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BMPR - February 2010 Tips & Tricks


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BMPR - February 2010 Tips & Tricks

  1. 1. #BMPR TIPS & TRICKS February 2010
  2. 2. HTTP://INVITESHARE.COM Have beta invites to share? Want in on a private beta? Get your invites here.
  3. 3. HTTP://GETGROGGER.COM Grogger is a group blog. You and your readers write and get published together.
  4. 4. HTTP://FLAVORS.ME Consider it a beautiful Google Profile Combine your web presence with style
  5. 5. HTTP://GROOVESHARK.COM Listen to the music you want, right now. Remove ads and listen on your mobile for $3/mo
  6. 6. HTTP://VARK.COM Ask questions and Aardvark distributes the question for a quick and high quality answer
  7. 7. HTTP://MAPS.BING.COM The best 3D maps currently available
  8. 8. HTTP://SEADRAGON.COM Provide Seadragon a large image, it loads it and lets you zoom around the photo.
  9. 9. HTTP://MOTIF.SANDBOX.YAHOO.NET Search Wikipedia | Web | Images with Context
  10. 10. HTTP://GOOGLE.COM/CHROME The fastest browser, available for PC and Mac + supports extensions
  11. 11. HTTP://XOBNI.COM The fastest way to search your Outlook inbox. Integrates with Social Media and Salesforce