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Response Document


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Response Document

  1. 1. I/we confirm our interest to purchase the site known as the “Surabhi Dairy Farms Land”owned by M/s Rohan Dream Homes Pvt. Ltd and more particularly described as 7.6 acrescommercial land parcel at Harishchandra Road, in the Agents Information memorandum.We confirm that we have received a copy of the Agents Information Memorandum andhave conducted our own initial enquires and Due Diligence of the same.I/we attach herewith: 1. A demand draft/cheque (details of which are set out in part 5 of the Terms & Conditions below), by way of a Participation Deposit in accordance with the terms and conditions set out herein. 2. Completed details of the bidding entity and bid details and any supplementary documents as required. 3. Two stamp papers of Rs. 100/- each in the bidders nameI /We declare that the details given herein and the information provided is to the best ofour knowledge true and correct; Terms and Conditions of the Expression of Interest Campaign and Reciept of the Bidders Response Document.1. The landowner reserves the right to accept any offer of his choosing irrespective of price, terms or conditions.2. The landowner reserves his right to terminate the EOI process at anytime and to enter into negotiations and/or agreements with parties of his choosing at anytime.3. Submission of an offer/bid is in no way binding on the landowner and acceptance of any offer can only be conveyed through a formal MOU between the parties.4. Parties are required to submit their bids in the format provided in this document or in lieu of this, non compliant bids are to state clearly their full terms.5. At the time of a bid being lodged the bidder shall also lodge the fully refundable Participation Deposit of Rs.5 lakh (Rupees five lacs only) with the Agent. This shall be by way of Demand Draft/cheque made out to ‘Ausdia Project Mktg P L - LJH Sales Account’ (trading as LJ Hooker) – Account number 000205019839, ICICI Bank Ltd, Bangalore Branch. No interest shall acrue or be owing to the bidder from lodgement of a Participation Deposit.6. At the close of bids (5pm on Friday the 16th March 2012) the Agent shall notify all bidders of reciept of their bid and all such bids shall be presented to the landowner for consideration.7. Within 7 days of the close of bids the Agent shall notify the bidders that have been shortlisted and shall commence negotiations between them and the landowner. At this time the Participation Deposit of all non shortlisted bidders shall be refunded to them.8. Within a further of 14 days from this date the Agent expects that a final bider will be nominated, and the bider and landowner shall enter into a sale and purchase agreement for the land. At this time the Participation Deposits of the loosing bidders will be refunded by the Agent.9. A bidder may at anytime withdraw their bid (in writing to the Agent). At such time the Agent shall refund their Participation Deposit. LJ Hooker - TOTAL REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONSPHONE : +91 96118 10905 FAX : +91 80 2557 6613 EMAIL :
  2. 2. Details of Bidding PartyName (Entity) : ________________________________________________________Address for Correspondance : __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________Contact OfficerName : _____________________________ Postion : _______________________________Direct Number : ______________________ Email : _______________________________Brief Background of Bidder________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bidding Individual/Company FinancialsCurrent Cap Value : Cash on Hand :Bankers / Equity Partners :Initial Price Ofered (subject to final negotiation and complete Due Dilligence)Ruppees : Rs. ___________/sft amounting to a lumpsum of Rs. __________________________Primary Issues of the Bidder in regards Due Dilligence:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Timeline Estimates of BidderSigning of Agreement : _____________________ Closure : _______________________Notes 1. Please attach all relevant supporting documents including company history, financial statements, and promoter CV’s. 2. If you wish to make a non complying bid please attach a separate document outlining in complete detail the bid/offer. 3. Any further documents or information the bidder feels may be neccesary to evaluate their interest. LJ Hooker - TOTAL REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONSPHONE : +91 96118 10905 FAX : +91 80 2557 6613 EMAIL :
  3. 3. Further Documents attached to this bid include : 1. ______________________________________________________ 2. ______________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________ 6. ______________________________________________________Signed By : ____________________________ Position : ________________Signature : ____________________________ Date : ________________ All enquiries should be directed to : Mr. B. M. Poonacha +91 9611810905 LJ Hooker - TOTAL REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONSPHONE : +91 96118 10905 FAX : +91 80 2557 6613 EMAIL :