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Wrap up digital 7 - Mobile media (Wim VERMEULEN)


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Résumé de la 7ème conférence de la formation DIGITAL de la BMMA.

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Wrap up digital 7 - Mobile media (Wim VERMEULEN)

  1. 1. 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digitalWrap up digital 7
  2. 2. Mobile goesfast 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digital• Adoption is 9 timesfasterthan desktop internet – Adoptionbycar makers: start engine, open doors, warm up throughyoursmartphone.• Interactions are multiple: with web and things. – Use of watermarksfacilitatesinteractionwiththings. – Get a video clip whilelistening to a song fromAbsyntheMindedon the radio…• Beware of geeks – Manydevelopments are “geeky”. – Augmentedreality is oftendisapointinglike at the DanishAirport.
  3. 3. Driver 1: SOLOMO 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digital• Cf HuguesRey’spresentation• Manyappsgetdevelopped in retail and are basedonwhatpeople do already in retail: – Textingaboutproducts – Shootingpictures of products – Sharingthosewithfriends – Scanning Barcodes for info/pricecheckings, etc.• Famousapps are makinglife more easy – Pricechecks, e.g.Amazon – Google Wallet – Appvan’t stad fromConcentra: an smart alternative to Groupon
  4. 4. Driver 2: Competition 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digital• Strong competitionlowersprices and acceleratesinnovation , henceadoption. – Penetration of smarthone in belgium : 26% – 34% to beachievedbyJune. – Penetration of tablets: 11% – Expectinf 22% byjune. Tabletsgrowfasterthansmartphone• Dominant operatingsystems: – IOS 53% – Android 27% – Symbian 10% butwillbereplacesbywindowswhichseemspromising – In fact, market is dominatedbykeyplayers Apple (IOS), Google (android) and Microsoft/Nokia (Windows), Facebook is expected to join the party…
  5. 5. 3rd Driver: Users, Use, Usage 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digital• Usersadoptfaster and facter mobile technology• Use happensmainlyat home after 6pm – Whilewatching TV in the living room – On myway, driving home – In mybedwhilegetting to sleep• Don’t confuse moble web and web apps. – Web appsinteractwiththings and first of all yourdevice• Don’texpect to change people’sbehaviuor• Getstrong insights about people’swants, desires and frustrations• Builssomething unique delivering a service thatimprovesyourcustomers’ and prospects’ daily life
  6. 6. Conclusions 10 lundis pour rattraper le train du digital• Success factors: Insight ->Innovate ->Improvedailylife• Mobile willchange business as itdefinitelyreduces the gap betweenwhatpeopleexperiencewithyour product, service or brand and the feedback youget. – The gap is gettingreduced to the instant – Peoplereactimmediately and youcangainimmediate feedback without distorsions.• Mobile web is less a media thanim-media-cy