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April 2010 Tips And Tools - Donna Tuttle


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Published in: Travel
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April 2010 Tips And Tools - Donna Tuttle

  1. 1. TRAVEL TIPS AND TOOLS April 2010 BMPR Donna J. Tuttle @writeontime
  2. 2. MOBILE APPS FOR TRAVEL iLingual How it works: take a photo of your mouth and iLingual animates it to hundreds of phrases in three languages. Find it in the iTunes app store.
  3. 3. SHOOT IT! How it works: take a photo on your trip, choose an address from your phone, type a message, and a hard copy postcard is sent. 99 cents in the U.S./$1.49 international
  4. 4. LIFECARDS-POSTCARDS Digital postcards that you can email from your address book or upload instantly to your Twitter, Flickr or Facebook feed.
  5. 5. TAXI MAGIC Taxi locating service that is integrated with taxi dispatch and GPS services for use with iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm.
  6. 6. EMERGENCY RADIO In case of weather and other emergencies: Live feeds from police, fire, EMS, railroad and more.
  7. 7. TRIPCASE Add trip details from multiple sources by using the record locator or trip ID Updates on flights, cancellations, warnings, etc.
  8. 8. MORE MOBILE TRAVEL APPS Email n’Walk I’m in Town Local Gas Prices Spa Finder Car Rentals
  9. 9. TRAVEL WEBSITES Just a few in the myriad travel websites to help plan and make the most of your trip.
  10. 10. LONELY PLANET @lonelyplanet Ultimate Experience for iPad Guidebooks for iPhones: Made them available free after the volcanic ash left many stranded. 3 million downloads in one week.
  11. 11. TRAVELLR.COM @TRAVELLR ◦ Q. I'm driving from Bris to Melb but need to stop overnight in Canberra? A. So if you want some place to stay there is a Hostel. YHA, pretty cheap maybe $30 a night. It is meant to be good but I have never stayed there. You wont see snow unless it's July and you go through the Snowy mountains. Can’t get that one question answered about your destination? Post a question and get answers from locals and visitors.
  12. 12. OUREXPLORER.COM Find a tour guide for the city to which you’re traveling Check reviews, schedule and pay online
  13. 13. GOBACKPACKING.COM A website for independent travel. View other people’s trips, budgets, photos, tips and tools
  14. 14. SIXSUITCASETRAVEL.COM Travel for families of 5-8 Lists hotels that will accommodate at least 6 in a room Includes breakfast options/pool updates