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Patrick willemarck soc business bmma digit 2013


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Patrick willemarck soc business bmma digit 2013

  1. 1. Social business ?
  2. 2. La techno change les relations
  3. 3. Les datas changent le business
  4. 4. Votre business devient socialNielsen qualifie l’audience avec TwitterFacebook prédit l’audience
  5. 5. Au coeur du changement:le segment le plusimportant, l’individu
  6. 6. Pas de valeur, pas decroissance sans social
  7. 7. Certains l’anticipent
  8. 8. Certains l’anticipent
  9. 9. Le mode opératoire change
  10. 10. Le Marketing change
  11. 11. Tout paticipe au maketing
  12. 12. Certains l’anticipent
  13. 13. Certains l’anticipent
  14. 14. PEUT-ÊTRETout ça, c’est pour les anglo saxons, la Belgique sera épargnée
  15. 15. 1. Belgians are highlyengaged16
  16. 16. 1. All categorises are notequal17
  17. 17. 1. It’s driving sales18
  18. 18. 1. Belgians challenge brands19
  19. 19. Digital typology20
  20. 20. Consumer Digitisation keepsgrowing21
  21. 21. More channels = more competitionbetween brands22
  22. 22. Facebook fans areambassadors23
  23. 23. Brands are loosing control24
  24. 24. 25
  25. 25. Adapt or die26
  26. 26. The Path to digitalreinvention27Focus on the future, not the legacy.Experiment ASAPBuild your touchpoint ecosystemDon’t forget Social
  27. 27. On peut se voiler la faceBLOGS WERE ONCE CONSIDERED ASFUNNY BUT: Huffington Post, born in2005, grew bigger than New York Times,USA Today, Wall Street Journal,Washington Post.The Music Majors considered iTunes asMarginal: today25billions songs weredownloaded. The industry missed theopportuinity.Radios are consideringiRadio, Spotify, Deezer as marginalphenomenon : Spotify has more than 20millions listeners and 5 millions subscribersand one billion playlists.Telcos did the same with Skype : Skypestands for 1/3 of internationalcommunications.UNIVERSITIES AND SCHOOLS are suspiciousabout Massive Onlien OpenCourses(MOOC): iTunesU has 1 billionsdownloads on iTunes U”TV Owners challenge us : what are 20min spent on You Tube worth comparedto 4 hours on TV ?Mass Media wonder what are 10.000videos seen on a website worth againstthe millions viewers they have eachevening ?In the media world In other businessesIn between, YouTube gains 1million users every month and all media are loosing touch with peoplebelow 30 years old.
  28. 28. Combien de temps ?Advertising is no longer what it used to be.
  29. 29. Que retenir ?Where can web2.0 technology impact your value chain first ?✤ Where can interactions with stakeholders create value or reduce cost ?✤ Give a try to Enterprise social networks but take care of its adoption✤ Define practices and guidelines internally in a participatory, ownable way✤ Build and share best practices✤ Expand to external networks while making your website social✤ Stop trying to reach, make yourself accessible