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Direct Vs. Indirect Democracy


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Direct Vs. Indirect Democracy

  1. 1. Did You Know?  M issouri has had three state capitols. Why?  Answer: The first tw burned dow o n. FYI:  It is against the lawto w hale hunt in Oklahom a. (Think about it...) Test Your Internet IQ:  What does YGIAGAM stand for? ● Answer: Your Guess Is As Good As M ine
  2. 2. Direct vs . Indirect Democracy
  3. 3. Rights of the Colonists Not to be To vote taxed without To hold office consent of the legislature To elect representatives American colonists To enjoy to a legislature associated several rights freedom of with self-government religion Not to have homes searched To enjoy To enjoy freedom of without warning freedom of the press speech
  4. 4. Menu Activity  Each group is to choose an appetizer, an entrée, and a desert  The 1st group:  Choose 3 people to act as representatives of the group  Each member of the group tells the representatives what they want  The 3 representatives make the final decision about what the group wants  The 2nd group:  Each person votes on what they want  The group makes a final decision about what they want
  5. 5. Direct Democracy  A political system where the citizens personally participate in the decision making process  They do not rely on representatives
  6. 6. Direct Democracy  Pros  Cons  People participate  People might not directly in their understand the complex government topics being voted on  People have and see  It might take a long time their impact in their to count all the votes government
  7. 7. Indirect Democracy  A political system where the people elect government officials who then make decisions on their behalf
  8. 8. Indirect Democracy  Pros  Cons  People can elect others  Sometimes what the that can devote all of representatives choose their time to might not be in your understanding an issue best interest
  9. 9. What Are We ?  We are an indirect democracy because we are a Representative Democracy
  10. 10. A Representative Democracy Click Here
  11. 11. Homework  Read Chapter 4, Section 2 (pgs. 74-76)  Write a paragraph (6-8 sentences) on how you make a decision