:Celia P. Munson CPSP Certified Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor.Virginia Baptist Disaster Response Chaplain.Joyce D. Gray CPSP Certified Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor.National Coordinator for CPSP in the Philippines.Jehny M. Pedazo CPSP Certified Associate Clinical Chaplain and PastoralCounselor.Rebekah A. Taylor CPSP Certified Associate Cinical Chaplain and PastoralCounselorRobert H. Munson ThD., Missionary Member Care.