Paper [r]evolution in a world of friends, fans & followers


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"Today we are witnessing the transition into a world almost entirely digital. For the advertising business, digital technology comes with a powerful promise, the ability to reach exactly the right audience, at exactly the right time and place, with exactly the right message. But what about permission, relevance and engagement? Discover how paper can be key in the current media [r]evolution".

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Paper [r]evolution in a world of friends, fans & followers

  1. 1. Media Evolution or Media Revolution? Paper [r]evolution in a world full of friends, fans & followers 2012/11/15 – Christophe Mottint
  2. 2. Agenda• The world is changing… or the place of the customer within this media (r)evolution• Media dynamic and conversation: 2 cases brought by bpost• Paper evolution in this world full of friends, fans & followers … or the letterbox media as a key actor to bring relevancy to consumers• Paper revolution or how to build a new technology- driven communication tool• Conclusions 2
  3. 3. The world ischanging…… or the place of thecustomer within this media(r)evolution
  4. 4. Sources: Dreams&Fears Herman Toch 4
  5. 5. More and more, consumer is looking for a conversation…Consumer is looking for apartner who can help himCustomer needs toestablish a “dialogue”with a brand, to discoverhow they can help eachother Sources: Culture of future (US), Meerwaarde-marketing – choco (B) 5
  6. 6. ... that creates a new media„dynamic‟« You are exposed to a brand through the following » : Paid Media Owned Media Earned Media What the Brand Says What the Brand Does What is being said about the Brand Advertising in media Web Site, facebook page of Opinions of friends and family, (TV, Internet, Radio, the brand word of mouth outdoor, print) Point of sale Opinions of surfers (e-)mailings (blogs, forums, community Catalogue or magazine Promotional gifts, trade fairs of the brand networks, etc ...) Sponsored events Press coverage Brand attention impact Brand engagement Conversations platform 6
  7. 7. Media dynamic &conversation2 cases brought bybpost
  8. 8. Our recent TV spot has generatedsome conversation… COMM. VALUE • Attention & The ad can be described as ideal advertising. The ad had a lot of bonding grid attention and succeeded in creating a bond with the viewer.Case 1 2 ONLY IDEAL ENTERTAINING ADVERTISING Ask visual Benchmark Attention Min Attention = 16 Nele Max Attention = 22 Min Bonding = 21 Max Bonding = 35 FAILED MISSED ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY Bonding 8
  9. 9. ... quite “clasical”, from our social media… Case 1 2 Positive (63.3%) Negative (21.3%) Neutral: 15.4%Quantitative Post test results: The ad has a high likeability, 85% of the 9Belgians like the ad, of which almost 60% really like the ad.
  10. 10. … but also in a more unexpectedway with a parody…Case 1 2 10
  11. 11. … and with letters straight fromthe heart!Case 1 2 11
  12. 12. Social media: a clear strategyand ambition…Case 1 2Become trend-setter in Belgium as conversation company by:• Implementing a strategy based on 5 pillars• Defining and respecting SLA MONITORING 100% PUBLISHING CUSTOMER CARE “Light” UPSTREAM eREPUTATION INFORMATION MANAGEMENT 12
  13. 13. … to become best in classCase 1 2• 15 Belgian companies tested with 3 types of interactions : • Mention of the brand • Direct question on official channel • Complaint on official channel• We monitored: reaction speed, type and quality of answer• bpost is « best in class » with 100% of questions answered and is often the fastest• Next step will be to implement personalised support 13
  14. 14. One exampleCase 1 2• Process: • Mention is made by consumer • In a few minutes bpost publishes a structured answer with a next step • Reaction from consumer is often very positive and results in a tweet – seen by all contacts• Learnings: • Mentions – implicit support demands – are the best opportunities for long-term ambassadorship • Public answers create positive visibility for our reactiveness • Such a process is only possible with 100% real-time monitoring
  15. 15. Paper evolution in thisworld full of friends,fans & followers…… or the letterbox mediaas a key actor to bringrelevancy to consumers
  16. 16. While most media are overloaded,DM still gets a lot of attentionWeekly number of advertising messages per capita 350+ out- door ads 400 press ads/inserts 3+ DM pieces 3 cinema ads 3,000 20 e-mail ads messages/week 52 get your 1000‟s of ambient attention ads ... 4 kept in mind 150 radio ads positively 200 TV ads 17SOURCE: Mindshare - Henley Centre (and TNS Media & Post survey)
  17. 17. Two thirds of Belgian consumerslook forward to the mail moment 69% 61% 61% Enjoy Always Hurry to looking curious empty through what‟s in the lettertheir mail their mail boxSources: Market Probe, 2011 18
  18. 18. Addressed DM remains thepreferred advertising medium“Overall, which media do you like the most for advertising messages?” Addressed DM 31%Unaddressed DM 23% TV 13% Press 7% Email 5% Internet 4% Radio 3% In het algemeen, via welk medium ontvangt u het liefst reclame? De manière générale, sur quel média préférez-vous la publicité ? Sources: Market Probe, 2011 19
  19. 19. Even young people prefer DM asinstrument of interactionPercentage of digital natives(<25 year old) who prefer to getadvertisement through …Addressed DM 29TV 21Internet 10Email 7Radio 7 “People don‟t click through on advertising on social networks. A good analogy is to imagine sitting at aPress 4 table with friends when a stranger pulls up a chair, sits down and tries to sell you something when you are talking to your friends. You won‟t get far with a strategy like this.” Understanding Users of Social Networks, Sean SilverstoneSources: Market Probe, 2011 Harvard Business School 20 20
  20. 20. Consumers like direct mail becausethey find the information more usefuland trustworthy than other channelsAdvertisingthrough thismedium providesme withinformationwhich is … Credible Useful TrustworthyAddressed DM 35 40 34UnaddressedDM 21 27 20TV 16 17 12Email 11 18 11Press 12 13 10RadioSocialNetworksSources: Market Probe, 2011 21
  21. 21. RecherchSubmitRecherchSubmit E loves p in the media revolution landscape  Fondée en 2009 à New York par deux anciens d’Harvard, Paperless Post a bâti sa success story sur le digital. En décidant de revenir au papier pour compléter ses services de cartes d’invitation ultra personnalisées, la startup répond à une demande " palpable " du consommateur. Intéressant non ? « Depuis que nous avons lancé le site, 60% de nos utilisateurs nous ont demandé s’il était possible d’imprimer leurs cartes et si oui, comment le faire. Ils nous ont clairement fait comprendre qu’ils aimeraient disposer des deux possibilités. Cette requête de complémentarité, nous ne pouvions pas ne pas la prendre en 22 compte »
  22. 22. 3 illustrations brought by bpostTravel Credit company An FMCG brand(Club Med) improves (BuyWay) improves closes the gap betweenloyalty by combining digitaltechnology with paper mail the way its consumer research insights andmoment can manage their credits media targeting 23
  23. 23. Improving customer loyalty bysharing Club Med experience…Case 1 2 3 24
  24. 24. … with an innovative tool allyingtechnology and paperCase 1 2 3 • Granting Customers • Surprise customer or prospects • Create reward through a „valuable‟ incentive • Recruiting addresses • Build prospection database based on recipients addresses (likely to be similar profile as senders) • Creating conversations • Share this moment on an viral and unexpected way • Will generate „likes‟ among friends and relatives … 25
  25. 25. Improving customerexperience…Case 1 2 3 26
  26. 26. … with transactionbased triggersCase 1 2 3 From product centric to customer relevant 27
  27. 27. Connecting with FMCGconsumers…Case 1 2 3 28
  28. 28. …but who are FMCG consumers?…Case 1 2 3Bob McDonald, CEO P&G Paul Polman, CEO Unilever Kasper Rorsted, CEO, Henkel FMCG Retail Consumer ? Critical challenge for FMCG brands: Who are my consumers ? How to reach them ? 29
  29. 29. … and how to reach them in arelevant wayCase 1 2 3 Consumer panel (N=5.000) registrating their purchases daily Lifestyle database with attitudes, behaviour & preferences of over 750.000 households Extrapolation based on advanced statistical modeling (e.g. multinomial logistic regression) Detects buying behavior in consumer panel, derive profiles and match them with bpost SelectPost lifestyle database to determine new prospects 30
  30. 30. Paper revolution… or how to build a newtechnology-drivencommunication tool
  31. 31. A new media,to improveeven furtherthe mailmoment Address Agenda: concerts Local information Games: Sudoku… Practical informations: meteo 32
  32. 32. An innovative way to continue todeliver tangible things to your doorstep Test has started today November 15 in Wavre neighborhood 33
  33. 33. Conclusions
  34. 34. Conclusions• True Relevancy is at the heart of brand challenges• It is not about “E or P” but about both• Technology is not an objective, it‟s only a medium• Direct Mail is certainly well positioned to meet needs of consumers for more relevance but as every medium it deserves creativity• bpost is much more than letters and is investing in future proof solutions 35
  35. 35. Christophe MottintCentre Monnaie, 1000 Brussels