Wk 4 action plan


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This action plan is based on my week 3 interviews and the goals and objectives in the Canyon ISD Technology Plan 2010-2013.

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Wk 4 action plan

  1. 1. Goal: Administrators, teachers and librarians will develop and post technology integration lessons, SMART lessons and activities, notes, assignments and resources to the district website to engage students in learning and to communicate best practices of technology integration with others teachers, parents and the community (Strategy 1.1.16). (p. 17) *District Technology Advisory Committee. (2010) District Technology Plan 2010-2013. Objective: Teachers will post technology integration and SMART lessons to the district website.Steps (Preparation): Person Resources: Timeline: Responsible:Meet with/talk to the Director of Instructional B. McMillon (intern); Meeting time; lab May, 2011Technology (D. Boyer) to outline and plan how B. Parker (principal) with SMARTto best share technology integration and access on allSMART lessons on the district website or computers;Project Share directions on the best way to upload lessonsArrange for use of computer lab with SMART B. Parker; D. Boyer Computer lab with Book: May,software on all computers enough computers 2011; Use: to house all August, 2011 certified teachers (campus staff on our campus development day)Submit information about professional B. McMillon; B. Parker Eduphoria May, 2011development to Eduphoria for teachers to registrationregister (request that principal make itmandatory)Request that teachers save SMART files and B. Parker Jump drives; May, 2011technology integration lessons to jump drives access to districtor to a specific temporary drive on the district temporary websitewebsite prior to school letting outSet up a wiki for teachers to respond about B. McMillon; D. Boyer Wiki August, 2011how they used the technology integrationlessons or SMART lessons in their classroomsand rate the student responseSteps (Professional Development): Person Resources: Timeline: Responsible:Teachers will be shown (refresher for those D. Boyer Computers with August, 2011who have done it previously) how to log on SMARTand maneuver in Project Share or the area of technology; writtenthe district website where technology instructions onintegration lessons or SMART files will be logging on;stored computer-based tutorial for later access if neededTeachers will upload SMART files and Teachers written copies of August, 2011technology integration lessons onto the district upload instructionscurriculum website or Project Share with
  2. 2. specific notations about CSCOPE unit andTEKS that are taught/enriched by the lessonTeachers will be given time to present what Teachers SMART board to August, 2011they have uploaded (1-2 min. pr/person or show uploadedPLC); Time to meet with their PLC to materialsbrainstorm ways to use current lessons or totweak the lessons to work for their grade-levelTeachers will learn how to book mark the B. McMillon; D. Boyer August, 2011lessons or save them in folders for later use.Teachers are given an introduction to and B. McMillon; D. Boyer Wiki August, 2011given time to “play with” the wiki which will bewhere teachers will reflect and post studentresponsesSteps (Evaluation Tolls): Person Resources: Timeline: Responsible:Teachers will respond, in Eduphoria, to the Teachers Eduphora survey September,professional development overall 2011Principal and Assistant Principals will look for Campus Walk-through data October, 2011technology integration lessons and SMART Administrationlessons during walk-through in September andOctoberTeachers will reflect and submit student Teachers, Wiki, time for October 31,responses to SMART lessons and technology Administration teachers to 2011integration lessons by October 31, 2011 to the respondwiki created for this projectPLC leaders and campus administration will PLC leaders, Meeting time November, 2011meet to review the responses on the wiki and administrationevaluate the use of the lessons, also will lookat the STaRChart data to evaluate the techlevel