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Marketing Planning Overview


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Presntation of the steps in developing an effective marketing plan

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Marketing Planning Overview

  1. 1. The MAANZ MXpress Program Marketing Planning Dr Brian Monger Copyright April 2013. This Power Point program and the associated documents remain the intellectual property and the copyright of the author and of The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc. These notes may be used only for personal study associated with in the above referenced course and not in anyeducation or training program. Persons and/or corporations wishing to use these notes for any other purpose should contact MAANZ for written permission. MAANZ International 1
  2. 2. MAANZ International • MAANZ International, is a Not for Profit, internet based professional and educationalinstitute which has operated for over 25 years. • MAANZ International offers Professional Memberships; • Marketing Courses (Formal and Short) • And Marketing Publications • MAANZ International 2
  3. 3. Dr. Brian Monger• Brian Monger is the CEO of MAANZ International and a professional marketer and consultant with over 40 years local and international experience. 3
  4. 4. This presentation aims to help you be able to: • Understanding the steps in implementing the marketing plan • Planning and scheduling the key components of the marketing plan • Prioritising marketing strategies • Managing the marketing process • Implementing marketing strategies• Briefing personnel responsible for various aspects of the marketing plan • Briefing stakeholders • Making and preparing a formal marketing plan presentation. • The steps in monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing planning process • The importance of monitoring and measuring the firm’s marketing performance. MAANZ International 4
  5. 5. Marketing Plans• Planning can be regarded as the systematic and informed application of marketing resources to achieve marketing objectives. • Planning is, or should be, therefore a continuous activity of marketing management, rather than an irregular act. • Although most of the literature on marketing planning portrays the process as a series of discrete steps, the process is, in fact, a continuous interplay of assumptions, objectives, strategies, programmes and budgets, with a constant movement backwards and forwards, and with some stages occurring concurrently rather than consecutively." MAANZ International 5
  6. 6. A Marketing Plan • This topic outlines the creation of the marketing plan.• A business development or marketing plan is a written document of the action to be taken and all of the activities associated with implementation of the marketing mix. It outlines who is responsible for managing the specific activities in the plan, and provides a timetable indicating when those activities must be performed.MAANZ International 6
  7. 7. A Marketing Plan• There is no single method of preparing and presenting an organisation development plan. Much will depend on the type of market and the type of organisation. MAANZ International 7
  8. 8. ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION The Marketing Audit ANALYSIS (Analysis and Evaluation of the organisation and its Marketing) Carry out Analyses BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/MARKETING PLANNING (How will we get there?) Detail Goals and Objectives Develop Marketing Strategies Identify Attractive Target Segment(s) Develop Forecasts Develop Action Programs DEPARTMENTAL Review the elements of the plan LEVEL TACTICAL LEVELS Value Offer Communicate Value Deliver Value Marketing Operations (Product and Price) (IMC/Promotion) (Distribution) 18 9 1 19 Advertising Marketing 2 Brand Management Management 10 11 20 3 Resources H.R. 21 Personal Selling Channels Logistics New Product 12 13 22 4 Development M.I.S. Marketing P.R Market Research 14 Publicity 26 27 295 23 Packaging Intel 15 28 30 6 24 31 Sales Promotion 7 Pricing Internal Marketing 17 16 25 8 IMPLEMENTATION, MONITORING and CONTROL Implement marketing activities Monitor and review marketing performance Adjust the plan Figure 1 Stages in the Planning Process MAANZ International 8
  9. 9. Marketing Programs • Marketing programs generally comprise the following elements: • Statement of organisational mission/vision goals and objectives.• Market research findings. This part of the plan focuses on elements such as the target segment and the marketing mix considerations.MAANZ International 9
  10. 10. Marketing Plan Overview • Title page: title, date and authorship hi• Executive summary: a very short key points synopsis (key strategy) • Table of contents: a very detailed road map of the plan • Organisational mission/goals • Introduction—situation analysis: • – background • – normal forecast • – opportunities and threats • – strengths and weaknessesMAANZ International 10
  11. 11. Marketing Plan Overview • Corporate objectives and targets—clear statements of the (SMART) objectives of the plan Marketing objectives and targets: • – sales objectives/targets for all value-offering lines • – sales objectives for strategically critical value offerings • – sales objectives for all distribution channels • – sales objectives for sales force • Sales projections—all value-offering lines:• – sales projections by geography (division, region, territory) • Marketing research information MAANZ International 11
  12. 12. Marketing Plan Overview • Segmentation and targeting information Marketing strategy—target segment profiles for all value offerings• Marketing strategy overview—key performance criteria; key points of importance in formulating strategy • Marketing mix strategies: • – brand elements • – product—(value-offering) line marketing strategies• Pricing—value-offering line pricing objectives and strategies: • – prices and price changes for value offering lines MAANZ International 12
  13. 13. Marketing Plan Overview • Channels of distribution—distribution objectives and strategies:• – description of channels of distribution needed Promotion program: • – advertising objectives and strategies • – advertising media program and budget • – advertising expenditures by month by media • – advertising agency information • – sales promotion objectives and strategies • – sales promotion expenditures by item by month • – publicity • – sales program MAANZ International 13
  14. 14. Marketing Plan Overview • Implementation—the action program • marketing activities timetable: • – how the plan will be implemented • – timetable • Marketing budgets—how the money will be allocated • Resources • Marketing personnel • Controls: • – How will we measure and assess? • – How will we make corrections ?MAANZ International 14
  15. 15. Marketing Plan Outline Example • Title Page • Contents Page • Executive Summary • Statement of Goals and Objectives and Purpose • Mission and Goals • General Corporate Objectives • Sales Objectives • Product Objectives • Pricing Objectives • Promotional Objectives • Distribution ObjectivesMAANZ International 15
  16. 16. Marketing Plan • Wholesaling • Strategic Directions - Keys to Success • Image and Positioning • Differentiation and Focus • Situation Analysis • Internal • SWOT Analysis • Product Portfolio (BCG Matrix) • Human Resources/Training and Development • External Analysis (PEST/STEEP Analysis) • Suppliers and Facilitators • IntermediariesMAANZ International 16
  17. 17. Marketing Plan • Competitive Analysis • Market Share/Competition • Market Research • Target Markets/Target Segment Profiles • Target Market Segment Strategy • Overall Marketing Plan Strategy • Success FactorsMAANZ International 17
  18. 18. Marketing Plan • The Marketing Mix • Product Plan (The Value Offer) • Pricing Plan • Promotional (Communicating Value) Plan • Place/Placement (Distribution Plan – Delivering Value) • Sales Forecasts • Measurement and ComparisonMAANZ International 18
  19. 19. Marketing Plan • Contingency Planning • Control and Implementation • Budgets • Advertising and Sales Promotion Budget • Marketing BudgetMAANZ International 19
  20. 20. Statement of Executive Goals and Mission and Title Page Contents Page Summary Objectives and Goals Purpose General Product Pricing Promotional Corporate Sales Objectives Objectives Objectives Objectives Objectives Strategic Distribution Image and Differentiation Wholesaling Directions - Keys Objectives Positioning and Focus to Success Situation Product Portfolio Human Figure 2 Marketing Internal SWOT Analysis Resources Analysis (BCG Matrix) Training PlanExternal Analysis Suppliers and Competitive Market Share (PEST/STEEP Facilitators Market Research Analysis Competition Analysis) Intermediaries Target Target Market Overall Markets/Target The Marketing Segment Strategy Marketing Plan Success FactorsSegment Profiles Mix Strategy Place/Placement Promotional (Distribution Plan – Sales ForecastsProduct Plan (The (Communicating Pricing Plan Delivering Value) Measurement Value Offer) Value) Plan and Comparison Advertising and Contingency Control and Marketing Planning Implementation MAANZ Budgets International Sales Promotion Budget 20 Budget
  21. 21. Executive Director Marketing Support Internet Sales Manager Manager Market Marketing Development Manager Marketing Information Manager Product Line Development 3 x Brand Managers National RetailMarketing Manager Manager Manger Wholesale International Markets Development Divisional DivisionalManager Retail Manager Retail Key Account Manager Area 1 Area 2 11 stores 9 storesPlus 1 new this year plus 4 new this year Key Account Manager Proposed Restructure New Divisional Manager Retail Figure 3 Marketing Area 3 Organisation Chart Example MAANZ International 21
  22. 22. • For more information about MAANZ International and articles about Marketing, visit: • • • • . SmartaMarketing-Group-2650856/about • Email: • Link to this site - - for further presentations MAANZ International 22
  23. 23. ENDMAANZ International 23