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Amazon paint


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Quality recycled paint in many colors and in quantities to give customers confidence in being able to buy more if needed down the road. Presented at DRC19

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Amazon paint

  1. 1. Web site: Marty Bergstedt: Kari Potter: 350 73rd Ave NE, Suite 3, Fridley, MN 55432 763.572.0800
  2. 2. Sources of Paint Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) programs PaintCare Stores Collections (Mixed media paints) Large Volume Pick-ups (Contractors) Brokers Industry
  3. 3. Paint to Paint Recycling The most important step in making a good quality recycled content paint is the sorting. • Paint is not usable if it has begun to solidify, has curdled or soured, has bacteria or stinks, has grit or is questionable for any reason. • Once bulked, paint becomes utilized as a raw material substitute
  4. 4. Quality Control Spectrophotometric Color (L/D, r/g, b/y) Viscosity pH Low Sheen finish, between flat and eggshell Grind (lack of particulates) Color tabs placed on each container
  5. 5. Benefits of Amazon Select Low price <plus> High quality <equals> Great value! Fits the Reuse Market niche Fosters returning customers to your store “Always” available colors Internet and Social Media Connections
  6. 6. Who’s Selling Amazon Select?
  7. 7. Construction Junction in PA
  8. 8. Community Forklift in MD
  9. 9. Building Hope in WI
  10. 10. Oklahoma Discount Flooring
  11. 11. Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in the Chicago Area.
  12. 12. Habitat for Humanity Re-Store Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  13. 13. …and many other Habitat for Humanity ReStores in the Mid-West.
  14. 14. Final words… Resellers: Amazon provides in-store and take-away marketing materials Display posters All colors pint samples Color Cards Paint Sticks
  15. 15. Final words… Resellers: Quick turnaround on stocking orders, often same/next day shipment. Customers: If you like our colors, you’ll love our paint
  16. 16. Final words… Resellers: Start with ten colors, 1 gallon cans to gauge interest and color popularity. Customers: Requests of other colors for next order?
  17. 17. Final words… Resellers: All containers have lot numbers. Same lot is exactly the same paint. Customers: Color on the top IS the color in the container. Remember your lot number.
  18. 18. Final words… Resellers: If targeting contractors, stock top colors in 5-gallon pails: WW, IS, DB Customers: Apartment owners can save $100 on a turn for a repaint.
  19. 19. Final words… Resellers: Simple color and finish options reduce sales effort. Customers: Selling your house? Flipping? Great showings for minimal costs.
  20. 20. Final words… Resellers: All containers are bar-coded for POS systems use. Resellers: Rotate (FIFO) your stock. Customers will look for the “freshest”
  21. 21. Final, Final words… Resellers: You get what you want, when you want it from Amazon. Customers: If you like our colors, you’ll love our paint