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Congress And U.S. Foreign Policy


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Congress And U.S. Foreign Policy

  1. 1. Congress & U.S. Foreign Policy
  2. 2. What is Foreign Policy? Definition: A plan that outlines the goals it hopes to meet in its relations with other countries. It sets forth the ways these goals are to be met
  3. 3. Goals of Foreign Policy National Security Keeping the nation safe from harm or attack- trying to prevent war World Peace An attempt to get countries to work together to avoid war Trade Create markets for goods and services between nations Human Rights and Democracy Encourage countries to respect human rights and promote democracy • Things like freedom, justice, and equality
  4. 4. Tools of Foreign Policy Defense Military discourages aggression from another country (deterrence) Alliances Pool military forces to create strong military power (NATO and the OAS) Diplomacy Relations and communication between two or more countries Foreign Aid Giving military or economic aid to help other countries (ex – Marshall Plan) Trade Measures Setting sanctions to limit trade in order to change its behavior (ex – Cuba) Intelligence Gaining information about another country
  5. 5. The Role of Congress Treaties Congress can approves or reject a treaty with a foreign nation Diplomatic Choices The senate approves or rejects ambassadors to other nations War Only congress may declare war on another nation Budget Congress controls spending, and therefore controls what nations get aid