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Minoans and mycenaeans presentation


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Minoans and mycenaeans presentation

  1. 1.  Crete is the home to a civilizationknown as the Minoans. The Minoans were the first Helleniccivilization. Along with another group of people,known as the Mycenaeans, they heavilyinfluenced the rest of Greekcivilization.
  2. 2. What would a socialscientist from each of thefive themes of socialstudies learn aboutancient civilizations?
  3. 3. 1. I can describe the Minoanculture and their history.2. I can describe theMycenaean culture and theirhistory.
  4. 4. As we learn about these twocivilizations, be sure tocompletely fill in all of the areasof your notesheet.This will be vital information foryou later on.
  5. 5. Key Terms
  6. 6. The large islandin theMediterraneanSea off of thesouthern coastof Greece.
  7. 7. The firstHelleniccivilization.Located on theisland ofCrete.
  8. 8. The locationof the palacethat was at thecenter of theMinoanempire.
  9. 9. In themiddle, thesamedistance frommultipleplaces.
  10. 10. The firstcivilizationon themainland ofGreece.
  11. 11. Originalsettlement oftheMycenaeanpeople.
  12. 12. The Latinname forthe city-state werefer to asTroy.
  13. 13. Allies of theMycenaeansin theTrojan War
  14. 14. A long poemin story formthat is usuallyabout heroicdeeds
  15. 15. No, not that Homer!This is the right HomerCredited as theauthor of the twomost famousGreek epic poems:1. The Iliad2. The Odyssey
  16. 16. Invaders whoconquered theMycenaeansand broughtabout theGreek DarkAges
  17. 17. Paintingsdone onwetplaster.
  18. 18. The Minoans
  19. 19. Civilization wascentered on theisland of Crete.As a result ofbeing an islandnation, they builta large sea empirebased on trade.
  20. 20.  The center of theirempire was a hugepalace located in aplace calledKnossos. The palace wasbetween 3 and 4stories tall, whichwas large for thetime.
  21. 21.  The palace had aworking plumbingsystem in whichtoilet waste wasflushed away by therunning waterdirected into thepalace from anearby river.
  22. 22. Created art onpottery.Painted frescoeson walls.
  23. 23.  There were two versionsof Minoan writing: An older script calledLinear A, which hasnever been deciphered. Newer than Linear A,but much older thanancient Greek, which itis the earliest form of,was Linear B, which hasbeen deciphered.
  24. 24.  Minoan men andwomen bothparticipated in asport called bullleaping. It was most likelydone as part of areligious ceremony.
  25. 25.  Minoan civilizationcame to a quick endafter either a majorearthquake,volcanic eruption,tsunami, invasion,or a combination ofsome or all of thedisasters.
  26. 26. What was thedangeroussport that theMinoansparticipatedin?Bull leaping
  27. 27. The Mycenaeans
  28. 28. Civilization wascentered arounda city calledMycenae on theGreekmainland.
  29. 29.  Lived in large hallsin well fortifiedtowns.
  30. 30.  Used the sameLinear B writingthat the Minoansused before thecollapse of theircivilization.
  31. 31.  Many Greek mythsand stories of heroesgot their start withthe Mycenaeans. This time period isoften called TheHeroic Age becauseof this.
  32. 32. Like theMinoans, theMycenaeansbuilt anempire basedon sea trade.
  33. 33. But they alsowereconquerorswho were ledby warrior-kings.
  34. 34.  The city-state of Troy orIlium controlled the shiptraffic through the narrowstrait that the Greeks calledthe Hellespont. In order to sail through,ships had to pay a tributeto Troy. The Greeks did notappreciate this andeventually went to war overit.
  35. 35.  These realconflicts wouldlater serve asinspiration for thelegendary storiesof the Trojan Waras told in Homer’sepic poem, TheIliad.
  36. 36.  The wars with Troyand fightingamongst themselvesweakened theMycenaeans to thepoint where theywere invaded anddefeated by theirnorthern neighbors,the Dorians.
  37. 37. 1. Create a Venn Diagram in which you compare andcontrast the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.Minoans Mycenaeans
  38. 38. Minoans Mycenaeans