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Ottoman empire


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Ottoman empire

  1. 1. Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire 1299-19191299-1919 The Ottoman EmpireThe Ottoman Empire began as one of manybegan as one of many small Turkish states whichsmall Turkish states which conquered the Anatolianconquered the Anatolian Peninsula (Peninsula (TurkeyTurkey). Growing). Growing with each conquest, theywith each conquest, they eventually conquered mucheventually conquered much of SW Asia, North Africaof SW Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe.and Southern Europe. GPS: SS7H2GPS: SS7H2
  2. 2. Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire 1299-19191299-1919 • Ottoman Empire was one of the longest lasting empires in history • It lasted from 1299-1919 CE (common era) • Ottoman rulers converted to Islam • The Ottoman Empire helped spread Islam throughout its conquered territories • The Ottomans became wealthy by taxing traders along trade routes (The Silk Road).
  3. 3. Ottoman Empire 1299-1919Ottoman Empire 1299-1919 • By WW1, the Ottoman Empire had become weak and was losing territories. • It had become known as “The Sick Old Man of Europe” • It still controlled South West Asia (Middle East), including Palestine
  4. 4. End of WW1End of WW1 • Allies win!!! (United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and Ottoman Empire) • Ottoman Empire collapses and its territories are divided (partitioned) among Great Britain and France • This is known as the “Partitioning of the Middle East” • Great Britain took control of Palestine
  5. 5. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel • Zionism- term created by Theodore Herzl in the 1890’s as part of reaction to rampant anti-Semitism in Europe. • Advocates the resettlement of the Jewish ancestral homeland by Jews from all over the world (Diaspora) • Remember: the Jews believe this is the land promised to them by God in the covenant with Abraham
  6. 6. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel •After WW1 persecution of Jews continued in Europe •With the rise of Germany (Hitler) and WW2 this persecution reached incredible heights
  7. 7. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel • After WW2 when the world learned of the Nazi’s actions against the Jews, sympathy for the Jews quickly grew. • An organization called the United Nations (UN) was formed. It’s purpose was to try to solve problems between the world’s countries before they led to war. The hope was to avoid another world war.
  8. 8. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel • With UN backing (support) the United States and Great Britain put into place a plan to create a homeland for the Jews who were displaced by WW2 and who survived the Holocaust. This “plan” was the fulfillment of promises made in the Balfour Declaration.
  9. 9. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel • In 1947 the nation of Israel was created out of the region of Palestine • Palestine was partitioned into Jewish and Arab areas. This was done without considering what would happen to the Palestinians (Arabs) who lived on the land.
  10. 10. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel •The U.S. and other western nations felt that it was fair considering what had happened to the Jews under Hitler and the Nazis
  11. 11. Creation of IsraelCreation of Israel • Israel became an independent nation in 1948. Because the U.S. supports Israel, Israel’s creation has caused problems between the U.S. and the other Arab nations since 1948. The Arab nations have never accepted the fact that Israel is a legitimate nation with a right to exist