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civil war battle photoshow rubric

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  1. 1. Civil War Battle Rubric Using create a photo show of a battle from the Civil War. The following information must be included within your show: 1. Name of battle (exact name) 2. Date of battle (day, month, year) 3. How long did the battle last (how many days, how many hours, etc.) 4. Did the battle include more than one attack 5. Location of battle (city, state, town, country, by a river, lake, sea, etc.) 6. Outcome of battle (who won, who loss, was it a draw) 7. Who fought in the battle (what regiments) 8. Economic consequence of the battle (how did it effect each side financially) 9. Statistics of the battle (wounded, dead, missing, etc.) 10.How many soldiers fought in battle for each side 11. Who commanded each side (who was the General in charge) 12. Pros and cons (good and bad) of the battle for each side (how did this battle effect each side’s plan or strategy for the war) 13.M