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Identifying Social Roles


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Identifying Social Roles

  1. 1. D o Yo u K n o w ?  Which two early presidents died the same day, July 4, 1826?  A n s w e r : John Adams and Thomas Jefferson  F Y I:  There are approxim ately 10 m illion bricks in the Em pire State Building.  Contrary to popular belief, only one alligator has ever been found in the New York City sew system er .  The 125 pound alligator w pulled out by four as boys w back in 1935. ay  
  2. 2. Dates to Remember [Block A]  Rights, Duties, Responsibilities Quiz:  Friday, September 21st  Summer Reading Quiz:  Monday, September 24th  Chapter 3 Unit Test:  Friday, September 28th
  3. 3. Dates to Remember [Block C]  Rights, Duties, Responsibilities Quiz:  Monday, September 24th  Summer Reading Quiz:  Tuesday, September 25th  Chapter 3 Unit Test:  Monday, October 1st
  4. 4. Dates to Remember [Block H]  Rights, Duties, Responsibilities Quiz:  Monday, September 24th  Summer Reading Quiz:  Tuesday, September 25th  Chapter 3 Unit Test:  Monday, October 1st
  5. 5. Dates to Remember [Block D]  Rights, Duties, Responsibilities Quiz:  Tuesday, September 25th  Summer Reading Quiz:  Thursday, September 27th  Chapter 3 Unit Test:  Monday, October 2nd or 3rd
  6. 6. Important Announcements  Homework assignments can only be submitted on the day that they are due. They will NOT be accepted late. This is not my policy it’s the schools.
  7. 7. Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of Citizens Review   What are rights?  They are guaranteed by our Constitution and protected by our laws and courts.  What are duties?  They are required by law.  What are responsibilities?  They are voluntary actions and are an important part of being a citizen.
  8. 8. Social Roles  What is a social role?  They are roles that people play in everyday life
  9. 9. Social Group Member  When you take part in social events, group projects, or clubs your part of a social group  Examples:  School Dance  The 7th Grade Final Exam  Baseball, Soccer, Field Hockey, Football
  10. 10. Citizen  When you vote, pay your taxes, take part in the campaign of an political candidate, or read the current events in the newspaper, you’re playing the role of citizen
  11. 11. Consumer  When you go to the mall and buy a new DVD, or buy lunch your playing the role of consumer
  12. 12. Family Member  You might be a son/daughter, brother/sister, uncle/aunt, grandchild, cousin, etc.
  13. 13. Friend  During lunch, after school, in between classes, and on the weekends, you play the role of friend
  14. 14. Self  You are guided by a sense of who you are as a person during your daily activities
  15. 15. Student/Worker  You are a student when you’re in class or studying at home  You also might be a worker and have a job after school or during the summer
  16. 16. Changing Roles  Sometimes a person plays the same role in different ways  Roles can change over time  Example: You might be a grandchild, but when your grandparents pass away you no longer play this role  Roles can change depending on who you’re with  Example: You act differently depending on what friend you’re with and the interests you share
  17. 17. Overlapping Roles  Sometimes your social roles overlap and you play more than one role at the same time  Example: When you’re studying with a friend for a test you’re playing the friend role and the student role
  18. 18. Conflicting Roles  Sometimes your roles conflict with one another  Example: You want to go to the school dance, but you already agreed to baby-sit that night.  What two roles are in conflict?  Your social group role vs. your worker role
  19. 19. Your Task  Create a web chart diagramming all of the social roles that you play
  20. 20. Homework!  Due The Next Class Meeting:  Finish the final version of your web chart of all the social roles that you have played throughout your life on the white construction paper.  Study for R/D/R Quiz tomorrow