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A few suggestions on weed control in your garden

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  1. 1. Weeds!!!Bart RennerNorth Carolina CooperativeExtension serviceMay 6th, 2013
  2. 2. What is a weed?• Plant growing in the wrong place• Generally very aggressive/ reproduces quickly• Responds well to disturbance
  3. 3. Why are weeds a problem?• Rob our desired crops of nutrients, sunlight, water.• Create home for undesirableinsects, fungus, snakes, rats, pests etc.• Make harvest difficult
  4. 4. Weeds?
  5. 5. Weed?
  6. 6. IPM approach to weed managementWeedinformationHerbicidesHand pullingTillage Cover cropsCroprotationWeedfreeperiods
  7. 7. Hand pulling weeds• Best for in between plants• Understand when your weeds are beginning toharm your crops• Best done in the morning
  8. 8. TillagePositive• It is a mechanical way to destroy weeds.• Ploughing loosens and aerates the top layer of soilwhich can facilitate the planting of the crop.• It helps in the mixing of residue from theharvest, organic matter (humus) and nutrientsevenly throughout the soil.• Dries the soil before seeding.
  9. 9. TillageNegative• Brings up weed seed buried in soil• Soil dries faster• Erosion of soil / Higher rate of fertilizer andchemical runoff.• Reduces organic matter in the soil(Microbes, carboncompounds, earthworms, ants, etc.).• Destroys soil aggregates.• Aeration and mineralization may causelower soil fertility.
  10. 10. Cover crops
  11. 11. Rye• Important to understand the difference betweenryegrass and cereal rye.• Generally most cold tolerant cover crop.• Produce allelopathic chemicals• Can mine nutrients from deep in the soil
  12. 12. Cereal rye
  13. 13. Ryegrass season grassDeep rootsAllelopathic
  14. 14. Vetch•Great nitrogen fixer•Very effective at outcompeting weeds(once established).•Good for the bees!
  15. 15. Cereal Rye and vetch
  16. 16. Clover• Cold tolerant, can beplanted in the fall orspring• N fixing• Great for the bees!• Needs a higher pH (6.5-7)
  17. 17. Clover
  18. 18. Buckwheat• Rapid growth in thesummer• Great for a smothercrop in betweenspring and fallplantings• Rapid growth cycle
  19. 19. Brassicas• Produce plenty ofbiomass• Have shown goodpest andnematode control• Good for thebees!• Deep rooted
  20. 20. Synthetic Groundcovers• Can be permeableor impermeable• biodegradable
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Timing of weeding
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Chemicals• Round up-Glyphsate• Crossbow-Tychlopyr, 2,4-D• Dicamba-broadleaf weeds• Many more
  26. 26. Questions?