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Tech Tools and Products Poster

  1. 1. TECH TOOLS AND PRODUCTS FOR DIFFERENTIATION<br /><br /><br /><br />Fake Facebook Page (with teacher given template)<br />Google Apps (Google Documents and Google Maps) at<br />E-Books to Share on (Use Microsoft Word and Export it in PDF)<br />Weebly Websites at<br />Build A Wiki Using<br />Record a Podcast using Audacity or an IPhone<br />Make a Wordle<br />Flip and Webcams<br />Create a Blog at<br />Powerpoint Interactive Museums<br /> Products to Make, Some don’t require tech!<br />Create a model Create a radio program Make a diorama Write and produce a play Write a new law Keep a diary Make a game Write a new song Make a collage Create a slide show Write an autobiography Draft and circulate a petition Write a book Design and construct a new product Conduct an interview Create a video Make a learning center Make a list Paint a picture Compile a newspaper Create a word search Draw a diagram Make a dictionary Invite a speaker Do a puppet show Plan a journey Create a recipe Create an advertising Compile a portfolio of sketches Make a puzzle Give a speech Write an opinion article Make a mobile Have a panel discussion Submit a story to a magazine Make a collection of... Make a photo album Write an essay Create a slogan or bumper sticker Draw a set of blueprints Present a mock trail Make a time line Make a relief map Develop a display Be a mentor Make a map Make a simulation gamer Prepare and serve ethnic food Make a chart Formulate a scientific theory Do a pantomime Make a mural Make an animated movie Collect and analyze water Write a letter Create a musical instrument Develop and use a questionnaire Make a piece of art Hold a press conference   Take a survey Write and illustrate a story   Design an experiment Conduct a debate   Write a computer program Write a news report   Design a needlework Write a biography   Build a planetarium Write a letter to the editor   Create a dance Make a travel brochure   Teach a lesson Write a poem   Give a demonstration Draw a graph   Create a political cartoon Compile a booklet  <br />