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4 Effective Product Roadmap Formats


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These are four proven formats for your product roadmap, including:
- A traditional customer-facing roadmap
- A lean customer-facing roadmap
- An internal coordination roadmap for one product
- An internal product portfolio roadmap

Use the right template for yoru situation to build your own roadmap.

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4 Effective Product Roadmap Formats

  1. 1. Key Roadmap Elements Broad time frames Themes by time Key features (optional) High-level product goals Metrics for each stage Dependencies & risks Status/stage Sales & Marketing Effects Weaselly safe harbor statement Internal Only
  2. 2. Q3’13 Q4’13 H1’14 H2’14 Theme A Theme C Theme D Theme E, Phase II Theme B Theme E, Phase I Theme F Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement Traditional Customer-Facing Roadmap
  3. 3. Current Planned Considering Theme A Theme C Theme D Theme B Theme E Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement Lean Customer-Facing Roadmap
  4. 4. Q3’13 Q4’13 H1’14 H2’14 Themes Theme A Theme C Theme D Theme F Likely Features Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Stage Active Development Prototype Testing Discovery Discovery Metrics Ship all MVP features 10 schools 6 renew 4 say “must have” 10 schools 10 schools Dependencie s & Risks Claire sick for 3 wks UX resource from Project Beetle New PM hire S&M Improved competitive position Annual industry event New regulations Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement Product Wagyu is focused on achieving product/market fit and getting to growth in 2014
  5. 5. Q3’13 Q4’13 H1’14 H2’14 Product Y Stage: Development Goal: Product/Launch Fit MVP Soft Launch Learn Product/M arket Fit Grow Product X Stage: Introduction Goal: Product/Market Fit Product/M arket Fit Scale On- Boarding Process Enhance Product Value Grow Product Z Stage: Growth Goal: 50% Sales Growth Channel Enablement Key Integrations Critical B&R UX Standardization Weaselly Safe Harbor Statement Portfolio Roadmap